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St. Michaels University School 
^The Black, Red and Blue 

1994-1995 ^ 



Although many people have contributed to the production 
of this year's yearbook, Alex Lisman deserves special rec- 
ognition. Alex not only designed both the cover and most 
dividers, but he also took on the difficult task of heading 
the photography section. He spent countless hours in this 
role taking photographs and organizing the construction 
of a dark room under the guidance of Mr. Peter Gardiner. 
Thank you. 


3400 Richmond Road 

Victoria, British Columbia 

V8P 4P5 

Headmaster - Rob Wilson 

1994 - 1995 


A Headmaster's Report is written at the end of June after ttie tiectic end of year activities which include 
four closing ceremonies. The Headmaster's address given at such ceremonies tends to summarize the 
school year and provide suitable material for the yearbook. I attended and spoke at each of the four 
ceremonies, and, indeed, being present at Junior, Middle and Senior School prize giving and the Grade 
12 Graduation Ceremony is to attend four occasions each with a different focus and atmosphere. 
When I became Headmaster for the school year 1994/1995 my previous experience of life at S.M.U.S. 
had been centered almost exclusively on Senior School, so that there was much to be learned about 
the other two schools. Weekly visits to Junior School prayers and twiddle School Chapel services soon 
brought about the realization that S.M.U.S. is a large and diverse community with differing needs for 
the various age groups. 

The Junior School is "an amazing institution" if I may borrow the title of the book about St. Michael's 
School, written by its founder and first Headmaster Mr Kyrle C. Symons. The Junior School represents 
the foundation of education at the school. At the Junior School family values are stressed and Mrs. 
Gaye Stone as Director and her highly professional staff can be well satisfied with their efforts and their 
contribution to the school at this formative stage of student development. 

The Middle School now enjoys a magnificent facility and this year some excellent progress has been 
noted As a Headmaster visiting mainly through Tuesday morning Chapel services it was the music 
which provided me with the signal that there is no shortage of talent The highlight was probably the 
choir participation in the well published and much acclaimed David Foster Concert in December, an occasion which not only exposed our 
S.M.U.S. talent but also provided a memorable experience for the participants. I was sorry that Mrs. Marilyn Levitt decided to resign after 
seven years of devoted service as Director of the Middle School. Marilyn was totally committed to the Middle School and contributed much 
to its success. She deserves the highest praise for the job she did as Director Very best wishes to Mr Cliff Yorath as he takes on a one 
year appointment as Director of the Middle School. Mr Yorath has been Deputy Director of Junior School so he makes a welcome reac- 
quaintance with many of his former students. 

Moving to the more familiar Senior School, it has been a fine year as academics, athletics and fine arts continue to flourish at a high level. 
The university placements at the Grade 12 level suggest that S.M.U.S. students continue to gain places at interesting and varied post se- 
condary institutions across North America. I congratulate Mr Peter Tongue on his fine leadership and direction. I have known Peter for ten 
years now and share very similar philosophical and personal views, and so it was an excellent situation for me and, I hope, for Peter. 
In some ways I remained in Admissions, for it is vital to recruit outstanding young people to S.M.U.S My travels in Canada took me to the 
Interior of B.C., to Alberta and Toronto. In the United States I visited Seattle and Portland but this was really to maintain contacts with Alumni. 
The Alumni represent a vital part of the S.M.U.S. community and I look forward to further contact, not only as Director of Admissions but 
also in conjunction with Mr Bob Snowden and Mr Chris Spicer in their respective jobs as Headmaster and Director of Development where 
communication with alumni and potential new students is so important. 

Particular thanks to the 1995 Grad Class and best wishes for the future. I wish Bob Snowden well in his new appointment and thank the 
S.M.U.S. community for the loyal and positive support I received this last year It was a privilege to be Headmaster for the school year 1994/1995. 

- Mr. Rob Wilson 


Oxford defines transition as: "A passing or change from one place, state, condition, etc. to another." 

School life is characterised by transition. 

Passing from Middle School to Senior School, students receive the keys to the entire Richmond Road 
Campus and eventually the city - and experience the responsibility which accompanies this freedom. 

And as they pass from S.M.U.S. to the universities of their choice, each one holds a passport to the 
adult world. 

The Graduating Class of 1994/1995 has been acknowledged and praised by the Faculty, for hard work 
and leadership. Parents are rightfully proud of the accomplishments of their daughters and sons. 

On behalf of the Board of Governors, I congratulate these young women and men who are entehng 
the period of transition to adulthood - independence and self-directed, lifelong learning. 

"Pursue the pleasures that go with learning and make the soul fine with no alien but rather its own proper refinements, moderation and 
justice and courage and freedom and truth . . ." (Plato) 

- Darlene McCue 
Board of Governors 



Table of Co^tehts 

CruNioR School 


Senior School 

?. 5 

?. 33 

?. 87 



Grade 9 


Grade 1 

P. 101 

Grade 1 1 

R 111 









Boarding Life 







Producing a yearbook takes a lot of time, effort and attention to detail, but it also 
requires great patience and the ability to compromise. Your task is simple: produce 
a yearbook thiat reflects all aspects of schiool life. Tfiis task is easier said then done, 
as it is impossible to please everyone. At the beginning of the year, the yearbook 
crew sent out a questionnaire to all students to determine what changes needed 
to be made in the upcoming yearbook. The majority of students had three wishes: 
more candids, more colour (though they didn't like the idea of paying more for it!) 
and a better grad section. The yearbook crew set out to fulfill these wishes and have 
done so with much success. The crew, which met each Wednesday after school, 
consisted of Ivy Lam, Andrea Leung, Maggie Pang, Abraham Chan, Kyle Kirkham, 
Janice Lee, James Townley and Alex Lisman. This crew spent endless hours slaving 
away in room 36C and are to be commended for their efforts. They were both de- 
dicated and efficient at finishing the task at hand and deserve much recognition. 

Special thanks are also due to numerous staff members whose help was greatly appreciated. This group in- 
cluded: Mr Hyde-Lay, Mrs. L. Winter, Mr Spicer, Ms. Roth, Mr MacKay Mr. Skinner, Mrs. Skinner (for reminding 
Mr Skinner!), Mr. A. Jones, Mr Hannah, the Accounting Office and Mrs. Cook. Thanks also to Ailsa Lenk, for always 
making time to answer my questions and helping to collect the grad write-ups, and to Heather Hughes for all her help. 

Many thanks also to Mrs. Nason for finishing the Junior School section on time, to Mrs. Richards, whose con- 
tribution to yearbook over the years has been endless, to James Townley and Alex Lisman, who designed the 
dividers, to Kyle Kirkham, who collected the advertising and who was responsible for financing the extra colour 
this year. Thank you all for your time and effort. To Mr. Smith, Commander Williamson and Mrs. McLeish, thanks 
for your support during those stressful times! 

Lastly I would like to further thank Alex Lisman, who headed the photography section and designed the cover, 
for ail his help. Alex, unlike many people I have worked with this past year, came through when needed. He com- 
pleted all tasks without having to be reminded and played a key role in the decisions that were made. Thank you 
so much Alex! Finally to everyone who contributed in anyway to the production of this yearbook. Thank you!!! 

- Caroline Rueckert 
Editor, 1995 



TOP L-R, BOTTOM L-R: Ivy Lam. Alex Lisman and 
James Townley, Alex Lisman, Abraham Chan, An- 
drea Leung, Thank you for all your help guys!!! 

St. Michaels University 
Junior Schookik, 

Director's Foreword 

On the eve of the summer holiday, recalling the events and successes 
of the past school year poses a challenge! The summer term ended on 
a cheerful note with students anticipating their summer activities. 

This year has been a truly positive one, and due to the outstanding group 
of students, the dedication of the teachers and the trust from the parents, 
the school seems to have run almost like clockwork. I say almost, as I 
certainly cannot claim we are perfect. 

In addition to the academic programmes which the staff approach through 

multi media, the students have been exposed to a variety of educational 

experiences: Victoria Symphony, Vancouver Opera Touring Company, 

UH visits to the Art Gallery, Maritime Museum, Fort Langley, Sidney Spit, 

Thrifty's, CFB Equimalt, Goldstream Park, Safety Village, to name but 

a few. Several dramatic performances were presented, starting with the 

Annual Christmas Concert, followed by the Grade 4 "Magical MythteryTour", the Grade 5 French Cultural 

Evening, and the Grade 3 English Japanese play. Several students participated in the Victoria Day Parade, 

pulling the Dashi and beating the drums. 

The school has received two wonderful gifts from the Parents' Auxiliary; the new climbing apparatus which 
the children adore, and more recently, a complete new sound system for the gymnasium. We deeply appre- 
ciate the effort and time that the members of the Auxiliary devote to raising funds to enrich the school life. 

Again this year, we have been grateful for the parent volunteers who give their time so willingly in ways too 
numerous to mention. 

This June, we pass on 40 students to the Middle School, almost fifty percent had entered the school in Grade 
1 (a record year of Lifers). All the Grade 5 students will form the core for the Middle and Senior Schools as, 
although they don't realize it, their example will have a profound influence on the new students entering the 
school in the later grades. This is an exceptionally fine grade of boys and girls and one that we would love 
to keep. We will miss them but believe that in their future, they will make an outstanding contribution to the school. 

The end of a school year often brings about change, and this June we pass on Mr. Clifford Yorath to the Middle 
School. We wish him luck in his new endeavour and are only sad, in that our new students may have to wait 
awhile before they will learn his amazing brown paper bag trick! 

I am indebted to the entire staff whose loyalty, creativity, energy and undying enthusiasm make the school 
the success it is. 

I would like to thank all our parents for their continuing support and last but not least, our students as they 
have contributed their heart, soul and mind to a truly smooth year. 

H. Gaye Stone, B.Ed. 


SMU Junior School 


Junior School Staff 

BACK ROW L-R: Mary Smith, Gary Barber, Anna Forbes, Kelly Lindsay, Diana Nason, John Harris, Peter Bousfield, Sunny 


FRONT ROW L-R: Heidi Davis, Eiko Larson, Miranda Cullen, Cliff Yorath, Gaye Stone. Wendy Wilson, Susan Moore, Cindy 

Miles, Yoko Guthrie. 





BACK ROW L-R: Taisuke Scott, Ria Mavrlkos, Aaron Brook, Stephanie Pollard, Anne Penner, Danielle Denley. 
MIDDLE ROW L-R: Mckyla Mclntyre, Samuel Barwin, Ellis Gray, Stephen Dong, Shane Keepence, Christopher McCrodan. 
FRONT ROW L-R: Kelly Sharp, Jennifer Smith, Nicholas Burnett, Duncan Mclntyre, Molly Cameron, Christopher Rotonen, 
Mrs. Miles. 

Junior School 


Junior School 

' 1 

Grade One 

BACK ROW L-R: Alexandra Lee, Scott Stone, Matthew Gow, Benz Phaisaltantlwongs, Jasmine Bains. 

MIDDLE ROW L-R: Ms. Cullen. Christina Moser, Anton Laipnieks, Taylor McKinnon, Christopher Snider, Alastair Crow, Evan 

Finiay, Amber Hill, Ms. Lindsay. 

FRONT ROW L-R: Charlene Copeland, Baylie McKnight, Daniel Christensen, James Bridger. Fraser Gow, Emma Bjornert, 

Joshua Wilson, Felicia Chapheau, Laura Faryna. (Not in photo: Hilary Ambrose) 

9^} mX^he Storv .■s'caM 

r Santa 


. ..ry 

please cianf- com/^ 

" 10 

Junior School 





vv^ did DOa^*^'^^ 





Vowel Say jts n 




Junior School 

Grade Two 

BACK ROW L-R: Tomi Cherniawsky, Gianna Fuller, Kurt Penner, Navraj Chima, Tisah Tucknott, Graeme McCrodan. 
MIDDLE ROW L-R: Jeannine Bartz, Elisheva Shortt, Marlsa Brook, Sydney Plavins, Robert Orr, Jocelyn Smith, Miss Moore. 
FRONT ROW L-R: Daniel Mcllvaney, Quinn Cope, Eric Asava-Aree, Janel Willms, Sean Smith, Christopher Burnett, Melissa 
Ko, Natasha Chao, Michael Loomer, 

,» ' 

^ iU -r 



■■■■^■^^^^■■^^^■^Bi.* * '"^H 


. ..".'-'i.^..^agfl^^^^H|H^H 




1^^7 ^^^^^^^H 





'-'■■%/. 'j'7,-3Sl 




Junior School 

The ha Jen caliej V.Vqo - V^^ 
Vav o.\A/ayaqa iohcj ACjO 4fier^ 

Oh", Wa'J /Jflrj u^ amc-e/u// ■ 
pUj/ZM/anJ cy/»vi bnl hujstol' all 

Uons ti-'ealeJ \\e^ L.i<e s^^e u^s 

fji^ew ojj^^. stig Was li'^e U v«»«y 
pica qi^^-^a -|-oev.Aycli;jJ.TUqoJs 

c/ieG sKe vV, // l^ecOKvlt;, slab's W/^A 
U>& otli'^i^ ,3'^^ peor/(j. And w/,4^1 

Bare trees are gray in the fall 
I am feeling sorry for 
The bare trees. 

Kurt Penner 


h Sbuji'ortcije- 
c<r\d a i Wo uj ©"fir ha re . 

-o'-lI>ri seel -hare . _feecaus€ ^W iorkiSf 

Owlish Idioms 

I don ' t g 1 ve a hoot 
about boys 

Owls don't give a hoot 
about candy 

I don't get into a flap 
about birthday parties 
Owls don't get into a flap 
about rain and snow 
I am a good egg when I 'm 

An owl is a good egg when 
he learns to fly 
Quinn Cope 


Junior School 

Grade Three 

BACK ROW L-R: Gillian Kirkham, Bria Wilson, Mark Zakus, Robyn Plasterer, Bradley Booth, Brittany Crow, Jessica Moll. 
MIDDLE ROW L-R: Alec Harper, Nicholas Hargrove, Nikolas Sopow, David Iwai, Laura Christensen, Huf Mclntyre, Mrs. Pollard. 
FRONT ROW L-R: Michelle Gow. Bianca Bartz, Laura Saunders, Matthew Hill, Michael Millerchip, Deanna Singh, Nikolas 
Puree!!, Shannon Ko, Jennifer Blumberg. 


Junior School 

My Best Friend 
We like taking walks up and down the beach. 
Especially in the summer when the sands turn 

pinky-peach . 
We both like the hot a lot better than the cold, 

and when Timber picks a fight, I have to 

put the fight on hold, 
I scold him when he's been terrorizing poor 

Lemuixe , 
And when he keeps on doing this, I feel like 

I have the flu. 
He comforts me when I'm feeling pretty sad. 
Even though he's a rascal and 50 percent of 
the time bad. 
But we're still friends, my dog and I. 

We will be friends forever. 


rirate, Pirate 
Pirate, pirate. 
Where do rou go7 
Off tc see mj best friend Moe. 

Pirate, pirate. 

What do you do? 

I don't know, but I like to moo. 

Pirate , pirate , 

Vhere do you sail? 

I do knov, but I don't get mall. 

Pirate, pirate, 

Vhere is your gold? 

It Is in Brittany's hold. 

Pirate, pirate, 

Where do you go? 

Off to see Pinocchlo. 

Pirate, pirate. 

Can you fly? 

No, I can't. I'm a sailor! Bye. 


Merry, Merry FIBruary 

In the month of FIBruary, 
Lilies dance in the breeze. 
Dandelions do a jig 
And pizza grows on trees. 

Laura Christensen 


Whether . . . 

to order or to border 
to arrange or to change 
to weep or to sweep 
to guzzle or to puzzle 
to twitch or to switch 
to devise or to disguise 
to plunge or to lunge 
to explode or to unload 
to glitter or to litter action verb is quite 
superb ! 


Junior School 


Grade Four 


BACK ROW L-R: Nicholas Faryna, Tosh Matsumura, Chad Jawl, Eric Penner, Brian Gregson 

MIDDLE ROW L-R: Jalmie Boyd, Duncan MacRae, Fraser Lee, Michelle Lai, Aman Pooni, Kerry Spearing, Mr. Barber. 

FRONT ROW L-R: Stephen Csomany, Chelsea Tirling, Elsa Hume, Jessica Bodrug, Zachary Smith, Elizabeth Saunders, 

Tahir Merali. 


BACK ROW L-R: Andrew McCrodan, Thomas Klllins, Randy Wong-Mui, Tali Cherniawsky, Maureen Palmer, Owen Parrott. 

MIDDLE ROW L-R: Alandra Miller, Amy Lobb, Erin Langwith, Even Willms, Mrs. Forbes. 

FRONT ROW L-R: Sasha Izard, Abdrew Wilson, Graham Kirkham, James Fleming, Malcolm Wollach, Erin Tombu, Keith 

Parker, Amanda Quan. 


Junior School 

%'(\±_ah t^.^ila. nt ^ cU 

Knight Wanted 
The court ot King Arthur is short of one knight. 
This knight has to be honest.prcpared and respecttul. 
The brave knight will be given a suit of armour. 
To become this knight you would meet at King 
Arthur's place in rwo days and we will give you 
a test. We will sec if you are brave and kind enough 
to join our kingdom. 

Chad Travis 
May 9, 1995 

On a dark, gloomy day we travelled ihrough the forest The 
tall, majesnc trees stood shrouded wiih moss The slipper.' ^aier-soaked soil 
made our journey rough The magical wind of the forest flew by us The 
fallen logs were crowded with mossy, leafy', fungus The stormy wmd gave 
the forest a deserted miserable feeling The canopy of the trees could not 
protect us from the tnckluig ram The verdure crowded your eyes and the 
flowmg of the nver shrouded your ears This is my picture of the forest 

This IS the ball that I kicked 

This IS the window that got broken by the ball that I kicked. 

TKis is the man that was standing by the window that got broken 
by the ball that I kicked. 

This is the anger from the man that was standing by the window 
that got broken by the ball that I kicked. 

This is the yelling from the anger of the man that was standing by 
the window that got broken by the ball that I kicked. 

This is the place I'm hiding from the yelling of the anger from the 
man that was standing by the window that got broken by the ball 
that I kicked. _ , l» 

Junior School 


Why Leopards Have Spots 
And Ravens Arc Black 

In the time before time, Raven and 
Leopard were best friends. They ate 
together, played togcther,they even 
slept together. Tliey played together 
every day. Then a horrible disease 
came and killed Raven's parents, but 
the same disease killed Leopard's 
parents. Raven who was very mad 
threw mud at Leopard. Leopard 
who was just as mad as Raven covered 
Raven in mud. For you see they 
both thought the other had caused 
the horrible disease. The mud's black 
colour never came off. So that is why 
Leopards have spots and Ravens arc 

Evan Willms 

Stephen Csomany 

Duncan MacRae 

iomu. 'f^<ru<L 

-W/x'a ' cOuTit. VAi tea Litn. mvt\. ^AoM AaxK, 0- 

ihi. emdiiJi\iM jJ>/}Jlr U.^^jyupHAs^ bu, ih, /wuoi 

JicJ'i^^ ex. iifTvOK^/jiui. drUk/umXcnru. ijor CoAWJrt 

_ jUr MTiM ml tnloll. icr 

qJJU couni of- jlUul utiMm^. 

""^ ffb 30,1115 


in ill! dniji i'^inii Ovdui^ihtAt 
<0\i_LgAJCc_rt I if) tot ij> /^^^ urdJx UvL tlt^ i^u> jjvt 
for/' rf/ifT ^o ( aAa cLoa ,7r\jxxU /nfr A<%u^ 

tiu: - — ,,_ ^ 

r , J^. d if_ iL. J.. I. , J 

y, - ^ -., - -UndtA 

J? A^r)^sn'>\Ji /A/CLd- vv-lJiin tm. Aim. 

0,,:i> Q/^Crf /Lux Li\. yfin^r t^utt 

lA at ^^T o-r\Xu /^uJiAvO /^•j'yvJA 
/-y^ n.-i/i^ni)y>fje.M /^ AoAtid :6ey /ri/^'.i.qA. 



Junior School 

Grade Five 


BACK ROW L-R: Ashlin Richardson, Paul Jenkins, Bradley Jawl, Meara Crawford, Katharine Schaan, Erin Maclver. 
MIDDLE ROW L-R: Michael Brownlee. Max Nevill, Nicola Harper, Louise Reid, Jane Frisby, Tristan Spearing, Mr. Bousfield. 
FRONT ROW L-R: David Burnett. John Campbell, Pelle Bjornert, Geoffrey Martin, Andrew Murgatroyd, Jason Smith, Gra- 
ham Mclntyre. Andrew Orr. 


BACK ROW L-R: Jason Ko, Joanna Wynn, Emily Gregson, Kathleen Jones, Michael Pyke, Sean Tucknott. 

MIDDLE ROW L-R: Karlie O'Connor, Jonathan Bell, Elspeth Finlay, Keldi Forbes, Mr. Harris, 

FRONT ROW L-R: Florencia Bonet, Kristie Tyrrell, Javier Alfaro, Mycroft Schwartz, Conal Shepherd, Elliot Holtham, Stuart 

Jones, Christopher Chapheau. 

Junior School 


The Wolf 

Cold hearted aninmal, 
Bloodthirsty dog, 
hard matted fur, 
Dark and adventurous, 
Big and dangerous. 
He jumps at his prey, 
without a sound, 
and runs in a scurry. 

Dark red eyes, 

cut like slits, 

his lips fold back 

to reveal his bright, white teeth. 

The gash of blood 

from his victim's throat. 

Then wisks away 

into the diu'kncss. 

Jane Frisby 

The Snake 

Through the undergrowth it slithered. 
Swaying in the grass. 

Up a tree, down a branch, 
Spitting out his tongue. 

His face, 

Scaly, wide-eyed , oval. 

Waving from branch to branch, 
Focusing on his prey. 

Lunging from the branch, 
Opening his monster jaw. 

The little mouse had not a chance, 
For the snake was much too swift. 

Satisfied with his tiny snack. 
He basked in the morning sun. 

Jason Smith 


Ashlin Richardson 

The Owl 

He sat stone still upon the branch. 
His eyes darting back and forth, 
His feathers blowing slightly in the wind. 
Every movement made him turn and look, 
His ears open and listening. 

Erin Maclvcr 


And rew Or r 


Junior School 

A Limerick 

There was a young man named Keith, 

That once dressed up as a leaf, 

He was mistaked. 

So he got raked. 

So later he was used for a wreath. 

Florencia Bonet 

The Sun Rise 

A bauTcn sea, 

with a golden beach, 

A beautiful sky 

is a feast for my eye. 

The mountains are violet 

with a shimmering glow. 

Not a stir of the wind 

changes wonderland's flow. 

Louise Reid 

There once was a man from Gai-pin 

Who was so terribly thin 

When he drank lemon- aid 

He needed to be saved 

Because he slipped through the straw 2uid fell in. 

Andrew Murgatroyd 


Elliot Holthar 

Junior School 



Junior School 

Junior School 

S sTniciirtniMMivnKsrniuiocH. c 

g QMbr.Kl/lii £ 




Junior School 

Junior School 



Junior School 



Junior School 



Junior School 

Junior School 


..4 <ai>^Wi 


1^ ■•T* 




Junior School 



Junior School 




r t: jf 


c c CD 


•o o 




o o 

- ^1 

t O -r-. £ C p (B t 

TO "S y- o o " ffl o ra c — o .£ c .= -E S .9 

E C C £ =! C 3.5-0 c__„, 

n (— CJ »n *n »n rr\ rr\ rr\ 

5« £n:ir ccmCC" 

3 . 


IVj ajQ- 

- a§ 
•o ra <B 

^ CO 


^ T3 -C <D 

^ C O to > 
O o >■ 0) t^ 












O !2 

hr m /-^ — r^ 

o j>; o c c o S 

m " "= 

3 .5; "5) 


= C c c o E : 







05 to 

C 3 


OS to to .£ S 

•a.!n3_ ._ 

CC3C C:^C_„C_33_-r)C_33__ 

— 0) 



2 ^ 
to o 

o .a 





OJ o to S ra 





;*< o to ip to^ 




















: c o 

.<w ^ 

: c c o 

. ._ — ^ 

"K ■« ^ 


03 <c 



' w 




S 55 o 

to — f /5 m 

^-S: S 3^ -Co 




<Ji JZ 

. c « 











gg^irocg:^cgcc .. 

c c — c o _ t= cn_ c 3-0 5„_„ 

XX2XC/3 "xuj "x 



ro >■ 

a> (0 (0 

E >■.£ g ._ 
Q.CD "- a) u p o 

>= ^ « Q-p ^ " 

~ o >>x:-'- c 
o gx: C ato to 


= > 


















to to 

II_ 3 3 
to CO o o 

3 3 C C 

cr crCJ o 




to _ O 

g§ 6 

E £ 

jC C t C 



cogocom— co~£— fc 
ex cxxgCo-jo,PQ: o ratoo 

3 — 3 3__c3„__^ 

O— otzot^co— OCCcoE 

C « C - C ■" 3 -o C _ '„ 3 „ 


is e 




















St. Michaels University 
Middle Scliool 




Middle School 


Middle School Director's 

(Speech delivered at Prize Day, June 16, 1995) 

Madame Chair, Headmaster, Honoured guests, Board members. Parents, Faculty, Students and 
j^ B^^Av friends of St. Michaels University School. Welcome to our Annual tVliddle School Prize Day 

rJi^v--* \ ^^HBV ceremony. It is customary on this occasion to summarize the events and achievements of the past 

school year and that will be done this evening by Mr. Wilson and Mrs. McCue. The headlines 
somehow gam a little more credibility when delivered by someone who works at arms length from 
the epicentre. It also provides me with an opportunity to hear about the highlights rather than 
speak or write about them myself. 

During the third term, as Prize Day becomes more imminent, I begin to ponder the question of a 
Prize Day speech. A favorite pastime of our dear secretary. Ms. Booth, is to fill my in-mail slot with 
an immense volume of advertising and propaganda which she believes might get a reaction from me as it enters file thirteen. A few weeks 
ago, a brochure crossed my desk which garnered a second look and to Connie's surprise, I filled in the order card. I received the volume last 
week - just in time, I thought. The title "School Administrator's Public Speaking Portfolio" with model speeches and anecdotes. I checked the 
index and on page 161 found a speech entitled, "Communication between educators and the public" with specified audience as educators, 
faculty, adults and students. It read as follows: "As I look out upon this solid group of participating, on-line, hands-on educators, actively 
engaged in the contingencies of employing structured techniques of cognitive development to various strata of developmental groups within 
the contingencies of real-time extrapolation of the successful manipulation of resources, I perceive the variety of social interaction which allows 
for peer group assumption of matunty levels current with affective developments and interactive with goal oriented progress within the 
framework skill-manipulative orientation and perceptual computations." I had two recurring thoughts: 

If many among you understood what I just said, then I have been misplaced in this job for 7 years. Secondly, if David Penaluna were 
still at the school, I would not have used this introduction because he would have explained it to me. 

In fairness to the authors, this prepared speech did go on to ask forgiveness for the little joke but at this juncture I closed the book, repackaged 
It for shipping before my 30 day free trial period had expired and determined to expose you to my personal brand of rhetoric once again. 

This has been a difficult year for all concerned at Middle School. I have always believed that old adage '1ime flies when you're having fun" 
but I have discovered that it moves at a pretty good clip when the road twists and turns. With maternity leave, teacher resignation and bully 
proofing to name a few the students have been faced with more than the usual challenges this year. But as I thought back over the past seven 
years, I was reminded that since the inception of Middle School, we have been survivors. Any institution which has packed up lock, stock and 
barrel and relocated as frequently as the Middle School has in as short a time span, (on two occasions in mid-year) and continues to attract 
share holders has got to be on a solid footing. How could we be anything but resilienf That is one of the delightful characteristics of young 
people - they adapt much more readily to change and weather storms with far less structural damage then we adults. 

And that bnngs me to my decision to seek a different educational career path next year. I chose to be a teacher so that I could devote my time 
and energy to working with young people and I wish to do that fulltime again. 

This was also a time to take inventory at Middle School, to look at what we have and what we have to offer. We have a facility which takes 
a back seat to no Middle School which I have visited in Western or Eastern Canada. We have a faculty who devote endless hours to offering 
the best and most varied programmes to the students and they are not content with the status quo but continuously seek to improve 
programmes and methods of instruction. They extend the students in Math, English, Science, Socials, Foreign languages as well as Art, 
Music, Drama, Physical Education, Computer, Library Research, Environmental Studies, and Current Events. I have never been a 
salesperson but I have thoroughly enjoyed marketing this package to prospective youngsters and their parents. 

I have been gratified through this job in so many ways and leave it with no regrets. Quite the contrary - 1 have had the pleasure of meeting 
and working with hundreds of student and adult members of our school community. I have had support and trust beyond what any 
administrator could hope to receive, and your well wishes following the announcement of my recent decision are certainly appreciated. I have 
made mistakes, I haven't always pleased everyone but that's what life is all about. We take risks and we learn from our achievements and 
our errors. I have chosen to stay at St. Michaels University School, not because I fear a tight job market nor as some of our Grade 8 students 
happily suggested following the announcement, that I had won the lottery, but because I, like you, believe in this institution and wish to see 
it thrive and grow into the 21 st century. My expenences on Strategic Planning, Long Range Planning, the Executive Management Team, the 
Task Force on Governance, the Teachers Certification Committee along with the day to day operation of Middle School have presented 
opportunities to discover, to be challenged and to look at diverse areas of this schools increasingly complex operation. I hope to put these 
lessons to good use with the challenge of the new Career and Personal Planning programme to be implemented this fall. In the interim, I will 
offer unconditional support to Mr. Cliff Yorath as he takes over the reins at Middle School and endeavour to make this transition as smooth 
as possible. 

Marilyn Levitt 


S.M.U. Middle School 


Middle School 

Middle School Staff 

B.R: D. Pollock, M, Walsh, J. Williams, M. Rollins, E. Jones. 

M,R: P. Richards, R, Fava, J. Goodwin, S. Alford, G, Floyd, J, Reid, M, Levitt (director), M. Smith, 

F.R: Y, Guthrie, J. Rees, N. Mollenhauer, M. Morican, S. Biden, L, Ross. (Missing: J. Whitehead, L. Hyde-Lay) 


BR: R, Stackhouse, C. Mills, R. Jennings, A. Mildred. R, Greenwood, M. Boyd, J, Kwari, D. Klaibert. 
F.R: B. Coleman, H. Schaan, A. Arnett. O. Ibell. A. Larsen. K. Jawl. J. Cummings. 

Middle School 


Grade 6 (Alford) 

Paul Alford 

Jayne Bidgood 

Maximilian Boehnlein 

Amar Chadha 

Katherine Charlton 

Susan Danskin 

Geoffrey Dunlop 

Wilson Hong 

Pfiilip Joergensen 

Marie LaFreniere 

Wayne Lau 

Stuart Masterton 
Caitlin McKenzie 

Steven Mitcfielmore 
Andrew Moll 

Conor Pommerville 

Cfielsea Richardson 
Paul Saunders 
Gregory Smith 

Kendra Tombu 

Nikolaus Wegner 

Adam Wilson 


Middle School 

Grade 6 (Richards) 

Michael Blumberg 
Sascha Braunig 
Andrew Brownlee 

ZevI Chernlawsky 
Stephanie Cowland 
Eswen Fava 

Geoffrey Homer 
Justin Hume 
Paul Karchut 
Cameron Lee 
Katfienne Louman-GarcSner 

Scott McBride 
Ryan Mogensen 
Christopher Nalsmlth 
Noelle Quin 
Sebastian RItter 

Mark Shortt 
Caltlln Smith 
Peter Williamson 

Caria Wollach 
Paul Zakus 

Middle School 


Grade 7 (Fava) 

David Beswick 

Lauchlin Burnett 

Evan Crawford 

Joanna Fairhurst 

Geoffrey Gledhlll 

Kentaro Guthrie 

Clare Hall-Patch 

David lllner 

Naomi Inouye 

Robert Jawl 

Teresa Lee 

Rhys Lewis 

Timottiy Louman-Gardiner 

Andrew Martin 

Liam Newton 

Robyn Parton 

Brendan Preston 

Bianca Roberts 

David Tso 

IVIarcia Wilson 

Leiand Wong 

Christina Wright 


Middle School 

Grade 7 (Goodwin) 

Benjamin Acton 
Clea Adair 
Dominic BorzonI 

Taran Chadha 
Earson Gibson 
Jacqueline Goldstein 

David Gow 
Mala Green 
Jordan Helm 
Nicholas Hume 
Julia Inkster 

Antonio Law 
Jennifer Lawton 
Joey Lo Blanco 
Michael Maloney 
Ylannis Mavrikos 

Jessica Miller 
Michael Passmore 
Andrew Robertson 

Ashley Wey 
Michael Wilson 
Scott Wood 

Middle School 


Grade 7 (Pollock) 

Keely-Rain Alford 

Katherlne Barry 

Scott Brown 

Erick Calder 

Paul Fang 

Eric Goldstein 

Itsuki HayashI 

Sarah Holberg 

David Ingle 

Tyson Johnson 

Claire Jones 

Michael Lin 

Brian MacKay 

Angela Marshall 

Chris Mitchell 

Colin Palmer 

Jonathan Randle 

Sarah Richardson 

Sarah Turner 

Eric Weng 

Daniel Wood 

Elizabeth Woodward 


Middle School 

Grade 8 (Morican) 

David Barbour 
Matthieu Boyd 
Stephan Chapheau 
Ted Chen 
Ravina Dhillon 

Jacob Fitz 
Jonathan Gainer 
Naomi Graham 
David Hsu 
Ryan Jennings 

Samantha Lawrence 
Brian Moss 

Vanessa IVIurty 
Ben Naismith 

Lucas Rankin 
Heather Schaan 

Ari Shortt 
Kimberly Smith 
Julia Tugwell 
Andrew Valeri 
Sarah Wilson 

Middle School 


Grade 8 (Rees) 

James Bigwood 

Christopher Callendar 

Brienne Coleman 

Taylor Davis 

Rodrlgo Diaz 

Richard Greenwood 

Maude Henri-Bhargava 

Anne Inouye 

Nicholas Isaac 

Gerardo Islas 

Aya Larsen 
Erik Larsen 

Cedric Meier 
Ryan MItra 

Heather Orr 
Ashley Ridyard 

Louise RItson 

SImone Singh 

Alyssa SunderanI 

Stuart Ward 

Alice Weng 


Middle School 

Grade 8 (Rollins) 

John Andrachuk 
Ashley Arnett 
Ryan Bodrug 
Joywin Cummlngs 
Christopher Finch 

Susan Hayes 
Andrew Hildred 
Chnstopher James 
Karen Jawl 
Kathryn Leong 

Nicole Mogensen 
Kevin Morin 

Jason Owen 
Jonathan Preston 

Charlotte Reid 
Maximilian Ritter 

Jan Salcedo 
Caitlin Smith 
Terry Talentino 
Rebecca Taylor 
Christine Wilson 

Middle School 


Grade 8 (Williams) 


Pamela Bedeski 

Caleb Beyers 

Nigel Brown 

Michelle Cale 

Henoch Caro 

Michael Cowland 

Justine Evans 

Eric Grant 

Adam Hutchison 

Olivia Ibell 

Dixie Klaibert 
John Kwari 

Sabnna Loiacono 
Euan McLean 

Christopher Mills 
Krystal O'Byrne 

Taylor Rankin 

Rebecca Sheng 

Rebekah Stackhouse 

Natalie Turner 

Roland von Schellwitz 


Middle School 


^v;;'.s*«■^\A•:■>,^\'-,* >.w^ 


»ii«».\««V\<W*X»ll*««\'\'M«CO«'.i*\'l ^ \-tv-'AMf*i-»«vi»\ ^\<-,iftVl« V*VX\iyi--.-VS.\«-S 1\V v^^V' \-»;\'N\T-i,V 


Middle School 



Grade 6/7 Girls 

B.R: C. Jones, S^ Turner, E. Woodward, J. Fairhurst, N. Quin, C. Richardson, 
F,R; M. Green, K, Barry, M. Wilson, J, Bidgood, C, Smith, S, Richardson, K. Alford, 
Seated; C, McKenzie, M,LaFreniere, 

Under-13 Boys 

B.R: Mr. Jones, D. Gow, 1 . Johnson, B. Preston, M. Passmore. 

MR: P. Joergensen, Y. Mavril<os, E. Crawford, B. Acton, K. Guthrie, S. Chapheau, Mr. Pollock. 

PR: P. Alford, J. Randle, S. Brown, I. Hayashi. S. Masterton. 


Middle School 

Under 13 Soccer- 1994 

In October, 15 boys, 2 coaches and 2 parents set out from Victoria to 
participate in the 19th Annual Canadian Independent Schools Boys Under- 
13 Soccer Championships hosted by Upper Canada College in Toronto. 
Before the tournament started, the S,M,U.S. contingent had the opportunity 
to visit Niagara Falls, tour the N.H.L. Hall of Fame, ascend the ON Tower and 
stand on the glass floor 1850 feet above Toronto, play Q-Zar. and experi- 
ence the wonders of the Ontario Science Center. In addition, a most 
interesting morning was spent at the McMichael Art Gallery in Kleinberg, 

As a team, the S.M.U. Boys far surpassed all expectations of their coaches. 
Led by their captain, Scott Brown, the team made it to the semi-finals of the 
championship round and eventually finished in third place out of sixteen 
teams. An outstanding accomplishment indeed! Throughout the tourna- 
ment the boys never gave up, worked as a team, and forced their opposition 
to play their best. They proved themselves to be fine ambassadors for our 
school! D. Pollock. 

Middle School 


Junior Girls 
Soccer Team 

BR: Mr. Alford. K. Lobb. J. Reed, K. Larsen, C. Tearoe, M. Doyle, E, Huddart, A. Larsen, C. Raid, S. Turner, J. 

Fairhurst, Ms. Roth. 

F.R: J. Cummings. K. Alford, S. Lolacono, K. Barry, K. Smith. 

The Junior Girls' soccer season began last June when we selected the team of fifteen, started 
practices which continued twice a week through the summer, established a fundraising strategy 
and played exhibition games against Glenlyon-Norfolk school, our own Under-13 boys, and two 
community teams. On September 27, our preparation complete, we departed for Toronto to 
participate in the nation wide I.S.A. tournament that we had all been working toward. 

Our week in Toronto as guests of The County Day School was fantastic - meeting and staying with 
the billet families, touring the Toronto area, meeting Canada's celebrity runner Charmaine Crooks, 
playing in the tournament, enjoying the closing ceremonies, the good-byes. It was a truly wonderful 

In the tournament, the girls lost their first game to the eventual winners (The Country Day School) 
2 - 0. But we went on to win all four remaining games allowing only one other goal and earning 
the Division Championship (with medals and a banner to show for it). 

On our return to Victoria the parents were waiting 
into their rally cheer - the creation of Ms. Roth: 

with outstretched arms", and the girls erupted 


It would be remiss not to thank all the parents for their support, particularly, Delphine Cummings 
for her work on our handbook, Leslie Machan for organising the letter-stuffing fundraiser, Candy 
Reed for assuming the role of treasurer and Dr. Stephen Smith who was always there to assist with 
coaching. A final thanks to Kathy Roth for getting us to Toronto and back, and for inspiring us with 
words and leading our cheers. 

Next year, we host the event. We will need lots of support. See you there! 

Steve Alford. 

49 " 

Middle School 


Grade 6/7 Girls 

B.R: C. McKenzie. S. Turner, M. Green, K. Charlton, A. Wey, Mrs. Mollenhauer. 

F.R: C.Richardson, K. Alford, J. Fairhurst, K. Barry. N. Quin, C. Snnith, K. Louman-Gardiner. 

Grade 8 Girls 

B.R: J. Tugwell, A. Larsen, M. Henri-Bhargava, O. Ibell, K. O'Byrne, R. Stackhouse, R. Dhiilon, S. Lawrence, N. Turner. 
PR: K. Leong, S. Loiacono, H. Orr, N. Mogensen, C. Reid, K. Smith, L. Ritson, Mrs. Hyde-Lay. 

" 50 

Middle School 

Grade 8 Boys 

BR: J, Kwan. D. Barbour. J. Gainor. R. Greenwood, A. Hildred, R. Diaz. 
F.R: B. Moss. J- Owen. B. Preston. R. Jennings. K. Morln. E. McLean. 

Grade 7 Boys 

B.R: J. Randle, Y. Mavnkos. L. Burnett. R. Jawl. B. Acton. K. Guthrie. M. Passmore. 

F.R; E. Calder, R. Lewis. J. Helm. S. Brown. T. Johnson. T. Louman-Gardlner. Mr.D. Pollock. 

Middle School 


Grade 6 

BR: S. Masterton, S^ Mitchelmore. P. Joergensen. A Brownlee, M. Shortt, A. Chadha, W. Lau, Ms. Rees. 
F.R: C, Naismith, G. Homer, S- McBride. A. Moll, R. Mogensen, P. Zakus, G. Smith, Kneeling; G. Dunlop, 

We had many coaches helping with this year's basl<;etball program. I would like to thank them all for making it possible 
to field the number of teams we had this year: 

Grade 6/7 Boys: 
Grade 6/7 Girls: 
Grade 8 Girls 

Mr. Pollock 

Miss Roth 

Miss Andersen and Mrs. Hyde-Lay 

E. Jones. 


T. Rankin. 


Middle School 

Grade 6/7 


B.R: Ms. Biden, K. Barry, J. Inkster. S. Turner, J. Fairhurst, N. Quin, K. Alford, Mr. Szymanis. 
F.R: A. Wey, K. Charlton, C. Smith, M. LaFreniere, M. Wilson, E. Fava, C. Wollach 
Kneeling: C. McKenzie. 

Grade 8 

B.R: O. Ibell. N. Turner, A. Larsen, K. O'Byrne, M. Henri-Bhargave, J. Cummlngs, S. Lawrence. 
F.R: C. Reld. A. Arnett, A. Sunderani, H. Orr, R. Dhlllon, L. RItson, J. Tugwell. 

Middle School 



Grade 7/8 

BR: S. Brown, P. Bedeskl, S Turner. E McLean, S. Richardson, M. Passmore, M. Wilson, E. Grant, Mrs. Mollenhauer. 
F.R: A. Martin. K. Barry. R. Sheng. H. Orr. K. Alford, C. Smith. C. Richardson, B. Moss. 

Grade 6 

A small but determined group of runners put up with rain, 
snow, sleet, and, I think, even hail during a very successful X- 
Country season. Training twice a week and racing once, we 
have enjoyed some excellent individual and team perfor- 
mances. The highlight of our season came in mid-March as 
we headed to Courtenay for the Island Championships. Con- 
gratulations to all those who ran so well and to Brian Moss for 
finishing an outstanding fourth among all grade 8 boys on the 

N. Mollenhauer. 

-#^ * ^ 

B R C Picli.iiasijn M Biiimberg C Smith. 
F.R: P. Zakus, G. Smith, P. Karchut. 


Middle School 

Track & Field 

As always we had lots of interest during the track and field season and once again there was ample opportunity 
for the athletes to take part in several different meets. Our grade 6/7 team performed brilliantly at the All-Schools 
relays as well as at both the VISAA and ISA Meets ( all held at U.VIC's Commonwealth Track). Our grade 8 team 
did equally well at the Junior City Meets and those athletes who qualified headed to Port Alberni for the Island 
Championships. After a very tiring 18-hour day the team returned back to Victoria after some personal best 
performances. Thanks to all those who took part in the meets and congratulations on a fine season! 

N. Mollenhauer. 

55 " 

Middle School 


Grade 6 

BR; A. Moll, A. Wilson, M. Shortt, A.Brownlee, P. Joergensen, S. Mitchelmore, Ms. Rees. 
F.R: P. Zakus, S. Masterton, A. Chadha, R. Mogensen, S. McBrlde, G. Homer, C. Naismith. 

Grade 7 

B.R; P. Fang, M. Passmore, Y. Mavrikos, K, Guthne, J. Handle. 

F.R: Ms. Rees, G. Gledhill, L. Burnett, M. Wilson, A. Robertson, D. Ingle, Mr. Jones. 


Middle School 

Grade 8 

B.R: M. Ritter, N. Isaac, E. Grant, E. McLean, Mr. Jones, D. Barbour, J. Salcedo, S. Chapheau 
F.R; T, Chen, J. Andrachuk, J. FItz, Y. Mavrikos, J. Preston, J. Owen, B. Moss. 

The grade 8 rugby team had an outstanding year in the LS.A. competition. The team went undefeated, winning 
all eight league games and finishing the season with a thrilling 21-17 win over St. George's. I would like to thank 
Mr, Charles Burnett, who worked hard at making this such a successful season. 

I would also like to thank Ms. Rees and her assistant Mr, Neil Allen for all their work with the grade 6 and 7 rugby 
teams. Both teams were very competitive in the I. S. A. Rugby Festival: grade 6 won their division and grade 7 
came second. Well done! 

E, Jones, 

Middle School 


Grade 8 Aztecs 

^^ O 

B.R: M. Ritter, J. Preston, T. Rankin, N. Brown, M.R: Mr. Jones. A. Hutchison, C. Callendar, R. Jennings. N. Hume. E. Grant. 
F.R: J. Bigwood, T. Talentino, S. Chaptieau, L. Rankin, T. Chen. 

Grade 8 Warriors 

B.R: T. Davis, C. Beyers, J. Fitz, E. McLean, J. Kwari. MR: Mr. Jones, A. Shortt, R. Diaz. D. Barbour, E. Larsen, J. Andrachuk. 
F.R: R. Mitra, A. Valeri, A. Hiidred, D. Hsu, J. Owen. 


Middle School 


BR: Mr, Jones, G, Smith. J, LoBianco. A, Brownlee. M. Boyd. T. Louman-Gardiner, 

M,R: E, Crawford, C, Richardson, J. Inkster. R, Sheng, K. Barry. A. Wey, K. Louman-Gardiner. P. Fang. Mrs. Mollenhauer. 

F.R: H. Orr. K. Charlton, K. OByrne. J, Fairhurst, N, Quin, M. Wilson, A. Martin. 

This year's swim team enjoyed a great deal of success at all grade levels. The team was 
involved in four meets over the course of the season and performed most excellently at each 
one. The highlight of our season would have to be our repeat as winners at the Victoria 
Elementary Novice and Championships Meets held out at the Commonwealth Pool. Both 
are very prestigious meets in which twenty-one other local schools are involved. 

I would like to thank all those swimmers who participated as well as the parents who braved 
those early mornings to get their children to the pool on time. Special thanks to Richard 
Wey for all his expert coaching! 

Middle School 



B.R: A. Sunderani, K. Leong, C. Smith, N. Turner, C. Palmer, R. Jawl, C. Wright, C. Mills, E. McLean, L. RItson, D. Borzonl, B. Acton, 
M. Maloney. 3rd R:: R. Lewis, B. Moss, C. Wilson, N. Mogensen, C. Reld, K. Guthrie, J. Randle, E. Woodward, S. Turner, S. Brown, 
A. Arnett, M. Passmore, Mr. Floyd. 2nd R; T. Johnson. L. Burnett, J. Falrhurst, J. Goldstein, K, Louman-Gardlner, C- Jones, M. Wilson, A. 
Marshall, J. Lawton, T. Lee. F.R: S. Masterton, T. Louman-Gardlner. 

Grade 6/7 Field Hockey 

B.R: Mrs. Mollenhauer, E. Gibson, E. Goldstein, N. Quin, T. Chadha, A. Chadha, A. Moll. 
F.R; K. Barry, C. Smith, J. Inkster, J. Falrhurst, K. Charlton, M. LaFreniere, K. Alford. 

The Spring field hockey season Is short and sweet, but we had a very enthusiastic group of grade 6 and 7 girls and boys play over a 5- 
week period. The team played very well and imporoved a tremendous amount only losing once In league play against a powerful side from 
Gordon Head Elementary. At the fun season-ending festival held at Lansdowne School we again met Gordon Head in our final game with 
both teams undefeated. It looked as though It was headed for a tie, when, with less than one minute to go, the squad popped a beautiful 
goal past the sprawling keeper for the 1 - victory! Thanks to all those who came out and played. It was great to have so much fun In a 
co-ed setting. 


Middle School 

Happy Days! 

Middle School 


Exam Buddies! 

A Big Thank You and Good Wishes to our 
Director, Marilyn Levitt, from the Students 
and Staff of the IVliddle School! V 



Middle School 


,W ^''^ - - <-- 





llddle School 


Passing of the Seasons 

M. Henri-Bhargava 

Time flies 

With the passing of the seasons 
The whisper of the willows 
The whistling of the winds 

Time flies 
When autumn falls 
The cold of winter 
The birth of spring 

Time flies 

While the world changes colour 
The dawning of a new time 
Unlike any other 

J. Tugwell. 

"Horse Chestnut" by MLin. 

"Horse Chestnut" by Marcia Wilson. 

The seed 

The seed is planted 
and with much help 
it grows and blossoms 
until it is large and ripe 
and ready to be taken 
from the tree 
it is taken away 
to be on its own 
and it will ultimately 
live alone until it is 

V. Murty 


Middle School 


n . 




"Seashell" by A. Larsen. 


Gushing in rivers of life, 

It swims with the moon 

Flows with the rocks, 

It runs with the wind. 

It supports and loves. 

But it is a powerful dictator. 

Harsh in its abundance, 

Untame in its freedom. 

It changes in journeys, 
Of winter and spring. 

A constant in life, 
A constant in change. 

R. Greenwood 

Far Away 

I feel so far away from here 
My home I left, 
I miss it dear 
I miss my friends from long ago 
Once I lived 
So far from here 
The mountains so high and the ocean 

So near 
I can hear the waves upon the shore 
The more I think I miss it more. 
For one to live so far 
Away from their home they want to stay 

But they must leave for now. 
Not to know how their life will change. 
So I really miss my home, 
And I wish to return 

E. Larsen 

A. Larsen 

"SeasheN" by P. Bedeski. 


Middle School 

"Hollvdene Beach" bv J. Lawton. 

Growing up 

Love is always there 

Days full of confusion, 
mystified by tears, 
Standing in wonder, 
thoughts all a blurr. 
Hopes for tomorrow, 
filled with great sorrow. 
Getting older and wiser. 
But still feeling small. 
Dreams of a life, 
treasured by others. 
Education at its fullest. 
But wanting to learn 
even more. 
Friends so important. 
Facing trials and falls. 
Never knowing what's to 
facing a new tomorrow. 

when you are feeling scared or sad, 

Love is there to help you. 

When you are happy and glad, 

Love is laughing with you. 

When you are feeling tall and strong. 

Love is underneath you. 

When you keep someone from doing 


Love is beaming with you. 

If you help someone find their way, 

Love is there to guide you. 

When with love you forever stay. 

Love's heart is pounding with yours. 

If you care; 

Love is always there. 

K. O'Byrne 

M. Cale 

■ 66 

Middle School 

C^ K.I. 

"An extension painting' by C. Palmer 

C. Finch 

Middle School 1 ^'^ 


The music burns into the souls of the 


repeating notes locking and reacting 

to form one 

one single identity 

the soaring birds 

reflect the freedom of my soul 

lighting the way of life 

music pours from the minds of sane 

take me to the lands of life 

music is freedom to me 
and all is lost within its soul. 

A. Inouye 

C. Beyers 

One in a million 

When you think you're just part of a crowd 
Play with your life and play it loud 
For this you will be called a freak 
But if you don't you won't be unique 
Never forget this gift you're to get 
"This is your life, this is your chance 
This is your life, this is your dance" 
So when you find you're just "one of the 

Be yourself you might be surprised. 

R. von Schellwitz 


Middle School 

Growing Up 

Growing up is sad, 
Growing up is fun, 
Growing up can also go too fast. 

Growing up is meeting new people, 
Growing up is learning new things, 
Growing up is knowing the people, 
you once knew that have changed. 

Growing up is reaching new goals. 
Growing up is finding new ways, 
Growing up is looking back at how 
you once were. 

A. Sunderani 

O^ Ibell 


As I look into the horizon, 
I see a mountain. 
Its jagged edges caress the sky, 
I am at its mercy. 

I am surrounded by earth, 

I look North South East and West, 

But all I see is earth, 

I am trapped. 

I walk up the side of the mountain. 
With every step I take, 
I know I am one step further. 
To reaching the top. 

I reach the peak, 
My heart soars, 
I breathe deeply. 
And look down. 

The mountain is at my mercy. 

J. Kwari 

C. Wright 


Middle School 

J. Evans 

A,. Hutchison 


Middle School 


When the world was on your shoulder 
Your fnends canne to help you 

When you felt left in the shadows 
Your friends came to guide you 

When you've lost all hope and dignity 
Your friends came to comfort you 

When you seem alone and unwanted 

Your friends are there to love you. 







A. Brownlee 

K. Leong 

R. Sheng 

T. Louman-Gardiner (HyperCard) 

A Time to Remember 

A fading memory, a forgotten place, 
A picture remembered, an expression 

on a face. 
A very small moment, captured 

in time. 
It stays with your heart, but 

fades from your mind. 
An emotion you felt, a 

story recalled, 
A moment of happiness, a 

person you saw. 
They'll stay with you now. 
They stayed with you then, 
You'll never forget how, 

where and when. 

V. Murty 

Middle School 


Middle School Orchestra 

Middle School Programme 

Strings: The string orchiestra students had an active year of study, rehearsing and performing. The Grade 8s accompanied the traditional hymns 
of Remembrance Day at Junior School In November. The Grade 7s played at the Christmas Bazaar and in the same week an ensemble of 
Grade 8s performed alongside the choir at the Ocean Pointe Resort. At the Evening of Art and Music, one highlight was a performance of the 
Pastorale from Corelli's Christmas Concerto. Also, the Lafayette String Quartet (from U.Vic.) gave a concert and workshop to the students 
in February. This was a memorable day for everyone. The Grade 8 quintet, attired in French Impressionist costume, added eloquent sounds 
to the French/Art Evening at the Junior School! Music Festival participation this year included the cross-grade string group presentation of a 
piece written by Vivaldi. This was a successful musical choice and the students performed it again at the Prize Day Ceremony. A visiting artist 
of note in the final term was violinist Martin Beaver. He played for the students, talked with them and taught them in a rehearsal format during 
the course of the afternoon. It has been a fine experience to work so Intently on musical scores, especially with this year's graduating class. 
M. Smith, 

Concert Choir: The concert choir were invited to appear with David Foster in the finale of his show at the Memorial Arena. Our rehearsal with 
David Foster, televised by CHEK T.V. at the Middle School, set the mood and expectations for the show. The show, attended by 5000 people, 
was broadcast by C.B.C. television just before Christmas. The choir combined with the String Ensemble for the performances of "Gloria" by 
Vivaldi and Bach's "Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring " at our Carol Service and were invited to perform at the Ocean Pointe Resort. In the third term, 
the choir performed "Can you feel the love tonight" and, at Prize Day, "Say it with a Song." 

Honour Band: This extra-curricular group of 55 selected band students represented the school at the Greater Victona Performing Arts Festival, 
where they were awarded a "Very Good" rating for their performance of the Chorale Prelude " For the Beauty of the Earth" and also, "Excellentia 
Overture". Our annual pilgnmage to the Junior School culminated in a rousing performance of "The Sounds of Sousa" under the baton of guest 
conductor (much to the delight of the Junior School students) - Mr. Cliff Yorath! 

Brass Ensemble: The quintet (J. Andrachuk, R. Bodrug, H. Orr, A. Hutchison, E. Goldstein) performed at the Carol Service and at Ocean Pointe 
Resort. The students also gave three performances in Chapel and scored 90% at the Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival. 

Stage Band: The band consisted of 26 students, who attended early morning extra-curricular rehearsals. Concerts included the Evening of 
Art and Music, the Christmas Bazaar and the Middle School Open House. 

Visiting Groups: The trombone section of the Victoria Symphony ("Four of a Kind") provided an educational and stimulating performance in 
Chapel. The entire school attended a performance by the Victoria Symphony Orchestra, under the baton of Brian Jackson, at the University 
of Victoria. Soloist Jonathan Crow did a sterling job on the last movement of the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto. J. Reid. 


Middle School 

Honour Band 

Stage Band 


Middle School 






Middle School 

Brass Quintet 

R Bodrug. J. Andrachuk, H. Orr, A. Hutchison, E. Goldstein 

Christmas Choir at the Ocean Pointe Resort 

Middle School 


Christmas Choir 





1 XV j-jLl" 






l- *• 


If -*. ; 




t*f j 







I -:. 













"Viola" by C. Wilson. 


Middle School 

^ ^ ^^ ■ W5^ 

^- -^^ 

^ V 

Middle School 


Colour Day! 


Middle School 

Middle School 


Math Teams 

Grade 6 

C. Smith. S- Mitchelmore. P. Zakus, 

G. Homer, S. McBride. Coach: Mr.Alford. 


Grade 7 

B.R; A. Robertson, Mr. Alford. M. Lin. 
F.R: E. Woodward, J.Randle, M. Wilson S. Holberg, 

A. Marshall. 

Grade 8 

BR: Mr. Goodwin. B. Coleman. M. Henri-Bhargave, 
R. Greenwood. A. Larsen, E. Grant, S. Hayes. 
F.R: C. Reid, R. Sheng, M. Boyd, C. Wilson, 
C. Callendar. 


Middle School 

In Grade 8 Rebecca Sheng is 
to be commended for a perfect 
score in the Gauss contest and 
for being outstanding in the 
ATPAC and CNML. competi- 

Matthieu Boyd was close 
behind Rebecca and is also to 
be congratulated for some high 

The mathematicians had a very 
successful year and the Grade 6, 
7, 8 students are to be congratu- 
lated. In grades 6 and 7 the team 
was 1 0th in B.C. in the CNML. and 
1st in B.C. in the Gauss competi- 
tion. This included two perfect 
scores for Scott McBnde and An- 
gela Marshall . 

Ben Acton 

liddle School 



Computer Club 

BR: S^ Ward, B. MacKay, E. Crawford, Mr. Floyd. C. James, B. Moss. T. Louman-Gardiner. 
F R: C. Palmer. C. Mitchell. L. Newton, P. Saunders, E. Goldstein, M. Maloney, A. Martin. 

Earth Club 

B.R; S. Richardson, N. Hume, E. Goldstein. 

F.R: J. Lawton, J. Goldstein, A. Marshall, M. Wilson, C. Jones. 


Middle School 

Student activities 

Grade 8 'Sushi party' 

Grade 7 Latin play 

Grade 6 Science project 

Author James Heneghan visits the 
Grade 8 English class 

Middle School 



Grade VI 

Chris Nalsmlth 
Marie LaFreniere 
Caitlin McKenzie 
Peter Williamson 
Sascha Braunig 
Gregory Smith 
Steven MItchelmore 
Chelsea Richardson 
Kendra Tombu 

Michael Blumberg 

Geoffrey Homer 

Kate Louman-Gardiner 

Susan Danskin 

Caria Wollach 

Scott McBnde 

Eswen Fava 

Paul Zakus 

Caltlln Smith 

Grade VII 

Geoffrey Gledhill 
Andrew Robertson 
Bianca Roberts 
Keely-Rain Alford 
Robert Jawl 
Itsuki Hayashi 
Maia Green 
Clare Hall-Patch 
Sarah Turner 
Brian MacKay 
Taran Chadha 
Scott Brown 
Tyson Johnson 

Clea Adair 
Evan Crawford 

Marcia Wilson 

Ashley Wey 
Erick Calder 
Angela Marshall 

Eric Goldstein 

Rhys Lewis 

Outstanding Effort in Math 

Outstanding Effort in Choir 

Outstanding Effort In Physical Education 

Outstanding Effort In French 

Distinction In Art 

Distinction In Choir 

Distinction In Computer 

Outstanding Effort In English, Science 

Outstanding Effort in Music Stnngs, 


Distinction In Socials, Outstanding Effort 

in French 

Distinction in Japanese, Outstanding 

Effort in Music Winds 

Distinction In Music Winds, Outstanding 

Effort in Socials 

Distinction In Art, Outstanding Effort in 


Outstanding Effort In Art, Socials, 


Distinction in Math, Computer. 

Outstanding Effort in English 

Distinction in French, Music Strings, 

Socials, English 

Distinction in Science, Physical 

Education, Outstanding Effort in Art, 

Computer, 2nd Overall In Grade VI 

Distinction in English, Japanese, Science, 

French, Math, Physical Education. 

Outstanding Effort in Art. 1st Overall In 

Grade VI 

Outstanding Effort in Computer 
Outstanding Effort in Math 
Outstanding Effort In Socials 
Outstanding Effort In Physical Education 
Outstanding Effort in Math Enrichment 
Outstanding Effort in E.S.L. 
Outstanding Effort in French 
Outstanding Effort in Beginner Winds 
Distinction in Physical Education 
Distinction In Computer 
Distinction in Art 

Distinction in Physical Education 
Outstanding Effort In Choir. Physical 

Outstanding Effort In Science, Socials 
Distinction in Computer, Outstanding 
Effort In English 

Distinction In Math. Outstanding Effort 
in Art 

Distinction In Art. Intermediate Winds 
Distinction In Japanese. Choir 
Distinction In Beginner Winds, Out- 
standing Effort In Math. French 
Distinction In Socials, Outstanding Effort 
In Science. English 

Distinction in Music Strings. Outstanding 
Effort In Computer, Physical Education 

Elizabeth Woodward 
Jacqueline Goldstein 
Colin Palmer 

Sarah Holberg 
Claire Jones 

Grade VIII 

Maude Henn-Bhargava 
Dixie-Lee Klalbert 
Andrew Valerl 
Chns Mills 
Ashley Arnett 
John Kwari 
Michelle Cale 
Euan McLean 
Erik Larsen 
Krystal O'Bryne 
Jacob FItz 
Caleb Beyers 
Olivia Ibell 
Michael Cowland 
Samantha Lawrence 
Brienne Coleman 
Charlotte Reid 
Ashley RIdyard 
Alice Weng 
Natalie Turner 

Vanessa Murty 

Andrew Hlldred 

Richard Greenwood 

Kathryn Leong 
Pamela Bedeski 
Brian Moss 

Chris James 

Susan Hayes 

Rebecca Sheng 

Rebekah Stackhouse 

Aya Larsen 

Matthieu Boyd 

Distinction In English. Science, 

Outstanding Effort In Socials 

Distinction in Latin. French, Outstanding 

Effort In Intermediate Winds 

Distinction in Art, English. Math 

Ennchment. Outstanding Effort In 


Distinction In Science. French. 

Outstanding Effort in Math, English, 

Japanese, Music Strings, 2nd Overall in 

Grade VII 

Distinction in Socials. Math. Outstanding 

Effort In Latin. French, Science, 1st Overall 

In Grade VII 

n Art 

n English 

n English 

n Science 

n Socials 

n Socials 

n Advanced Winds 

n Choir 

n English 

n Physical Education 

n Physical Education 

n French 

n Language Enrichment 

n Math 

n English Enrichment 

Outstanding Effort 

Outstanding Effort 

Outstanding Effort 

Outstanding Effort 

Outstanding Effort 

Outstanding Effort 

Outstanding Effort 

Outstanding Effort 

Outstanding Effort 

Outstanding Effort 

Outstanding Effort 

Outstanding Effort 

Outstanding Effort 

Outstanding Effort 

Outstanding Effort 

Distinction in French 

Distinction In Physical Education 

Distinction In Advanced Winds 

Distinction In E.S.L. 

Outstanding Effort In Beginner Winds, 


Outstanding Effort In French, Math 

Distinction in Physical Education, 

Outstanding Effort in Math 

Distinction in Art, Outstanding Effort in 


Distinction in Art, Computer 

Distinction in Music Stnngs. Japanese 

Outstanding Effort In English, Math, 

Physical Education 

Distinction in Socials. Choir, 

Outstanding Effort in Computer 

Distinction in Beginner Winds, English 

Enrichment, Outstanding Effort in French 

Distinction in Math, Science. Outstanding 

Effort in Computer, French 

Outstanding Effort In English. Science, 

Socials. Computer. Physical Education 

Distinction in English. French, Language 

Enrichment, Outstanding Effort In Art, 

Socials, Music Strings, Science, 2nd 

Overall in Grade VIII 

Distinction in English, Math, Science, 

Socials, Computer, Outstanding Effort 

In Art, Japanese, 1st Overall In Grade VIII 

" 84 

Middle School 


DR. ALISTAIR BAIRD CUP (top citizen) 

Joywin Cummings 

MR. IAN JESSIMAN CUP (top citizen) 
Marie LaFrenlere 

(most deserving student who has not been recognized) 
Heather Orr 

IAN JESSIMAN TROPHY ("soldiering on") 
Karen Jawl 

LEWIS FAMILY PLAQUE (top male & female athletes) 

Sabrina Loiacono 

Euan McLean 

ROBERT MURPHY CUP (most improved student) 
David Hsu 

NORMAN TOOKE CUP (most improved student) 
Keely-Rain Alford 


(top student in Fine Arts) 

Rebekah Stactchouse 


(all-round ability - Grade VI) 

Caitlin Smith 

MERIT BOWL (all-round ability - Grade VII) 
Erick Calder 

TWENTY CLUB CUP (all-round ability - Grade VIM) 
Aya Larsen 

John Kwari 

Richard Greenwood 


(best overall contribution to Middle School) 

Richard Greenwood 


Top Student Grade VIII - Rebecca Sheng 

1st in Victoria Grade VI/VII - Scott McBride/Angela Marshall 

1st Place Team in Victoria - Andrew Robertson, Marcia Wilson. 

Geoffrey Homer, Steven Mitchelmore, Angela Marshall, Scott McBride 


Grade VIII 
Matthieu Boyd 
Aya Larsen 
Rebekah Stackhouse 
Christopher James 
Pamela Bedeski 

Grade VII 
Claire Jones 
Sarah Holberg 
Jacqueline Goldstein 
Elizabeth Woodward 
Marcia Wilson 


Grade VIII 
Richard Greenwood 
John Kwari 
Brienne Coleman 
Dixie Klaibert 
Kathryn Leong 
Susan Hayes 
Heather Orr 
Kimberley Smith 

Grade VII 
Colin Palmer 
Rhys Lewis 
Enck Calder 
Teresa Lee 
Eric Goldstein 
Angela Marshall 

Grade VI 
Caitlin Smith 
Paul Zakus 
Eswen Fava 
Kendra Tombu 
Scott McBride 
Caria Wollach 


Middle School 


Middle School 

St. Michaels University 
Senior School 



Madam Chair of the Board, Board Members, Honoured Guests. Faculty, Students, Parents, Alumni, Friends 
of the School, Ladies and Gentlemen. It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Senior School 
grade nine, ten and eleven Prize Day Awards, As Director of the Senior School, it has fallen to me to 
address you today, while Mr. Rob Wilson will have a similar opportunity at the Graduation Ceremonies 
next week. This suits me very well, for it provides me with the opportunity to Roast the retiring Rob Wil- 
son without riposte. I hope the English Department appreciates the alliteration. To roast, by dictionary 
definition is, to cook by exposure to open fire or nowadays usually in an oven or in the sense I prefer, 
to expose the victim (for torture) to fire, ridicule, banter or chaff. I think that today I'll stick with the banter. 
Rob is well known for his own ability with words, on the cutting edge at times, but even he was struck 
for words early on in his role at School as Headmaster back in September. He walked into my office 
and said, "Well Peter, I've been intimidated for the first time in my new job!" I assumed that he had 
had his first meeting with an upset parent on his way into school, but in fact he had just given his first 
address to the Junior School. He said "I was petrified of stepping on one of those Kindergarten kids, 
they're so small. I asked a question in the assembly and they all put their hands up to answer. After 
I received an excellent reply, I continued my talk and realized that all of the hands were still up. I wasn't 
sure whether they were waiting to answer the next question or whether they all wanted to go to the bath- 
room." Rob recovered from this early trauma and managed to put all aspects of his job into a global, 
school perspective. It was with some reluctance that Rob took on his position for one year, and some 
members of the community had some concerns. I would like to go on record as saying that the leader- 
ship that Rob Wilson has shown in the school had led us to one of the most productive, but perhaps 
more important happiest and most comfortable school years in recent history. Rob, Thank you. 
What will he be remembered for? He has certainly left his mark with the staff and students alike, as 
it has been ordained that next year the school year will be one week longer. Mr. Wilson will be remem- 
bered? This will enable the Prize Days for the whole Senior School to be combined, something that many of the teachers have been yearning 
for. I hastily add not to save them two trips to the University Centre but rather because they feel that the younger students no longer have 
role models to emulate as academic and school award winners, as well as not knowing where the Grads are all heading off to next year. 
To whet your appetites, therefore, let me describe some of the major awards given to Grade XII. The Ker Cup is awarded to the top student 
demonstrating scholarship, athletics, leadership and character and is the premiere award. The Nation Bowl is the Citizenship Award to the stu- 
dent who has best demonstrated all the qualities that you would look for in your most supportive person. Someone that you would like as your 
next door neighbour. 

The Groos SaTver is awarded to the student who has made the biggest contribution towards Outside Community Service, and this year we have 
a new award, the Brian Dyer Award, for a major contribution to community service within the school. In addition, there are awards given in 
all academic disciplines. The sporting trophies for Best Female and Male Athletes and most Sportsmanlike athlete have already been awarded 
at the highly successful and most enjoyable Athletic Banquet two weeks ago. In addition there are trophies for Music. Art and Drama. In other 
words, all facets of the school are represented in these awards. 

Back in October, the school underwent a Ministry evaluation to ensure that we were meeting the requirements for accreditation. There is always 
a sense of amusement when the men and women from the ministry come for a visit, although there is a serious side to it. In the final debrief, 
I asked the Chair of the Evaluation committee what the trademark of this school was, in his opinion. He said that the teachers had a real inner 
pride in their subjects and that somehow this seemed to be transfered to the students so that it was not something that was imposed from 
the outside but something that grew on the inside. This real passion for all areas of school life is what makes this school so successful. 
Sometimes these passions clash - usually at my office door. It is inevitable in a school that is so busy and productive that teachers want their 
time quota to create the best results possible in all areas of endeavour. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my colleagues for their dedication, commitment and passion as the school could not be successful 
without them. 

Much success has been gained academically this year and although there were some concerns expressed about the present graduating class 
two years ago, they have come through with flying colours. 

In September the Grad class will be spreading their wings across North America to fourteen different Universities in Canada and just as many 
in the United States. 

Last year, I described this year's grad class as diverse, enthusiastic and involved and this they have certainly been. They have been central 
to much success in many areas. Ten sporting teams made Provincial Championship Finals with once again, seven finishing in the top ten. 
The senior girls field hockey team led the way with a third place finish following a sudden death shoot out loss in the semifinal. They retained 
the Island Championship, however, for an unprecedented ninth consecutive time. The sports season was characterized by close encounters 
and narrow losses, often by a one point or one goal margin Nevertheless, much was accomplished and I am pleased that most students in 
the Senior School played for a sports team at some time during the seasons of play. 

The fine arts programme continues to flourish with the awarding of 'Laureate' colours for the second time. The Art Department, inspired by 
last year's Chapel mural, has continued to impress with outstanding exhibitions and, not to be outdone, this year's Art 12 class will be presenting 
Its own mural to the school, to be displayed in the Library next year. 

The music has at times been breathtaking. We are blessed with a wonderful string orchestra and choir supported by a selection of fine bands 
and creative musicians capable of writing their own string quartet, bass ensemble and full band music. 

The pinnacle is perhaps the musical, when musicians, artists, actors and dancers combine. This year 'The Gondoliers' was a most challenging 
show extremely well performed, and it is most satisfying to see the students performing with such grace and aplomb as well and clearly enjoying 
the experience. 

Similar excellence was seen in the grade XII production of 'The Love of the Nightingale', another difficult piece, superbly presented. 
The grade Xl's followed with two demanding plays Playing for Time' and 'Our Town', very well performed under difficult conditions but ac- 
centuating our needs for a good performing arts facility. 

A final lead that the grade Xll's have shown this year is in showing appreciation for the work that their teachers, mentors, coaches and peers 
have done for them. A simple Thank you is all that is required and yet it is so often overlooked. This year's Grads have said Thank you and 
it IS much appreciated. 

Joel Whitehead, who came to replace Hedda Thatcher on a one-year contract, is the only faculty member to leave the Senior School this year, 
perhaps an indication of the good year it has been, but I would like to add my appreciation to Margaret and Colin Skinner who have decided 
to take a one year leave of absence to enable them to recover from what has been a long intense run of teaching and shows throughout the 
school year and summer season for as long as I can remember. Our best wishes for a wonderful, relaxing year. 

We are all very much looking forward to the arrival of our new Headmaster. Mr. Bob Snowden, and having met him over the 'Hoe-Down' week- 
end, the staff feel very comfortable and confident that he will do a fine job. He is taking over a very impressive and productive school, and 
I for one look forward to a great future. 

I started in the position of Director three years ago. when the present grade XI class were in grade nine and I am very much looking forward 
to working with them next year and seeing them gain much success over the course of their last year in the school. Thank you. 

Mr. Peter Tongue 

Director of the Senior School 




Erin Cristall, Captain Scholar 

Chris Liu, Captain Scholar 

Ailsa Lenk, Head Girl 

Jong-Taek Ban, Head Boy 


Honoured guests, ladies and gentlemen, members of the faculty, and fellow graduates: 

I am extremely honored to represent the S.M.U.S graduating class of 1995, but I regret that since I have never graduated before, 
I am in a state of emotional shock and don't know how to express in words the thoughts that must be going through the minds of such 
dramatic, individuals and wonderful people that have been my family for the last four years. 

But I think that it is fair to say, we are all overwhelmed in our excitement. Overwhelmed, first of all, with the incredible amount of know- 
ledge we have acquired that we are soon going to have to learn to apply to the real world. We know how to find the height of an image 
in a convex mirror We can recount the Schleiffen Plan in our sleep. We know what a juxtaglomerular apparatus is. 

Honestly, we have been given a phenomenal education, and this we owe to our teachers. I remember a composition assignment in 
elementary school that said, "Write about a teacher you admire". And back then kids always said, "What admire a Teacher!" But now 
we could write a book on them, the never-ending cesspools of devotion and knowledge that are our teachers. Thank you for teaching 
us about the world. 

Next, we are overwhelmed because we know that over the last four years we have unintentionally learned about life. 

Yes, something hit me the other day when a friend was driving me home after an intense math study session, after the last day of 
classes. A typical thought, a thought I'd had countless times before, flashed through my mind of walking to Spanish class and peeking 
into Ms. Roth's English class on the way, just to see who I could see in there and it was such a routine frivolous image but I realized, 
I would never do that again: It's all over. 

The biggest thing in a young person's life - school is over. Nothing this huge has ever been accomplished before in our lives. We are 
about to go through the most significant transition period we have probably ever experienced. 

I think we are just starting to realize that when we look back on our high school years, we're not going to remember the definition 
of a derivative, and we're not going to care whether we got 95% on a chemistry exam, and we're going to realize that making the top 
ten list, or getting a French prize or making the rugby team isn't what all this has been about. What we're going to remember is the 
comfort of talking with friends in the quad at recess, blasting the Carmina Burana from a green tent at the top of the gym during the 
grad sleep out, the times we've stayed up in each others' rooms crying and laughing. We've learned that after you take a bio exam you 
celebrate with cheese cake and coffee, brewed on a bunsen burner and sipped out of a 500ml graduated beaker. And that one thing 
you must do in life is travel around the world - Mrs. Skinner insists she didn't use logs or calculus once during her journey. 

Right now I would like to make a presentation to the school from the grad class. Last year, Mr. Jones' Art 1 2 class donated an incredible 
mural to the chapel, and this year the Art 12 class is proud to present 'The Library Mural" A few months ago our art class had a contest 
to design a mural that was to fill a big empty space in the library. By a landslide, we chose Johnny Chao's design, and now I will ask 
Johnny Chao and Ailsa Lenk to unveil the masterpiece. Johnny ctiose the image of St. Michael himself to represent us, and the mountain 
of books behind him is acutely appropriate for the Barker Library. On behalf of the entire grad class, the Art 12 students are honored 
to leave this mural to the future graduating classes of SMUS, and we hope that St. Michael looming down over the kids from a high 
wall will be very inspiring. 

Now, parents and houseparents, who have supported us here, you have given us an experience we are proud of and you have watched 
us grow into stronger people. We thank you for your encouragement and care. We love you. 

And grads, I hope we will all thank each other now so that we never regret that we didn't. We made it. The biggest thing we've ever 
known is all memories now. 

I will leave you with a quote that my mom, who gave the valedictory address for her class of '68, has given me: 

When we come to the edge of all the light we have known, 
and take a step into the darkness of the unknown, we can 
be sure that one of two things will happen: either there 
will be something solid for us to stand on, or we will 
learn to fly . . . 

Erin Cristall 

School Captain Scholar 





Staff Candids 

staff Candids 



Staff Candids 


Elizabeth Aitken 

Rebecca Anglin 

Jennifer Angus 

Nicole Arnett 

Magali Bailey 

Gavin Barry 

Marlee Bidgood 

Roxanne Black 

Matthew Boulton 

Courtnae Bowman 

Jayne Bradbury 

John Breasail 

Quentin Bregg 

Alison Browne 

Genny Burdett 

Megan Cassidy 

Brandon Chiu 

Jack Chiu 

Victor Chu 

Ashley Cornwell 

Jean Daniel 

Michael Danskin 


Grade 9 

Adrian Dawson 
Andrew Dewar 
Sheryl Dodd 
Adam Dowhy 
Meghan Doyle 

Victor Drohomirecki 
Tara Elson 
Jenny Franklin 
Trevor Freeman 
Leia Gillespie 

Christine Gow 
Bailey Harang 
Benjamin Heller 
Daniel Hong 
Anna Huang 

Charles Huang 
Emily Huddart 
Alec Johnston 
Amy Karchut 
Kyu-Tae Kim 

Peter Kim 
Craig Kirk 
Ryan Knott 

Ryan Large 
Kanoux Larsen 
Lindsay Leggett 

Grade 9 


Brian Lim 
Jennifer Lo Bianco 

Kimberley Lobb 
David Lynch 

Emir Mehinagic 

Mariko Miller 

Anup Misra 

Courtenay Mitchell 

Ryan Munroe 

Joann Nash 

Jason Ng 

Christopher Noel 

Colin Parrott 

Charlotte Paul 

Sam Paulos 

George Pemberton 

Matthew Pettinger 

Jenny Reed 

Kelly Regen 

Shira Rosenberg 


Grade 9 

Terrence Satdeo 
Daniel Saunders 
Katharine Saunders 
Christopher Smith 
Bryce Soderberg 

Tye Spicer 
Alexander Staseson 
Christopher Stolarski 
Maureen Streeter 
Rizwan Sultan 

Aly Sunderani 
Chantelle Tearoe 

Anna Thomas 
Jordan Thome 
Jillian Van Gyn 
Lindsay Van Gyn 
Christine Wenman 

Jeremia Williamson 
Andrew Williamson 
Laura Willihnganz 
Leah Winters 
Steven Wong 

Cara Yeates 
Cosmos Yeh 
Stephan Yoon 
Jonathon Zacks 


Grade 9 

This is where they keep the weird ones 


Watch out dah-ling, we're coming! 

Okay, where is he? 

Class? What Class? 

4 hugs a day, that's the minimum 

Pucker up! 


Grade 9 


She can be removed with surgery 

No wonder we didn't get them new uniforms 


"^ "^^B 


Okay kiddies . . Let's play dress-up. 

Barishni kaph, eat your heart out. 


Grade 9 

Beverly Hills V8P LIPS 

Look Jo he's naked!! 

Greetings from SMU (strange marsian!) 

Three Musketeers 

When's nap time? 

This is the life 


Grade 9 


Geoffrey Adams 
Deanna Age 

Scott Amiss 
Stephanie Anderson 

Peter Andrachiuk 
Devin Arnold 
Casey Austin 

Kimberly Barnes 
Rob Bateman 

Rebecca Bazzard 

Bianca Besenyo 

Nicholas Blumberg 

Rachel Boult 

Kimberly Bourne 

Michelle Butler 

Edward Callendar 

Roxana Caro 

Sean Carrie 

Katherine Chan 

Fred Chen 


Grade 10 

Tina Chiu 
Emily Clough 
Jennifer Coelho 
Alisa Cooper 
Patrick Davis 

Whitney Davis 
Jennifer De Hann 
Sendjaja Desember 

Darek Dziewanski 
David Evans 
Edward Fairhurst 

Robin Featfierstone 
Jennifer Ford 
Flavio Formigoni 
Patrick Frisby 
Rachel Gardiner 

Haley Gibson 

Patrick Gil 

Grade 10 


Chris Gledhill 

Simon Grant 

Rohanna Green 

Devon Hahn 

Lucy Hall-Patch 

Jorge Hammeken 

Shingo Hirao 

Anita Holtham 

Andrea Horsman 

Steven Hsu 

Jason Huang 

Jacqueline Hudson 

Eric Hung 

Sarah Inouye 

Marisa Ishihara 

Jaclyn Ivany 

Robyn Ivany 

Allison Johnson 

Benjamin Johnson 

Mahat Johnson 

Carys Jones 

Martin Jung 



Grade 10 

Nicholas Jupe 
Kristina Kerr 
Jae Hoon Kim 
Jae-Won Kim 
Ji Hoon Kim 

Sunny Kim 
Michael Kwan 
Maria Kwari 
Cori Lau 
Simon Lau 

Melissa Law 
Vincent Law 
Lucas Lee 
Youn-Keun Lee 
Kate Levering 

Rita Limbu 
Cassie Lin 
Yi-Hsuan Liu 
Christian Mackid 
Alex Martin 

Christopher Mavrikos 
Ria Mavrikos 
Janika McFeely 

Andrew McVie 
Russel Morton 
Cameron Murdoch 

Grade 10 


Christina Naclolsl<i 

RIsa Naito 

Blair Nelson 

Nancy Norris 

Sina Noureddin 

Chantal Nowak 

Sharon Om 

Serena Peng 

Virginia Peterson 

Keith Phillips 

James Pollock 

Michael Preston 

Colleen Saffrey 
Yusuf Soegio 

Nicholas Stanger 
Connie Sze 


Grade 10 

Danny Tang 
Sarah Thomson 
Gary Tongue 
Bordon Tseng 
Matthew Turner 

Nicholas Vagvolgyi 
Alexander Vaidovits 

Pat Vephula 
Ivan Wan 

Henry Wang 
Lorelei Wey 
Jessica White 
Lauren Wilkinson 
Keir Wilmut 

Amanda Wilson 
David Wilson 
Cameron Woodsend 
Kathryn Wynn 
Vanessa Yang 

Andy Yeh 
Erin Yehia 

Grade 10 


redneck + friends 

Ladies and Gentlemen Blair Nelson 

Oh lala!! 

No PDA's 

He PAID mel! 


Grade 10 

Friends forever 


Bone's urge Take me as I am 

This Page Is Sponsored by HAILEY GIBSON 

Who paid you to smile like that Emily? 

Grade 10 





The next Heritage cover 

Can I come down now? 

Too CLOSE!!! 

Four dedicated students . 


Bring on the girls! 

Good grief. 


Grade 10 


Sacha Alimchandanl 

Tessa Anglin 

Alexander Austin 

Silvestre Bayle 

Peter Beatty 

Philip Bodley-Scott 

Sebstian Bonet 

Tanya Boteju 

Roxanne Boult 

Amy Boulton 

Devlin Bradford 

Elizabeth Breasail 

Caroline Brown 

Krista Brown 

Emil Burdett 

Luis Campos 

Rina Chadha 

Abraham Chan 

Tommy Chao 

Tharin Charania 

Zareen Charania 

Philip Chao 

Thomas Chen 

Conrad Chen 

Michelle Cheng 

Sameer Chinoy 


Grade 11 

Eric Chiu 
Samuel Choi 
Wilson Chu 
Elizabeth Clough 
Kristina Coleman 

Robert Connolly 
Curran Crawford 
Danni Crawford 
Christopher Dickson 
Allyn Dolsen 

Andrew Dooner 
Jillian Dorazio 
Jacob Dowhy 
Holly Dummer 
Colin Dyer 

Marc Elbers 
Claire Ezzeddin 
Nafisa Fera 
Vicki Fera 
Jessica Fitz 

Caroline Fric 
Olivia Gamache 

Wenii Gan 
Emily Genge 

Lindsay Gordon 
Merideth Grey 

Grade 1 1 


Bradley Hanson 
Liam Hassett 



Nelson Hill 

Jess Holdstock 

Joanna Holdsworth 

Patrick Huang 

Meggan Hunt 

Simon Ibell 

Alexandra Janse 

Judy Lee 

Chelsea Jones 

Manami Kikuchi 

Ji-Sun Kim 

Marcus Kirk 

Kyle Kirkham 

Fabian Konigbauer 

Helen Lamala 

Carol Lee 

David Lee 

Janice Lee 

Brock Leong 

Denise Leong 

Mandy Li 


Grade 11 

Jonathan Liang 
David Lin 
Steven Lobb 
Catherine Loiancono 
Cameron Loveless 

Patricia Mazuch 
Amyrose McCue 
Alexander Millar 
Philip Miller 
Adam Molineux 

Julie Myong 
Kazumasa Naritsuka 
Sunny Ng 
Ashli Norheim 
Lee Ong 

Taylor Owen 
Maggie Pang 
Claire Payne 
James Peacock 
Sara Perry 

Milos Repicky 
Christopher Robb 
Caroline Rueckert 
Yuri Saito 
Paula Sanglap 

Ian Schneider 
Natasha Shorb 
Danny Shibley 
Jasmine Singh 
Vinita Singia 

Grade 11 


Bethany Smith 

Megan Smith 

Drew Soderberg 

Bulent Sohail 

Gautum Srivastava 

Bradley Stevenson 

Christian Streeter 

Hayden Thompson 

John Thomson 

Mark Tiu 

James Townley 

Johnny Tseng 

Amy Tsui 

Tony Tung 

Melanie Turner 

John Upton 

Priya Vohora 

Andrew Walter 

Karen Webster 

James Wee 

Matthew Wenman 

Ben White 

Bernard White 

Stuart Wollach 

Ian Wong 

Jack Wong 

Vincent Yang 

Benjamin Young 

Robert Young 


Grade 1 1 

O.J., the brains being the band. 

Hawaii 5-0! 

Grade 1 1 


Megg + Cath after Shawnigan 

Proper strip, Ms. Tabacco 


Grade 11 


^HRm-^ *^. •ii'*.%W/^im^^i^i^ 



r^ - ^r— "^ 

Ain't that sweet. 

Hey now, would you like to talk about it? 

No Jake. Don't do it. 

Walk like an egyptian 

Cool and the Gang 

The odd couple 

Grade 11 


Let's see who can pull the ugliest face. 

Krista - trying to be 1 with nature 

Problems, Wenii? 

I rule the court. 



Grade 11 


Jennifer Appleton 

One upon a time, a girl named Jen (known also as poopy and apples) experienced a number of awe- 
some memory filled years - twelve, one after the otfier. Her favorite memories include: BBall trips. 
Senior FHockey B.C's, 16tfi birttiday witfi buds, Lenny Kravitz concert. Summer of '94, 1st Grad car 
rally, B.C.P-C.P-P.B. max, Sfiaq-Rouge, tequila nigfit, the garage, Spring break '94, years with L.W 
and L.Y, Mexico '95, dwarves, boys basketball, J. River, skinny-dipping, TC's office, midnight-highway, 
Sam's Deli. She thanks all her friends for being there along the way, especially: KE, KG, SO, AW, 
JF, EB, and her mom and dad. Jen looks forward to the next stages in her life but will always re- 
member those special twelve years. 

Tim Arthayukti 

Timmy began his presence at SMUS in Grade 11. As quickly as it began, it ended. It has been as 
good as it gets at St. Mikes. The good times and the bad times, although mostly good, are now his- 
tory. Parties at various places with various people in and out of SMU. Fun crowd! Thanx TA. When 
the great times came his way, Timmy would be there to enjoy the ride. He leaves with good aca- 
demics and fond memories (Kravitz Concert). Great moments with guys and gals. To my friends, 
you know who you are, it's been fun, see ya kids later. 

Jong-Taek Ban 

Wonder of wonders a miracle of miracles! J.T is finally done with high school. A small Korean boy 
came to SMUS in the fall of 1991. He was a little older than anyone else but J.T did not have any 
problem fitting into his new environment. J.T was a rather quiet boy until he went on the Japan music 
trip. After that trip, he was not the J.T we used to know. He went nuts! (in many ways). If one wanted 
to find him during school, he or she would see him running between Challenor, School House and 
his boarding house with his books and trombone. He was everywhere! He even had an interest in 
musicals. In H.M.S Pinnafore, he was only a chorus, dancing and singing in the corner of the stage, 
but suddenly he became a tailor in Fiddler on the Roof singing his title song "Wonder of wonders 
miracle . . ." In Gr 12 he became a king (a fake one) in the play Gondoliers. Though he is only 5'8, 
he has managed to become head boy and has charmed the entire school. You will be truly missed 
by all. Good Luck! 

Emma Batey 

High school, Hmmm ... the chicks, the juice, the boys, Gr. 9 Halloween was smokin, Pouge and 
Fairhurst we love U2. Benny (of B.B.B.A.T.M.T) became a mermaid, "Is my pony tail straight?", Wex, 
safe tripping C.C, "The moons full and the pavements not cold." The bustop, bush and store. Some 
people call me a spacy cowboy, titanic woman strikes again! Mute Grover, the toad, the puppies. 
Summer on Hornbey with Grover and Bob. Getting down Mt. W (do not let me make direct eye con- 
tact with the snow!) Getting married at Cicconnis, you smell like a H.H. All nighters with 'O' and P.B 
(big dew commin' atchew) "You've gotta start on the inside and work your way out", thanks Im. To 
Bisc, 'O', J.S, SO. E.K, D.F, M.G, AW, KE, J. A, AG, Spud, N.G, Im, B.N, Sperry, C.P, R.P, JF, 
M&G, and big sis' LIsh thanks for dancing in a ring around the sun. I ate my broccoli and rode Casey 
Jones train. All the worlds a stage keeping playing my friends . . . Bye love Ems. 

Philip Bazzard 

Philip "Pip" Bazzard came to SMUS in Gr. 8 as a skinny blonde rascal from the outer edges of Salt- 
spring. With his good manners, great academic ability and excellent athletic skills, Pip's future was 
bright at SMUS. However the temptations of boarding life proved to be too strong and Phil lost his 
focus. A member of the Boulton buds, Pip was a true boarder throughout his years at SMUS. He 
was always true to his friends, offering his food, dorm, intelligence and anything that was reasonable. 
A valuable member of all sporting teams, Pip was predominantly regarded for First XI soccer and 
the Dogs of War rugby. Bazzard with fellow Saltspringer R.I, proved to be too much for local cricket 
chaps as they destroyed all opposition. In Gr. 12, under the guidance of R.S, B.D, E.F, R.I and S.C, 
Pip ended a long quest and proved he was a man. Pip will always be remembered for his 20/20 vision 
and amusing but logical reasoning. Cheers to Pip. Your Bud. Ryan 

Neal Bhagwanani 

I don't have much to say about this school but I am glad I am finished. I look forward to next year 
because I can finally wear what I want and grow some facial hair without being bugged about it by 
someone with an English accent! I would like to thank J,W, J.D, C.C, C.R and of course Bacards 
for all the slammin times. On a serious note I would like to thank CBW and especially the BCL for 
always being there for me. Thanks to the Els who passed the 60 with me. Just remember an apple 
a day keeps the doc away. 

Gabriel Borzoni 

Gabe became a smurf in grade 8. He was originally shunned because of his Ralph Lauren-free ward- 
robe and love of neon colours; but was eventually accepted as he learned the twisted ways of the 
school. Gr 9 = downward spiral = underneath a bridge with D.S. and B.G. ('nuff said.) Gr. 10 = 
turning point = debating -i- great greenhouse experiment with D.C. and Pinafore prancing. Gr. 11 
was somewhat more interesting (you guys are SO selfish!) Gabe had a prestigious role in "Fiddler" 
(lyian #1), and probably is best remembered for wailing "Duckling. Duckling" and "Who wants to 
kiss a corpse?" m O.C.G. In Gr. 12 he discovered his secret passion geology, found friends in fellow 
Geo-Trio members A V. and G.D. Gabe is following the masses to UVic where it is rumoured (not 
true) that he will pursue a geo-degree. He will miss: Orbo, II Duce. and all the lunch hour b-timers. 
He would miss the rest of you too, but you're not going anywhere. Oh Well. 

Duncan Calver 

Few will decorate themselves in the future. I like Kiwis and Donuts for dress. Sometimes crazy, al- 
ways eccentric, usually passive. Ahoy Capitaine! I was n'eer a murderer. About 90% of fish in a school 
will actually follow, 9.1% think. 0.9% think and lead, think I'll just kick my feet real hard and see 
where I get with Moby Dick! So long, Armstrong 

"True Hunting's over. No Herds to follow Without game men prey on each other. The family weak- 
ens, by the bites we swallow!" 

Alexander Cameron 

Sacha, from Victoria, has learned to practice two characteristically Victorian virtues, playing soccer 
and drinking tea during cricket intervals, and to cope with the schizoid tendencies associated with 
being a day student living in residence. Next year Sacha intends to study Fine Arts at UVic. He wishes 
to thank all the people that made his time at Sf^US memorable. 

Sheila Campbell 

Sheila began her academic career at SMU with such intense ambition that she fainted in the hall 
and awoke in the arms of a knight In grade 11, her intensity subsided somewhat, however her ac- 
cident prone side shone through. She ended up costing the chemistry department the equivalent 
of a bomb's worth of plutonium because of everything she broke. Some of Sheila's fondest memories 
came from the many sports tours she has taken part in. She was mortified when JN decided to tango 
with a waiter at Earls. Later, for revenge. Sheila washed JN's hair in the sink, left soap in her eyes, 
and shoved her into the hall wearing only her underwear. Sheila was an ace player on the field hockey 
team, we have just one suggestion; take into account the weather conditions before you run to score 
the goals. NEVER let Sheila drive, she still isn't sure about her lefts and rights. JN remembers White 
Spot at 5.45am in pyjamas. Sheila's only regret drove a yellow Honda Accord. 

Barbara Carr-Harris 

Baa (or Bus) came to SMUS in Gr. 7 until Gr, 9 She then took two years. Gr. 9 and Gr. 10 out to 
experience public school life. Due to a mishap in Gr. 11 she made a narrow entry back to SMUS 
for her Grad year. It almost happened again at the beginning of the year with R.J, A.L, D.W + A.I 
but A.M and gang saved the day. She then took to camping In Peanut in a field with S.G, R.M + 
S.E. Tammy, A.H, C.H, D.W, A.C, J.Z never forgot how full that fndge was. A.H and C.H. GMCB 
forever (off the continent Is Best-ltallens + Russians) A.L stay away from brown bunnies and cough- 
ing. J.E trances are often bad situations, and twinkies taste bad anyway: R.t^ never eat sqlures again. 
Popcorn, no time "May I put my arm around you again?" Oh my Boo bea Funckin. Don't be silly 
put a . . . Why you laugh? What's up what's up wit you. James Wool Is good too. Don't let him wait 
for the bus next time. So you love . . Never think of me like a mento. Barb Is going to London next 
year on the SWAP exchange. Keep in touch guys . . . 

Kelvin Chan 

Kel (aka Kelvin, Calvin, Chelvin. Kalvin plus hundreds of other variations) came from St. Andrew's 
to join the big happy family at SMUS In Gr. 8 along with Ernie and Josh. His decision was a tough 
and sometimes reluctant one, but one he wouldn't regret, thanks to the company of A.V. His many 
controversial debates over his endless supply of milk (from cows, Kev), Kelvin's excessive obsession 
with grape juice and his philosophy on where the "light syrup" in fruit cups come from never failed 
to arouse even the most intellectual brains. His main claim to fame in his career at SMUS involved 
a tennis ball and a toilet bowl. Use your Imagination. He will always be remembered as one of the 
founders of "The Hole", along with E.S and K.L, which has attracted a considerable number of mem- 
bers since Its initiation, and continues to grow. He wants to say a loud salutations to all that have 
crossed paths with him, and to those that haven't - silence . . . Later Bud 

Johnny Chao 

Johnny, a participant of the Duke of Edinbourgh award, has the greatest artistic talent SMUS has 
ever encountered. He is Involved in a diversity of volunteering for both inside and outside of the school. 
Johnny is the pet to many faculties of our school. To our surprise, Johnny is good In tennis and bad- 
minton, unlike his usual habit in class: sleep, since he knows everything from last year. Johnny often 
makes people wonder, "What Is he doing in our school?" since he skipped twenty grades already: 
Is he trying to become a threat to our top scholars. If you ever wonder why the watermelon in Brown 
hall runs out immediately after 5:00pm you should ask Johnny. Special thanks to C.C, N.C, S.W, 
B.G and most important ST & M.H. 

Wayne Chen 

Wayne was dumped straight into the old Harvey House when he first came to SMUS from Taiwan as 
a shy, but well-mannered, little grade sixer. With hardly any knowledge of the language spoken here, 
he managed to live through his first year In the same room with seven roommates ranging grades four 
to ten. At the same time, his famous line was "I don't understand!" Eventually, Wayne picked up English 
to an 'understandable' extent and was awarded prefectship In grades 8, 11, 12 for his leadership. After 
Harvey House and ATCO experience In Gr. 9, he ended up In Symons House, rooming with the head 
of house J.T.B, for his last two years at boarding He'll always remember late night feasts and tetrls con- 
tests (to decide who's got the dishes) with J.T. Wayne perfected his badminton skills to an unreachable 
stage by applying the "no look" technique from his favorite other sport, basketball. However, in Gr. 12, 
hanging with MO has become more popular than obsessive basketball evenings. Wayne'll miss his 
seven long years at SMUS: pillow fights in H.H, feeling "so-o-loan" while JT talks on the phone, and 
being fond of M.C. Everytime we walk by the couch In WInslow's foyer, we'll always remember him. 

Conroy Cheng 

Conroy Is from Hong Kong. He came to SMUS In Gr. 9. He enjoys playing snooker with J.W, A.W, 
B.G, B.L. He will always remember: "10" . . . "25" . . . "Yum!" . . . "ZZZ!!!". He can be found In 
his bed . . . sleeping right? . . . this "King of Hooky" managed 6 more long weekends than everyone 
else, Including a pre-springbreak, one-week holiday to Hong Kong!! 

Steven Choi 

Steven arrived at SMU In December. 1993 after suffering for three years at South Delta. Originally 
from Seoul. Korea. Steven followed in the footsteps of brother, Eddie who graduated in 1993 He 
joined the "Korean Roller-Blading Society" with JY and TK and played sweet notes on the sax. with 
Mr. McKay's swinging band. He has kept BC Tel in business for 3 years (don't tell his mom!) calling 
his soulmate KA in Seoul and has a well-earned reputation as "the Harvey House cook" (only after 
midnight). Steven departs for U. of Western to join Eddie and study Commerce. He will miss Mrs. 
G and her advice, Golden Bamboo's food, and the cameraderie of Brown Hall and plans to bring 
#1 son back to a reunion (That's commercial planning!) We know you'll have a great future, Stevie! 

Wooje Choi 

Wooje, the 4 foot Korean wonder arrived at SMU in Gr. 9. With his patented Kimchi smell & little 
man charisma, this refugee from the metropolis of Seoul Korea quickly adapted into the boarding 
life. Knowing little about the language & ways of the Canadians, little man was quickly taught the 
essential four letter words and perverted outlook on life with late night sessions with J. Yang. Wooje 
has come a long way since his boat ride across the Pacific to freedom, from a little silent boy, Wooje 
transformed into a loud obnoxious punk and sucked his way to Head of Barnacle House. Although 
Wooje only weighed a respectable 1 20 pounds his inner strength was showed on the rugby field with 
his gruelling tackles. The greatest power is not physical strength, but comes from the soul and mind 
of the beholder-Sa-boo Kimchio His giggles will be sorely missed by the many close friends which 
he has made during his stay at SMU. Good luck in whatever you do. 

Vicl<y Chu 

Vicky, (known to some as Fu). will graduate despite numerous threats to her life; Physics class espe- 
cially. Her injuries include a bloody cut to her head from a rock, a sprained ankle (those darn steps), 
strained neck muscles from skiing the wrong way up, and a couple of lumps on her head from Mazuch's 
yellow van throughout her years at SMUS, Vicki likes to ski; or maybe we should say she likes to 
torque from a vertical position to a horizontal position, consume much kinetic and potential energy 
and create much sound energy while travelling down incline planes with u = 0.00. We are all waiting 
for Vicki to design t-shirts for PWHAT and PHWJEEC clubs. Memories will definitely include ADC 
and maybe even Bert and Ernie, let's just hope she doesn't find herself lost behind buildings again 
. . . And don't forget about SD at the car rally. Brrr . . . We love ya . . . LoNg LiVe lOrD kRishNa BuNs!! 

Andrew Crawford 

Andrew emerged from the depths of the public school system and came to SMUS in Gr. 1 1 . He feels 
as though these last two years of his scholastic career have been two of the more interesting ones. 
He fondly remembers the trips up to Whisler, hot tubs with superstars, snowmen X2 with T.S and 
"tree" skiing with J.Z. Sleeping on the kitchen floor and J's were also nifty additions to his exper- 
iences at SMUS. Crawf doesn't have any spare time because he's too busy with his hobbies. This 
skier/surfer is a world renowned car dust artist (R.M.), he feels his somewhat endless array of ex- 
cuses keep the data centre entertained. "Punpkins and Mailboxes" in Seattle with D.C was one of 
Andrew's favorite extra-curricular activities over the last two years. Andy hopes to just hang around 
in Victoria next year up at UVic. he will eventually become a successful something or other. 

Erin Crista! 

Scottsdale, Arizona. Hollywood, here we come! Loft. What is it with them tight clothing? Pencils in 
pockets. Sunchips with Glass door. It's Xmas on our planet. Mustard shoes. 3lbs of bulk honey. Peaches. 
I think I am going to go get wet. Saltspring. Night-swimming at Balmacara. water rugby. The boat. 
Copius quantities of dilute water, Tuesday night. Space girl. Boys who fall upstairs. Little boys. Is 
that an apple tree? Football in the dark. You're our favorite. No more handmade clothes. Cream- 
cheese and toast. Teens in Togas. Trek down Bear Mt. June is jammin month. 2-in-1-nights. I don't 
go to Madison High . . . Brutal. $5 call to Tai Kwan Do. Are you ready? Just me and another guy 

. . . Tu este cuelga. The chair, Super-bon. Carmanah, John's. Coffee. Erin has 6 holes. The 

backseat of a Volvo as an afghan, no doubt. Mazeltov; lechain. 

David Crothall 

As a wee nine year old he entered this place that was to be his home for the next eight years As 
he matured he developed a great and long lasting relationship with his pal John (JD). One night, 
while out with his good pal John he found what was to be the next best thing to John and Its name 
was Fu. One night, Dave, Jake, and John were out having a gay old time when a fat little piggy on 
wheels pulled up, he made them blow and Harvey House fell down. So after eight years at SMU 
Dave really only learned one thing "trust John". 

Bawo Daibo 

Bo Jackson will play football again. The world is mine and E = mc^. 

Graham Daniel 

Gram fled Uplands Elementary School and landed here at SMUS in Gr. 7 Throughout his years at 
SMUS. Graham has entertained us all musically with his trombine, and athletically on the soccer 
and rugby fields. To date, Graham has provided us with his chipmunk smile in all of the yearbooks, 
and if all goes well this grad photo won't be a disappointment to us. By Gr. 12, Graham was an elite 
member of the annoying yet intellectual "Geo Trio" including A V and G.B. He also travelled with 
the group of fine young men AM, A.Z, G.H.G, S.D who always headed aimeously in any direction 
which eventually ended up heading in the right direction and could often be found running around 
like maniacs, "sir what?" Oh well Gray, keep the smile, it will be your success. Graham will probably 
end up doing something that has 'Geo' in it See you at the car lot Gray!!! 

Sarah Danzo 

"Red sky at night; green light; farmer take flight" - M. Springer 

Sarah, Jice, Dadada arrived at SI^US in Gr. 5 disguised as a tall fat kid with pink plastic glasses. 
After establishing a wide circle of no friends, she pursued her academic career until Gr. 8 when she 
bonded with C.T during a social studies project. The summer after Gr. 10 brought a trip to Europe 
with H.F that altered her psyche -"Hannah, why is everyone starring at us?" By Gr. 11, the ladies 
emerged with A.I, H.F, O.R and A.V and there was many a midnight soiree - watch out for happy 
men in pink shirts and phallic vehides. Sarah will always remember cheap thrills, trench videos, 80's 
dancing in Hele.i, Gumpy. baked cheese, Gabes hand, buttercream, and the Ronco food-dehydrator. 
Next year she will probably be found making abrasive remarks at Vassar, Queen's, or f^cGill. 

Scott Duguid 

Scott, Scooter, Doogs 5 years ago this young gentleman left the looming metropolis of Eston, Sask. 
(known for the tremendous traffic) and joined the loving society of StVIUS. Throughout his years at 
SfVIUS, Doogs was known for his shyness and digging deep canyons with his feet. Scott was also 
a part of a wandering gang which included: A.tVI, G.H-G, A.Z, G.D, a fine bunch of young men who 
patrolled the campus to make sure everything was still in order. By the time Gr. 12 came around, 
Scott was definitely the King of Relaxation, and never seemed to miss an ounce of sleep during all 
those spares. He could also be found lying on the floor in many different houses silently sleeping, 
dreaming of sugarplums, and why he was lying on the floor. Scott's future right now is in a big ball 
of dust. So whatever he does he'll definitely make sure he gets enough sleep. From all of the wan- 
derers, keep wandering! 

This page is dedicated to the Grads of '95 

Indira Dutt 

I would not stand as I do today If I missed out being with the greatest artists, eloquent, elaborate 
dreamers, enchanting lovers, true philosophers, dynamic musicians, intriguing actors and actresses, 
beautiful women, children. It's all about soul, their's are precious. Thank You. For my purpose holds 
to sail beyond the sunset, and the baths of all the western stars, until I die and then into an internal 
eclipse. Tennyson and me. 

Karen Edgell 

"It's my life!" my favorite saying when I was younger. Another favorite was "Gots gum mum?" Can't 
live without it. Basketball is another thing I can't live without, with a name like Shaq Rouge there 
is pressure to rip down the hoops. I will always remember the inspirational people in my life including: 
Griff, Howard Dell. Shef. Goob. M. Neufeld. M. Cordle. M. Cook, Ms Poland, B. Westcott. Especially 
mommy and daddy, thanks for everything. To my brother and sister for not only coming before me 
to break mom and dad in, but for showing me the ways, Lil'Edge the name was given to me by the 
original Edge who taught me how to party in Mexico. To Jenny-pooh "Why can't this be love?" takes 
it all back to the "good times" the "bad times" and the "b-ball times" I will always be there for you, 
thanks for being there for me. To all my buds at Mt. Doug, especially Sanjai. Never forget Kate Green 
and Knsta Hall, hikes through Mt. Doug park, Jordan R., pards! Cheers to all my SMU girlfriends 
and guyfriends. Remember: "Imagination is more important than knowledge" - Einstein. 

Natasha Eichenlaub 

Into a bolt of blue Natasha at SMU. I don't recall a moment when we weren't testing the limits and 
looking over the edge. We met a pear, some magic and balance and soon we found each other stuck 
to the ceiling. We ail shared the same joie de vivre, seeking to try and answer all the questions and 
question all the answers. Our strong bond soon became known as the los boarder beetches. New 
people came and we increased in size. And AnuRu risking life and limb to break the barriers. Na- 
tasha is a teacher of courage, strength, virtue, talent and gentle beauty which she possesses. Won- 
derful way of smiling and making you appreciate all the spring around you. She lives inside every 
fairy's heart singing and dancing and charming an audience. Her strength and wit move along a 
familiar page it will make her successful. All those who graced her path, know words don't justify 
the spirit. Friend, Poet, Dreamer, Believer To me; She is my North, my South, my East, my West, 
my working week, my Sunday rest, my noon, my midnight, my talk, my song . . Thank you for the 
Pink Stars and Angel Wings. 

Sebastian Elawny 

Contrary to popular belief. Seb was not Saudi and did not ride a camel to school Seb had a very 
eventful year and will finally graduate (hopefully.) After learning the true meaning of Head Girl, Seb's 
life was never the same. He has fond memories of watching women with Mr. Peach, and partying 
with Todd and the grade 7's. Seb has broken yet another record in getting rid of another roommate 
this year, and he now has the windowsill to himself. Thanx. The Coyote 

"My old man used to tell me, before he left this world, never chase women or busses, you always 
get left behind." The Marlboro Man 

Jorina Elbers 

A former Claremonter. Jorina arrived at SMU 3 weeks into grade 10 - instantly acquiring the nick- 
name "Ice Ice Baby". Once she finally got out of the "ice age" it was refined to Jo. Jorina has con- 
tributed to school life with her roles as Yente the Matchmaker in "Fiddler" and as the Duchess of 
Plaza Toro in "The Gondoliers". Although she may have been a prefect don't ever take her to Clay- 
oquot ~ she just might get you lost. She will never forget "double Skinner" with the Math/Calculus 
class, AP Biology, VC. CT, AL, BCH, Rl and most of all RM (no matter how hard she may try). She's 
off next year, perhaps to UBC or UVIC along with half of the Grad class of '95. "I read something 
that was posted on the billboard of a gas station out in Booney Land that pretty muchs sums up 
what I've learned over the past couple of years: Experience is what you get when you don't get what 
you want. Good Luck All! We're outta here!!" 

David Fairhurst 

Basically, this lifer spent his first years at SMU as a fat kid with an afro. His considerable bulk kept 
him afloat en route to numerous aquatic accolaides The pounds soon melted away as his weekly 
allowance shifted from Twinkles to B-times. Along with the fvliddle School he discovered romance 
and excelled at rugby. His affections were fiercely sought after until his acquittal and then came the 
downward spiral into sin and debauchery. He achieved "warrior" status by using his Velveeta to 
carouse with tarts as he reached the senior school. Dave gained his nickname, "Smeg", by virtue 
of the substance between well, anyway Much to the chagrin of his friends, Smeg tied the knot 
during the summer after grade 1 and did lots of push-ups on week nights. In the off season he played 
soccer, basketball and 1st XV Rugby in his two senior years. Dave, being a gambling man, made 
"the bet" with EK and MG and was down 2 to 1 to EK (Papa) at press time. 

Hannah Farrell 

Hannah's a good bird at home, but long-haired music has led her astray; it will do her no favours. 
In truth, her music is not shite (it's the caffeine that keeps her up at night). She has no pot of rouge, 
but the palms could use some washing Never lose sight of beasts and kicks. We "both born with 
the gift of laughter and a sense that the world was mad" "Society is a mess thanks to men" (Moz). 
Love, Anus. L'homme en noir, Robert, Mireille, Marie-Laure, and Rossy will keep their fists beating 
in the air with the aid of jellybeans and diet coke. El ano proximo, Hannah estare en la selva con 
los tigres, covered with hope and vaseline unable to fix the broken machine. Whips, Chains, fishnets, 
plastic dolls, rubber ducks, Gumby. "Dead moon girl molasses rot black strap is she pretty on the 
inside, from the back". ~ CL 

Alyson Farvolden 

Alyson came to Sf\/IUS in her second year of Gr. 12. She decided she liked it so much she'd do it 
again Alyson came with her cowboy boots and jean jacket all the way from cowboy country CAL- 
GARY! YEE HA! Within the first few months she was "buckled in on the highway to SIN" A.H. soon 
discovered that Alyson was 0.0. C. and she didn't like brief encounters. AH. and A.F. spent many 
a night at John's bugging Mark. "MORE COFFEE." And the ritual "Let's get it on". The infamous 
nickname PEDAFILE that A.F received from AH, for her collection of little boys. 103 with E.C rocked 
the house. Many a boy on the phone or at the window kept them highly entertained. Casanovas. 
Aly's of bar music and car rally parties will be forever remembered. Watch for BIG AL at the next 
mechanical bull riding competition near you. 95-?? BERMUDA baby here I come! WATCH OUT! It's 
been a slice . . . 

Joanna Forbes 

Jo, aka Juana, arrived at SMU in Gr. 2. After she met me, things were never quite the same. The 
middle school brought an assortment of adventures - BMB, TM, HF & the sexy Lexy fan club, 1st 
principle office visit, Gr 8 grad, JM - neighbours, sweats & the laundry room. Gr. 9 was where it 
all began - Jo's wonderous FHockey & soccer careers, SD, AH, party at Jo's. Gr. 10 brought D, D&D. 
Gr. 11 was mostly composed of dinners at CG's with the girls, KT, New Years at Whistler, camping 
on Saltspring, meteroites with MN. Gr. 12 memories include car rally-fun, fun, fun (right Aides!?), 
trouble at the 80's dance (look! here comes the policeman), Espion adventures with AT (D'accord), 
La Fleuve, Roots (AW saves Jo), spy mission with AW (Jo almost kills Aides), biking adventures -falling, 
skiing with SO & the B.C's. Jo is my life long buddy and I know she will be missed by all - Luv Steph. 
To all my buds: A.T, SO, AW, K.E, J. A, K.L, HF, JM, MG, J.M, AW, O.S, E.B, V.G, JO, S.G, 
L.Y, E.K, D.F, J.Y and anyone else, keep up the adventures!!! 

Euan Frew 

Euan, "Frew", came to SMUS in Gr. 10 from the booming matropelous of Nanaimo. (In Indian it 
means "fast flowing water") All the newly acquired friends, R.S, P.B, B.D, R.I, DC, S.C, J.Z, and 
R.M made him quite at home at this new found home. (Thanks). Frew was a proud member of the 
Boys, 1st XV rugby and XI soccer teams, and even tried his hand in a little b-ball. He'll never forget 
the late night escapades with the boys to Tolmie and other places, that led to his becoming the as- 
sistant Head of House and proud Bud. He would like to send a special thanks to his pride and joy 
(A.B) for making his graduating year at SMUS a really great one. THANK YOU PEOPLE!!! 

This page is dedicated to our three children, who attended SMU collectively from 1983-1995. Rory, 
Robin and Joanna Forbes. Thanks for the great memories. 

Jessica Fric 

When Jessica returned after a summer playing saxophone at Berkeley college of music, her greatest 
talent had been refined and cultivated and she talked funny, Jessica spends more time at work in 
her Datsun than at SMU- But what is graduation compared to the sheepskin seat covers, 300 air- 
fresheners and butter in the glove compartment? Jessica's accomplishments include being the strong- 
est member of the Marshall Hatton fan club, the Josh fan club and the non-exclusive PWHAT club. 
She uses her much coveted Lap top almost as often as she drinks lattes. and dreams of pineapple. 
Kramer hair and Mia. Jessica held her 3rd birthday party in grade 12 and will always be remembered 
by that infamous, brilliant quote. "Now I want to go camping!" 

Ainslie Gainer 

Ainslie came to the institution for her final year of secondary education. She enjoyed going for nice 
walks through the park. Ainslie would like to thank her roommate Emily Scarfe for making her year 
much more enriched. She would like to say hi to Angela, Gwen, Alison, Ryan and Jason. You're 
a liar and a slave, D.C (Mad Hatter). S.C you're the chesire cat. "See you guys, I'm going bowling 

with Erik." 

Jamie Genge 

Jamie, aka Gengee. came to SMU in gr. 8 and soon had a day with his name all over it. Spring break 
'93 started a new trend - not quite a life but close. Gr. 11 started with J.G. S.L and a lot of other 
people who knew how to have a good time. It ended with N.D, N.W. and a butt print on top of a car 
(It must have been the musicians') Fiddler was cool, and Jamie will always remember the unlikely 
duet of "Miracle of Miracles" Tech crew was a two year day job (or was that jay dob?), but usually 
ended up somewhere around midnight with some pizza and fruvous with C.H, Tugs, A.Z 'n' guys 
- I'll always know you ... Gr. 12 is stress, and car rallies have a way of ending up in a ditch, know 
what I mean? You're all awesome, and I'll be expecting a certain few of you (you know who you 
are) to end up at my house after every reunion. 

Stephanie Gill 

Stephanie aka Little Miss Sunshine or Step-on-me to SMU in '93. Dunng those yrs she was involved 
in Fiddler. Our Country's Good. Miracle. Gondoliers. The Love of the Nightingale. On occasion Steph 
can be seen around campus lending a hand and a cheery face She will not forget the friends she 
has made: S.N remember "Drop dead?". S.C party hardy in England, plays with A.T and a certain 
exciting night in March - "We almost died!" "Aah! It's the commissionaries! The van was bleeding" 
If we made it through that we can make it through anything. Fate! Sunshine yellow dresses, dancer, 
Enigma, Cats - we will see this girl's name in lights To A.M. S.D, G H-G, G.D, A.Z, D.S don't ever 
forget the car rallies and crazy van rides! A.P Spanish with H F. EC and K.O. BML "Haagen Daaz" 
+ fetal pigs: too much of each is bad! B.C.-H. How's Herbie? Huuughhh! Gr. 12 was great "but 
we wanted variety!" Steph leaves with a quote from her favorite movie: "Why are you smiling?" "Be- 
cause I am not left-handed either!" To all her friends I love you guys! Good Luck! 

Vinider Gill 

Vinnie arrived at SMUS in the fall of '83. little did he know he would be serving a life sentence. He 
tried for parole but tailed miserable. In Gr. 1 he was condemned to solitary confinement at lunchtime 
with cell mate O.S. Other mates sentenced to life with the "sexual chocolate" were M.G, OF, A.L. 
N.J, M.P. It was during the early years that Vinnie fell in love with b-ball and developed the left- 
handed runner a la Jeff Malone. Vinnie met Roy in gr. 10 but, got better acquainted with him in grs 
11 + 12. Vinnie is expecting to meet Roy's cousins Norton and Frosty in the near future. Some of 
Vinnie's memories include: doubles with D.F. lunchtime BT's with EC and M.G, b-ball with the boys, 
posing naked and dancing on the Black Tusk, Roy, Subs and theatre with J.M, McD's with A.W. 
all the lovely ladies, and slammin' times with the Apna boys. Thanks to everyone else who made 
SMU memorable . . . 

Scott Gingles 

I came, I was, and I left. The memories created here, good and bad, will last me a life time. For a 
Northern B.C boy, from Terrace, my experiences and memories here are worth their weight in gold. 
To all who have been a part of my life here, friends, enemies, and aquaintances, I would like to say: 
FAREWELL. This is probably the only chance I will get to say thank you to the important people like 
soon to be politician Adnan Sohail for his constant preach, Karen Edgel for her always bubbly-loving 
personality, Mark Hau for his "can't lose" relationship advice, and Ole Schmidt for showing me the 
ways on Mayfair lanes. As my former captain (Sweet Pea) once said, "This is the real world now, 
and I go to work!" Take life as it comes, live it, relax once and a while, have fun with it and perhaps 
we shall see each other again . , . 

Mischa Greenwood 

Have I been understood? 
- Nietzsche 

Elliot Ha 

Elliot is from Korea. He entered StVlUS in Gr. 10 and has spent the last three years in Barnacle House. 
Boarding was one of the most unforgettable experiences he had at SMUS. He was a fair and gen- 
erous prefect who enjoyed(?) his duties. He played the flute in concert band for three years (yet his 
play did not improve!!!) He will always remember the three years he spent at SMUS and especially 
the people he met while in Victoria. 

Christina Haldane 

CRAZY HALDANE - porta party - helicopters don't fly to Sidney Spit - cake acrobatics - locked in 
the closet - are you ready? - nice one - grr tiger - put your foot in the crack- livin on the edge - Nelson 
& Allen - How do the french kiss? - breaking bottles - bongo drums - the mens movement - jammin 

- big bear mountain - the many b's - green day while slow riding - pink razor - the brown beast on 
Tolmie - big shooter - crushed cans - ren & stimpy - no mo handmade cloths - the ultimate she/male 

- are you there god? - 1250 baby - stop genius - gondorary - micra machines - bath oils - cherry docs 

- LBB & GMB - didly - right ripped - parlor games - coffee talks - rodent - fern gully - up in smoke 

- Rocky - the power house. 

Allison Harkness 

Allison, Gr. 10. Eventually the gang was established (C.H, T.S, AH, E.C, S.M, E.S) and the cheese 
held them strong. Gr. 11 brought rock climbing: "People are trying to sleep around here!" and our 
ski trip at the Delta with Nelson and Allen. Finally Saltspring "Jammin" and Fern Gilly became a 
regular Summer with E.C and jam free evenings upstairs at C.H without E.C Also the Big French 
Red Bottle. Allison will never forget CB's with J S and penmen. And what's with the last names? 
(HArkness! Haldane!) Gr. 12 holds many memories of car rallies in the Warren Buick and Grad Ski 
Trip at Wild-Wood Lodge. Allison will always be found driving in search for some GMB!! 

Marshall Hatton 

Anything that happens, happens. Anything that, is happening, causes something else to happen, 
causes something else to happen Anything that, is happening, causes itself to happen again, hap- 
pens again. It doesn't necessarily do it in chronological order, though. After his older brother left 
the hallowed halls of Barnacle House, tVlarshall thought that StVIU would be ready for him. He packed 
up his bags and migrated south with the birds in the tall of 1993. He is the only "true" Yukoner in 
tfie grad class who has wrestled bears and has lived in the freezing cold North. RM and SN chick- 
ened out some time ago. Somewhere deep within the confined room of l\/lr. Peaches French 1 1 class 
AW, JY or SG shortened his last name to 'Hats'. For some strange reason, everybody liked this new 
name and kept it for him. Though IVIarshall's time here was short, he wishes all the grads the best 
of luck in the future. He also leaves you with these words of advice, "Things could have been worse 
, . . And remember, tomorrow is another day!" 

Mark Hau 

Mark, aka "Ma how", is a Duke of Edinbourgh participant who enjoys playing soccer, golf and bas- 
ketball in his spare time. He still manages though to spend time with a certain group of friends; F.I, 
ML, J.L, W.H, C.Land finally W.H AGAIN!!! Remember our 'Asian express' on the soccer field, studs, 
stereos and lots of cars! How would we get through Chemistry without each other!! We piece together 
each other's puzzled ideas into a huge picture, usually still missing a big part (but we managed to 
do well). Next time when you see a convertible 325 around UBC, along with a Black Eagle Talon, 
go up and say hi to Mark, he will be more than happy to race you. Good luck to my best buddy, 
you deserve all the best. Special thanks to S.T, J.C, K.L, J.W, W.W, S.G, J.O, J.T, B.G and Pip. 

Geoffrey Henwood-Greer 

Henwood left his disastrous years at Willows Elementary and was planted in SMU along with K.W 
and S.C five years ago. While being brought up at the Middle School, he was known only as 'Sinead'! 
As Geoff entered the Senior School he continued roaming the campus quietly and innocently, until 
he was corrupted by four young men: AM, S.D, A.Z, G.D and with them, Geoff became a part of 
the notorious quintet! Geoff will also be remembered for his poetic and wise mind, his intelligence, 
his misterious illness, and of course his athletics, unfortunately Geoff had to turn down a starting 
position on the Blue Devils due to a previous commitment with 'Basketball Canada' but because 
he loved the school so much, Geoff decided he would run the door for the team with A.M. A quote, 
oh so cherished by Geoff is "Art is useless" - Oscar Wilde He will dearly be missed by the notorious 
five, and his other friends: I.D, D.S, D.M, etc . . Geoft will most likely win the lottery and become 
the richest and friendliest garbageman! Good sense buddy! 

Jeff Hodgson 

I came to SMU from far far away, more far in fact than anyone else. I came from Edmonton, Alberta. 
Actually from Namao, but people usually say "huh" if I say that. I came to SMU only for one year, 
grade 12. I'm glad I did because now I know many, many more good people & lots of neat things, 
like there are 60 seconds in every hour and stuff like that. I'm also very interesting, I can't really 
explain why because it would take too long so just take my word for it. There's one thing that I always 
say when people ask me if I am glad I went to SMU - "Yes, I am happy I went to SMU." 

Jonathon Horsman 

Jonathon is from Nanaimo, B.C. After being at school only one year he was elected as Head of Har- 
vey House. Jonathon has played rugby for the two years he has been at the school. Next year Jon- 
athon plans to further his education at St. Mary's College in California. He wishes the grads the best 
of luck in the future! Keep in touch guys and see you at our ten year reunion!! 

George Huang 

"Sh . . The math wiz is thinking!" George arrived at SMU in Gr. 10 and was immediately known 
for his "sound of silence " Although George didn't speak much throughout his years here, his re- 
ticent personality enabled him to make a whole bunch of really good friends. In his years at SMU, 
George mainly spent his time with his pals: J.L, J.T.B, T.H, A.L, T.C, S,H, E.Y, P.H, D,L and S.L 
when he could spare the time from C,L. George managed to clean up several academic awards each 
June and could generally be seen in the gym, a constant companion of the thirty-second clock, dur- 
ing basketball season. His most colorful memories are J.L's distinctive laugh, J.T.B's cunning giggle, 
and A.T's Indonesian game. George is planning to go to UBC next year. Hopefully, a lot of us will 
be seeing him there again. 

Atarah Humphreys 

Atarah escaped from the school of bearded women with T.S in Gr. 10 and found herself at SMUS. 
She quickly met the people soon to be known as the "gang." She went on many trips in the few 
years, camping at Sidney Spit and Saltspring, "Jammin", Hawaii with T.S twice in one year, and 
who could forget Penticton, the dust is so dusty there. Once she started driving everyone scattered 
from the roads. The stunt driver was curb jumping from day one and smoke show were coming from 
the baby blue beast. The rabbit proved to be useful for getting around A few trips to "Smugglers" 
were much needed. She spent many a night at John's Place drinking her free coffee, VIP! She's 
going to miss all her friends next year, and there definitely will be a huge phone bill! A few last words 
from the wise, always release your "P.U.S.E", sing the french version of Tears in Heaven, remember 
Quarter pounders are much better than small fries and at all times avoid brief encounters! 

Tom Hung 

Tom, from Taiwan, has been a border in Bolton House for some time now. This year, Tom has en- 
joyed being part of the Economics Club and a scorekeeper for the basketball teams. Next year Tom 
intends to study commerce at either the University of British Columbia or the University of Western 
Ontario Tom has been a great friend to many and he will be sorely missed. He will no doubt succeed 
at whatever he ends up doing. Best of luck, Tom and take care! 

Wendy Hung 

St^/IU has been blessed with Wendy's charms ever since her arrival here in Grade 10. The innocent (!) 
girl from an all-girls' school in Hong Kong took to the dashing MH immediately after coming. Not 
knowing what lay in store for her during her next 3 years. She entered Timmis House and was a 
regular neat freak. Yet, the rebel she was, stayed up to about 3am every morning. With all these 
outstanding traits, she became an almighty prefect in her Grade 12 year. Wendy also took part in 
the Gondoliers, she was accepted in both Prima choir and BC Youth choir. We cannot forget her 
contribution to SMU scorekeeping and she is one of the recipients of the Duke of Edinburgh silver 
award. Wendy promises never to forget all the housestaff and teachers who have helped her accom- 
plish all this, as well as those she will leave behind, AT, WG, MP and of course MH. She will miss 
AV, SG, JO-T, JT-B, and all the grads. How's it going? GJ. Best of luck to you all! 

Richard Ingle 

The guy who can't get caught: 

At Denny's 3:00 am in the morning, "Don't worry I'm Head of House", Boarders Home Brewery, 
"Don't worry I'm Head of House", Stumbling in late at night, "Don't worry I'm Head of House", Rid- 
ing in the Bawo mobile, "Don't worry I'm Head of House", Climbing Hotal Douglas, "Don't worry 
I'm Head of House". Cops hunting us in Oak Bay, "Don't worry I'm Head of House", Reassuring 
Drunken friends back to the dorm, "Don't worry I'm Head of House", doing naughty things on Mystic 
beach "Don't worry I'm Head of House" 
PS Mrs. Jones thanks for the Welsh cakes, 
done by Anon . . . 

Alexandria Inkster 

I enjoy getting my kick with H.F, OR, A V, S,D and Grumpy. I love cheap thrills, tasty treats, fun 
and games, cavorting and gamboling, petroleum products. Ice cream (watch out for glass), and ar- 
tistic representations of mayonnaise (the country scene), roaring mollusks, meat, shellac, dink. It 
has been tough, fighting off oh-so-many shifty glances, phallic vehicles, girly-girls, the occasional 
"Hey gang!", fat in the eye, and Bison's wild and crazy antics in a certain AP physics class. How- 
ever, I do enjoy being surly or lingering in the shadows, especially in the company of det (that beau- 
tiful blondie') Woke up this morning with a taste of bacon. Clockwork orange. One cream please. 
Freaks. Mr. Pink. Little blond boy. Hey lady. You wanna buy some . . .? No [ylireille! Praise the Lord! 
I Love you, my girls (and Gumpy says . . .) 

Ryan Jenkins 

This IS me. Not the best picture but it will do. Well during my year at SMUS I managed to: play soccer, 
rugby, get decent grades and have some fun while I was at it. All in all it was a pretty good year. 
The parties were pretty whack but then again so are the people. So as I depart I will end this spiel 
with this. It was long stretched out and still proves unused but I'm sure glad I have my education. 

Richard Johns 

Richard 'Dicky' Johns arrived at St. IVIichaels in Grade 6 and quickly became known for his English 
accent, soapstone carving and soccer skills. His warm friendly personality gained him many friends. 
Richard played Basketball and soccer for the school as well as helping out with volunteering. Richard 
participated in the shortest car rally ever as well as a disastrous Karaoke show. He'll always have 
great memories of excursions to S, MS, la verite and the Soda shop in Vancouver. Although Richard 
knew how to work hard in school, he always had time for A&W, warm fuzzies and giant = poolgames. 
Thanks to all my friends past and present at SMU: K.T, A.L, J.G, K.L? C.L, ST. J.W. ML, KG, E.S, 
K.W, C.L, A.L. B.M.L. J C. I.L, A.L. J.L, AM, S.D, G.H-G, A.Z, G.D, E.F, D.M, A.C, B. C-H, K.O, 
H.F, G.D. R.B. DM, J.S, S.S, B.L, R.M, MP. 

Gethin Jones 

Gethin Jones is finishing his 12th year at SMU. It all began in Grade 1, a time all the lifers will re- 
member as a time of thigh-high shorts during cold, snowy winters. An all around student, Geth de- 
voted much time and effort throughout the years to basketball, soccer, and 1st fifteen rugby coming 
away with a bad knee that sidelined him in his last year. On the artistic side, he's sung base in the 
choir since Grade 8, performed in numerous drama productions, and even made a valiant effort to 
play violin and piano (both of which ended tragically). Academically, Geth pulled his grade up for 
the year that counts, claiming that the first eleven years were just a warm-up. His dad thinks oth- 
erwise. Jones' last words go to the lifers: D.F, M.G, V.G, N.J, A.L, M.P, and O.S, "Thank God we 

Nick Judson 

After 12 years at SMU I have to say that I've enjoyed my 'time' here, (hm . .) On the other hand 
leaving is going to be a big relief. I have 12 years of memories to look back on, but I'm really going 
to miss riding high in Pachuk's (rhymes with . .) big yellow van. Good luck to all Grad 95's, especially 
Ole, Dave, Mischa (will physics and calculus ever be the same?), Mark. Vin, Alex, and Geth. Will 
somebody please tell Mr. Laidlaw that the word Is probably, not probaly. 

Iris Kam 

SOO DESU KA! Ins "chicken legs" Kam-HUng has been a boarder at SMU for 3 years. During this 
time she has managed to master an erratic schedule -- sleeping during prep and staying up all morn- 
ing to study, guzzle mass quantities of Coke, and think about Marten. This last year has been espe- 
cially hectic, what with water and pizza fights with Archie, the Scholah and her "good friend". Despite 
attempts by B.P to hide the entertainment centre in her room. Iris overpowered the cute one and 
enjoyed herself immensely. Thanks to S.fvl for 2 wonderful years of roommateship. And to Mr. B, 
for the tape . . . and the mud. Apologies to J.N for invading her space and eating all her food (al- 
though it must be stressed that this was done in her best interests.) Kudos to E.Y for elaborate PDA 
shows (thanks for the help over the years). Some advice to Mushroomhead: try to stop saying OK 
and your life will be OK. M.C, MP and AT - one more year to go. "Let's order Ming's" "Where's 
my page 4?" 

Eric Kerr 

Eric came to SMUS in Gr. 10 to receive a higher education. His presence was felt on the basketball 
court (he did have a career at one time), and on the rugby and soccer field, where he captained the 
1st XI in his senior year and played on the 1st XV rugby squad. His favorite memories include: B-ball 
tournaments, Soccer B.C's (J.J's Roadhouse with Smeg, saunas with C.P and D F), Rugby tour '94 
(bringin' the Canadian bacon to the world, high price entertainment in London, thanks ladies!, public 
relations). Hisextra-curricular favorites were with "the sexual chocolate" V.G, Tim Hortensand Sweet 
Pea A.W, Popcorn chicken with J.M. tender moments with Ole, herbal science ventures M.G, deviant 
children D.F (don't call me daddy!) the girls: Hot Buns, Shaq Rouge, J.F, SO, J. A and others. Lucky's 
with R.M, T.C - for everything Thanks to all my teachers. Eric's fondest memories will be long nights 
at the fox with R.B & D.F. 

Joon Young-Kim 

Joon came from Seoul, Korea for his grade 9 year to become a member of Harvey House. Joon was 
well-known for his whirling side-kick and late night training sessions with his caring roommate "Rusty". 
Joon was also a hopeless romantic and made constant trips to visit his Vancouver mistress in be- 
tween regular excursions to Mt. Tolmie and the park at lunch hours and breaks Joon also took part 
in the Rugby tradition of SMU. His fondest memory will be of losing consciousness at the BC cham- 
pionships at Kamloops and the boys from Brentwood will forever hold his affection. Joon will never 
forget his 18th birthday when JT-B, EK, and DF presented him with an inflatable date at the Christ- 
mas Dance She changed his life forever. 'Vanilla Rice" will always be remembered as generous 
with his friends and losing his clothes with TS and at poker tables. 

Tae-Kyun Kim 

Tae arrived at SMU after a year in Vancouver at Point Grey. He has enjoyed boarding life and the 
fhends he met here, especially JYK, JTB, JY, SC, WC, EH, YP and SY. Rugby, Concert Band & 
the fitness centre are outstanding experiences. Somehow he remembers a certain event in Harvey 
House that he has not lived down (Forgive me, Mr. Jones) Tae will miss Mr. Jones, Mr Burnett and 
Mrs. G, and of course the bus drivers. He will go to Toronto to New College and study Business 
Management. See you all at the Reunions! 

Haruko Kiyono 

Haruko Kiyono landed in Victoria, BC after having spent the first 15 years of her school life in the 
faraway and exotic city of Tokyo, Japan. After only 4 months in "Inlingua" school learning the basics 
of the English language she was tossed head-first into the fast-paced dynamic institution that is SMU. 
She spent her first fateful year in boarding with ML in Timmis House, and much of her grade 9 year 
was spent living it up with fellow ESL's in dimly lit Karaoke bars. Her relatively sane life was com- 
pletely blown to pieces with the arrival of her fully Caucasian, slightly unbalanced roommate AV in 
grade 10. Together they prospered after having memorized the Pizza Hut delivery number and flushed 
a total of three Siamese fighting fish in their 3 years together. Next year Haruko plans to return to 
her exciting homeland to pursue a career in art. I hope she'll remember us all when she's a rich 
and a famous artiste! Best of Luck Haruko!! 

Ivy Lam 

II DESU NE! Cottleston pie and Pizza, IKs toilet bowl water at 3am and Archie's impressive PK shows. 
Taina and Trevor and Fernie, followed by the Late Show with Liv G ("Run, Forrest, run!"). Jess' 
double-ended bed. Dancing by computer light in BP (she who defines cute) and ATs room. Cake, 
water, mud + grass. Pizza + coke Camp TB with the breakfast club and noisy-Olga? KP (she who 
will not be distributed), MC (oranges for Stanford?), AY, AW, CL, ML, AT, JdH (cow woman), EY, 
and Eugen Weber. Josh (kai goh) and other people's wives. Alex will make the movie for my book. 
And finally, Ives' soulmate with the parallel twisted sense of humour (although perhaps not during 
the Sagat phase). "Ah! I have talked quite enough for today" said Lord Henry, smiling. "All I want 
now is to look at life. You may come and look at it with me, if you care to." 

Alexander Lambert 

Woody, Jonesy, CAJ, Hywel - my surrogate family. Woody - what can I say? I'm gonna miss you, 
man. Good Luck Bones, you jammy git - keep luckin' out. CAJ - I'll miss ya (send baking) --HK!!! 
- 2 and a half weeks of fun in the smog. Yang, good to see you, man! A coke?! The ski trips - Hats! 
Sweet toque! Hot tub! J T, you're an animal. C.G - dub-outta control. Seb (go Leafs!), thanx for the 
conversations Timmy, the dip connection, stay cool. Frew, no shame! Jess - I dunno what to say. 
You're an individual & thanks for the hugs. Barb - Mt. Washington, grad memories. A.W - don't talk 
to strange dogs! Ole, tVlischa (monkey beats) G, Tutu - good luck boys. K.E - you're awesome! Keep 
laughing! Hogdson - stay different. Rugby - E.K, D.F - thanks for making the bus rides a laugh. You've 
meant a lot to me. My only regret is that I only got to know you for a year. 

Caroline Large 

G.D - Watching 80's movies and eating Chinese when she gets her way - Me at nice guy slev holding 
her handfuls of bulk candy Ailsa - Big time snub and laughter B.M.L. - Never in our lives will we ever 
again receive a welcome like that at Newman Fisk. And Graham of course! D.S. - For the record 
- there wasn't a bomb in my luggage D.M - Saltspring + Sarah McLachlan, maybe I'll give you my 
poster some day J.F - Ukrainian eggs and cookies - only four hours to get the yolk out - it's cooler 
here huh J.W - And when school becomes overwhelming I ditch it to see him - me loves you. 

Andrew Lee 

Andrew Lee will not forget his three years at SMU. His very first class was drama, where he enjoyed 
it at first, but his inability to act and grasp the concepts led him to quickly switch courses. Also that 
month, he was asked by BP (now gone) to share his sleeping bag during a cold outtrip night. His 
bitter rivalry with ES in Grade 10 came to an abrupt end when he and ES would then later fool around 
in Grade 11 History. Other fond memories of Andrew are: being JW's badminton partner, checking 
out the hole in CL's underwear, viewing naked girls on Willows beach and JL's intriguing laugh. Thanks 
also to KL, EY, and TT for making his SMU Life memorable as he seeks some career in someplace 
sometime next year. For sure, somewhere in Canada. "Maybe at a reunion, you will finally impress KE" 

Michael Lee 

Mike came to SMUS in Gr. 9 as a boarder. He is always enthusiastic in trying new things. Through 
his career at SMUS, he has accomplished a great deal. Especially in computer games, there is sim- 
ply NOTHING he has not played before. He also plays badminton, attends the Video Club, and is 
an avid basketball scorekeeper. Although it's difficult to work on a huge variety of activities and con- 
centrate on school work he still tries very hard and takes the hardest courses. His fondest memory 
is when a gorilla charged into his 18th birthday party, embarassing him to all the people at the Keg! 
He will always remember doing gorilla stunts on the ground. And thanks to J.W, KL, N.C, C.L., R.I, 
A.L, I.L, he will always remember the great memories he's had at SMUS. As to regards to his future, 
he plans to study chemical engineering at university "I'm going to blow up" he says. But believe 
me he's pretty tough. 


Grads 1995 

•**!9KT\> i'^MfW 

Grads 1995 


Ailsa Lenk 

There is one thing about our headgirl even her closest friends will never understand; How does she 
get such good marks?! Allsa can be found playing Nintendo at all hours and perfecting her army 
cravi^l on Saturday nights. "The carpet looks better from dov^^n here." She Is a founding member 
of the Marshall Fan Club and a strong leader of the PWHAT Club. (VIelba has been knovi^n to smuggle 
fruit across the boarder. JF says, "If you don't shut up I'm going to drop you off on the shoulder 
and leave you there." NEVER let Allsa drive In American parking lots, even if "she's doing the best 
she can." JF's 3rd birthday party. London '94. Donkeys and sugar. PAT. I^ayo. Honda Accords. 
Mix tapes. Rain. Guida. Kramer. Art class. We don't do that sort of thing! 

Kevin Leong 

"Benjl", the man with the neverending supply of paper bags and grape juice (ughh!), came in Gr. 
8 from St. Pat's. His unique personality created restlessness among his closest friends, especially 
since it was tradition (for him) to choose what Friday night movie to watch (what's wrong with the 
war?). Kev will always remember the hilarious and sometimes embarassing moments he had with 
his friends: the countless lunches with Kel in the "hole", the time he sang with Josh and Dicky, the 
revealing car rally with C.L and A.L, the day he went to Ern's provincial championship, and his in- 
ability to lose in mahjong to M.H and W.H. His final year at SMU proved to be the busiest, due to 
his involvement in the Grad Committee and scorekeeping. He also participated in the '94 Science 
Olympics held at UVIC. Thanks to A.L and ML (who were in his tutorial every morning), K.W, J.L, 
A.M, P.M who made SMUS life memorable. Remember Kev always follow Dorothy's advice: wher- 
ever you go for post-secondary, "there's no place like home". 

Andrea Leung ^_i_«_-— « 

Andrea is from Hong Kong. Although this is her first year and probably her final year at SMUS, she 
has enjoyed both her school life and boarding life. As an active A.V. club member, she has, by the 
end of her school year, fully appreciated the nature of video editing and ever since then she finds 
it loads of fun. She hopes to further her interests in Film Studies or photography in the future and 
would like to pay special thanks to A. Lisman and Mr. McKay for giving her all the possible oppor- 
tunities to explore the art of video making. A pleasure to learn. 

Adrian LImpus 

I would like to thank everyone at St. Michaels for a terrific last year. 

Jackson Lin 

"Ha! Ha! Ha! Other people's failure is my happiness!" Jackson came to SMU in grade 10 and be- 
came one of the wierdest behaving people in school. Even though he suffers from a very serious 
mental disorder, he was always one of the top students in all of his classes. Jackson likes to take 
his shoes and socks off when he goes to friends' rooms. Jackson also enjoys singing with a tennis 
racket in his hands, and saying things that don't make any sense. BUT, he has a view, his ambition; 
to conquer the Universe, and when he does, he promised to make me the ruler of Africa (as if I really 
want to go there). He also wants to avenge on the 'Leuh Hao' for what they had done to him. Good 
Luck! Jackson, the greatest genius the world has ever had (so he says). Ha! Ha! Ha! By Patrick Huang. 

Sampson Lin 

Sampson came to SMUS in 1992 from Taiwan after a year in Vancouver. "Scared" and "lonely" 
was his initial feeling, but that's certainly changed- Sampson sometimes emerged from the "week- 
end sleep" to play B-ball in the gym with W,C, J.C and M.H but he always put academics first. He 
can always be seen with C.L, his "sister". Sampson will miss C.L's sweet smiles, the boarding life 
at SMU, tickling T.H and being on duty in Harvey House Either U.B.C or S.F U is Sampson's des- 
tination to study commerce. "It's too cold back East, and besides, I like Vancouver and to be with 
B.B" he says. 

Alexander Lisman 

Alex arrived at SMU in Gr. 1 wearing knee-highs and shorts. He is one of only a few "lifers" from 
the class of '95. In Gr. 11 and Gr 12 while his hair grew into a curly monstrosity, he endeavoured 
to produce videos tor the school. Along with the masters C.H, A.T, and D.M, Alex became an expert 
in video production and gained experience in audio and lighting. He will not forget A.f\/I's face, G.A's 
wisdom, and the rest of those pesky "10's". Alex recognizes the importance of A.Z's closeup, the 
C.H walk, and hanging lights while J.G and R.W taunted him. He will pursue a career in the film 
industry as a film director/cinematographer. Thanks E.S, K.L, i.L, M.L, J.W, S.T, A.T, C.L, E.C, etc. 
"Go left, left!" - K.W to R.J. Follow LAIDLAWANISM. 

Christiano Liu 

Chris came to SMUS in Gr. 8. He started of his first two years bitterly and was in bottom set of every- 
thing. For some time, he was under the positive and humerous influence of N.C. except his weird 
jokes. He continued to work hard and became the top scholar in Gr. 1 1 . However, the heavy workload 
as the school captain does not take away his devotion to other activities: along with J.W, K.L, M.L 
and A.L. his karaoke singing skills impressed many people in Mandarin Place. There are also many 
fantastic memories as the years passed by: going for a naked swim with E.S, A.L at Willows Beach 
in freezing water and dancing outside McDonalds only with his underwear on . . . Although he is 
probably going to the States to continue his education, he will remember all his friends at SMU. thanks 
to: A.L. E.S. K.L. J W. R.J. K.C, J. A. N.C. ML. ST. and others in the "gang of four" (A.L, E.C, J.T) 
for the wonderful memories. "Friendship is a thing that challenges and can last through time . . . 
it is something that will not be forgotten". It is also like an underwear: new ones are nice, but old 
ones fit better. 

Britt-Marie Luckhurst 

Britt-Marie Luckhurst dazzled us all with her talent and blunders. Her Elaine-like qualities included, 
a love and worship of older, "wise", bald men such as Jean Luc Picard, Sean Connery and Eraser. 
She will forever willow with Grille and co. in a certain coffee house for the monoply challenged. She 
will be an opthalmologist and will season her life with acting, singing oparatic versions of Hark the 
Harold . and constructing the world's first fetal digit cooking book. Her smile, laughter, excitement 
at the sight of blood and her Britt-Marieness will be missed. I will prove beyond a doubt, Pillsbury 
Dough Boy sacrifice, Swedish chef memories. "Captain, the ship is devolving." Loreena, sinead and 
Tori Graham. The rest is silence. 

Robbie Lydon 

From the first day of Grade 3 to the concluding days of Grade 12. Robbie has enjoyed a challenging 
and diverse education at SMU. However, this was interrupted for a period of four years due to the 
journey to reunite him with his roots in the "Emerald Isle". Robbie contributed to both the soccer 
and rugby team with reluctant enthusiasm. Academics flourished in a personal haphazard way. Then, 
suddenly graduation is around the corner and life about to begin. "This is my final word. It is time 
for me to become an apprentice once more. I have not settled in what direction. But somewhere, 
sometime soon." 



Grads 1995 

Grads 1995 


Ryan Macdonald 

Ryan came south from a small hole in the earth Qualicum Beach for his grade 12 year. Quickly aquir- 
ing the nickname CGW, he became a chemistry. Together Ryan and S.E had many great weekends 
doing nothing or partying. It really didn't matter as long as they were together. This would describe 
us. (My quote) "Life consists with wilderness The most alive is the wildest" Thorean. Anyone wish- 
ing to reach me my address is 3789 West Island Highway Qualicum Beach, B.C V9K 2C7 

James Maciver 

I came to SMUS in Gr. 1 just in time watch a cute little German utter his first words. I stayed until 
Gr. 8 when the hoops dream began. After a two year hibernation behind the tweed curtain (Hyde- 
Lay). I returned for Gr. 11 to find new friends and a brand new duck. To Jeremy - without you and 
the Bumble Bee. I would have been in trouble. To AN - may you live in a land where there are no 
farces. To Kerr - I'll see you Sunday with a bucket of chicken. To Jassie - I slow danced with your 
mother. To Dave - get the fattest one you can! To Mischa - Kareem -i- Roy, Need I say more? And 
finally to Die - 1 love you. "I don't mean to brag, I don't mean to boast but we like hot butter on our 
breakfast toast" - Wundamike (Sugarhill 1979) 

Ryusuke Matsui 

After Ryusuke had won the prestigious distinction of the "Biggest Boy 2 Tokyo" at the age of six, 
few challenges were left. So he left and came to SMUS to join Cameron House in Gr. 10. He won 
immediate notoiety with his rugby prowess for the Colts and then the First XV. "Tokyo Shaq" also 
tried his hand with the round ball and developed a surprisingly silky finger-roll lay-up. Ryusuke was 
a member of the U.K Rugby Tour '94. There in London he acquired the taste for expensive com- 
panionship (in the 10 Pounds neighbourhood). He decieved many through the years with his scholar- 
like study habits, only letting a tew mates see his true wild nature. This samurai savage with some 
of the most distinguished drinkers. Ryusuke plans to return to Japan after graduation to attend uni- 
versity in Japan while featuring for the Kobe Steelers R,F.C and drive ice cream trucks well into 
his twilight years. For all those following in his footsteps Ryusuke has only one piece of advice: saki 
before juice, nothing to fear! 

Robert Mazuch 

Robert came to SMUS in grade 4. In sports he lead many C-team rugby games to victory. However 
a nose injury in Gr. 10 forced his early retirement and pursuit of cycling and cross country. Many 
ski trips to Jackson Hole (N.J, A.C, D.C. . . . where is the shovel anyway?) and the grad ski trip will 
be remembered. Mr. Smith's calculus class - 'if you ignore it, it'll all go away'; school parking lot 
(A.C's); car rally; van; Pandora street; fires - R.L; In case of accident ingestion of antifreeze; "Roads?", 
"where we're going we don't need roads!" (B.W) 

Samantha McKay 

Samantha came to SMUS in Grade 10, narrowly escaping the wrath of the inbreeds. She settled 
in quite quickly becoming an avid member of the "Gator Gang". While wrestling "Mother Banock" 
she managed to capture a Wildcat . . . (creamy!) which led to many Jam sessions. Often seen trav- 
eling in her red yaucht. Buckwheat would tune in the "Sweet Thing" and cruise with "me dad" in 
the back. Sam literally picked up tunes and dipped cones with AH and ES while running down the 
road, always eager to crush cans whenever the opportunity arose. She made a career of adding Ts 
and being a crafty menance to society. As Al once said, TSam, one day you will be the victim of 

Keith Andrew James Middleton 

For 5 years SMU has gifted with the presence of Middleton, and wise men predict that the entire 
faculty will weep on the black day that Andrew graduates [Vlilt'n will never be able to block from 
his memory: the 5 Crazees. All the parties ("Where are my pants")^ Nirvana. Pink Floyd. Seattle. 
Mt. Washington. The many Chocolate Bars. Car Rallies + whipped cream. CB, Queen of the '70s. 
GNS Winning a prize for being dramatic. Getting his van and discovering his alter-ego VAN fyiAN. 
All the femmes (gentle and violent). Playing the whinny beggar, and the Governor of Australia. Atlas' 
illustrious sports career (on and off the field). Moonlighting at the MacPherson. Andrew is proud to 
say that he has gone to school with KL for a really long lime. Anyway, Middles will no doubt someday 
have saved up until he will own CKDA 1200. Andrew says thank you very much to: GHG, SD, GD, 
AZ, KO. DL, GB, KL, NE, DS, DM. ID and everyone else who has ever held a door open for him. 
Long live the man in the yellow hat! 

Jeremy Mills 

First of all, I'd like to thank all the wonderful ladies. Second, I'd like to thank all the marvelous men. 
Cameron, Ali, Jamie, Ole, Jassie, Scotty, Eric, Mischa, Warrior, Vinnie, Hayden, Peter, Junior ex- 
ecutive. Dyer, Ibell, Millar, the Hunted, G's-up, Eags and Ian, your all astaunding. To all my close 
friends, and to the rest of SMUS, I have only a few things to say. And that is Dream Big, keep strong, 
and don't worry because I've got a good plan. God Bless. I love you. - Mills 

David Murray 

9 years man, gotta get away but never forget. Oh villainy the cross-dressing and nudity was fun and 
the violence was better, show our passion to the world. Front row rugger, speaking publicly turns 
meatie to veggie. You're Going to Die in the Marquee, awakenings in Whistler and crazy accents. 
but a few. Flyboy, best friend - I love you more, ya tosser. Curly top, shocked the hell out of me, 
DON'T BE AFRAID TO BE HURT, love you. Flyboys's girl you and Trent were my consolation. Nut- 
meg boy and owner of the shack we will do it all together. Philomele, thank you for the dance and 
always listen with your eyes closed. Beautiful blue eyes - 1 miss keeping you up at night, don't ever 
forget. Blonde angel - No more fighting because we love, always, and I'll see you in Venice. All my 
friends. I love you • you are more important to me than anything. Lemmings(def.) we are not. A dream 
can be the highest point in a life, but so can waking up. 

Sara Nics 

Start slow, end with a bang. Aurum nostrum nom est aurum vulgi: We have agreed on 18 degrees. 
Among them, but not of them. Anyone ready to pick up psychotics at RHPS? Maktub. Drag tip #3 
- NEVER wear Rhinestones with satin. Also, be careful wearing a sequines jacket or top in tandem 
with a long wig Ignorance is not innocence, but sin. I will survive! Amore Vincent Omnes. Many more 
leadership late nights. Pomegranates. Pageantry Tattoos. Sara does not like to conform by seeming 
not to conform. Thanks to those who should be thanked and good bye to the rest of you guys. 

Britta Norman 

Once upon a B-time, there was a beautiful princess named Britta who lived in a kingdom called Lands- 
down, the princess got bored and decided to move to the ivoy covered kingdom of SMU. By Gr, 1 1 
the princess had been granted a royal chariot (don't leave foot prints on the bumper) and began 
her two years of shuttle bussin'. It wasn't soon afterwards that the princess was swept off her feet 
by a slick hair, chain wearing prince from down south. Only groceries -^ dead fish stood between 
them. Despite many absences from royal lectures due to her health, the princess plans to graduate 
which is believed to be the cure for her sickness. The Princess plans to get married and one day 
teach her subjects children. All her loyal subjects will miss her dearly. Never has a princess been 
more loved or respected . . . Good luck princess we love you 




m^^lL H 


1^ ^ la ^1 


1 J 

^H^ ^^H 



Grads 1995 


Grads 1995 

Jeanie Norris 

Jeanie's powers on the grass hockey pitch is nothing compared to her dancing in public places. Oc- 
casional Identity Crises have caused many people to ask her 'personal questions' but Jeanie (aka 
Julie) has risen above them all, prompting the exclamation; "Wow, you're big". Perhaps this and 
her tendency to wield a large stick and mayonnaise is what led to her selection as a prefect. I don't 
think it was (just) her skirt. Jeanie is a proud member of the PWHAT club, and one day hopes to 
be friends with the congenial OB rowing squad. If you can't find Jeanie kicking the tires of black 
RX7's, you'll probably be able to find her near the I^OON. "Super-stomach' herself will someday 
be heard warbling in the kitchen of her own five star restaurant in Nanaimo. 

Kerry O'Neill 

Kerry came to Sf^US in Gr. 8 as an innocent girl from St. Pat's. The innocence was soon lost as 
Kerry ventured on outrips and ski trips with her new found friends (O.R, A.L, J.N); experiencing new 
foods (pasty spaghetti anyone? . . . anyone?) and finding out what REALLY happens between the 
hours of ten and eleven P.M (something to do with a mule par chance?). Alas, her first year was 
her last year at the middle school and Kerry found herself in yet another new environment. Her four 
years at the Senior School were filled with lasting memories and friends that will never be forgotten: 
O.R (G.A.G.A.N.A.N.A. - Need a hand?), A.L (Mule, Ostrich, Hot-Dog, Heave hoi, London), J.N (Mr. 
P's french class. History???, Yah! Roo!), A.I (How much is that Doggy in the window?), J.F (Smiley!, 
Ted, Gingerbread), I.D (The searchers, astrology, seashells), H.F (GO!), A.M (life long friends, D of 
E, Ballroom dancing), B.M.L (laughs!? Math help - thanks!) S.C (Pizza and surgery, Tarzan!). After 
four years of french class with Mr. Peach, Kerry feels she is now ready to practice her skill in France 
for a year, as an au-pair. Best of luck to the Grads, 'Parting is such sweet sorrow' 

Stephanie Olsen 

Steph came to SMU in gr. 5. An innocent smart little girl who was taller than all the boys. She soon 
met her partner in crime me (JF) and together we began our adventures. The middle school - HF, 
TM, DM-B. and her mischievous buddy JS. Gr. 8 grad with DF, Limo, JS & MG. In Gr. 9 she became 
with her bud forever Lindy. LW, AV and after school at Steph's. MF, ski trip, Lollapalooza, JO's party. 
Gr. 10 - 100 minutes, LY comes to SMU, JD - Steph's first love who goes adventuring - Lolla 2, Roots, 
Reggae Fest & Palm Springs with LY Gr. 1 1 a new special man LM and buds AL and CG. Night 
time trips with EB. Silver Star, KE. JA and Aides arrive. Skiing with AL and CG. Gr. 12 - Car Rally 
(Thanks for driving Steph!) AW's green hair, vicious head injuries, the Jug. Skiing with Jo, Hawaii 
with Sperry-surfin' and cruisin'. 4 years of Field Hockey - BC's, PC 4 yrs, lunches with the girls. Aides- 
dancin'. Spirit, bellybuttons. We've been through lots, ups and downs, smiles and frowns and through 
it all you still are my favorite tree hugger - Love Jo 

Jassie Osei-Tutu 

Jassie Henry Kannin Kafi Osei-Tutu arrived at SMUS in Gr. 12 from a northern B.C. city called Ter- 
race. He took very little time adjusting to the SMUS atmosphere and quickly grew accustomed to 
the "war pig" stories told by Eric Kerr and Dave Fairhurst. Although Jassie missed out on athletics 
this year due to the limiting Gr. 12 transfer rules, he still had the opportunity to teach Ole Schmidt 
about the game of basketball. Jassie has learned a lot of valuable lessons this year from teachers, 
peers and especially from Hyde-Lay (aka JAM Packed!) Jassie plans to take his experience from 
SMUS and study at either McMaster or UVIC. 

Mark Parker 


Betty Peng 

Naive little Betty arrived at SMU in grade 10 and v^/as immediately wisked off on tfie Robertson, still 
suffering from a severe case of culture sfiock. However, everyone quickly took to fier cfiarm and 
cuteness- All except for her tutor, who never got to see her that year. Grade 1 1 was solely memorable 
for the "fire drill experience" with CL In grade 12, Betty became the cutest member of the prefect- 
ship in Winslow House. She arrived earlier than usual that school year to take over the largest room 
in the house. It may be revealed, now that she has left the country to pursue post-secondary ed- 
ucation in Japan, that Betty and AT stole a table from the physics lab to furnish the spacious room. 
No joke. That year, she also sported a myriad of different hairstyles, to the amusement of IK. She 
was also unwillingly drawn into a face painting war by IL, but has since recovered from the trauma. 
Special thanks to AY, S and C Lin, SP and JL. "Ah-Hsuan Gong Go, Yeah!" "I never grow!" 

Chris "CP" Pollock 

"OP" has been a fixture at Sf^U since Grade 3, Years at the Junior School and Middle School bring 
back memories of the back of R.M. head, 'Deeps', being a prefect, and many athletic accolades. 
Senior School, though, has never been the same since his arrival. He has set new school uniform 
standards and has left his mark both in the gym and on the rugby and soccer fields. Ghost tracks, 
OP' has represented the school on the Lower Island U-17, B.C. U-17, and Junior Crimson Tide (U- 
19) Rugby squads. Always a friend to be counted on, some exploits to be remembered include lunch- 
time skimboarding at Willows, "Where's the par-tay?", hoots of fun scoring bald chicks in Glasgow, 
camping, cruising, chilling with t^.P., R.L., and MB,, strolling around London at midnight with A.B., 
R.M.. AC, and R.S. Then donating the last of their cash to some new-found friends. Mt. Tolmie 
sojourns - day and night, and his grad year being somewhat curtailed when he lost his licence hunt- 
ing FOXES. 'CP' looks forward to university and returning to visit his supportive coaches in the future. 

Karen Poon 

Karen came to SMUS in Gr 11 and took too many courses Memories of Gr. 11 include midnight 
Chinese cook-fests with Maggie. Despite being a faithful resident of Timmis, she was constantly mis- 
taken for a Winslower, perhaps having being drawn by her innate sense to eternal supply of food 
in CP and J.N's room In Gr. 12. for some reason, she was infallibly forgotten whenever it was time 
for Brown Hall. Unfortunately, she could not avoid being caught up in a Winslow water war and was 
the innocent victim of someones toilet water onslaught whilst in an otherwise deep sleep. However, 
she became a more willing victim in one of M.L's keung gan sessions. Although there is a self- 
proclaimed, plentiful supply of bread from the home, someone still insists on sifting through trash 
cans for food. Maybe she found the breakfast that Connie steals from Brown Hall every morning is 
not enough tor her. Thus despite being an otherwise inconsistent person, she remains stubborn in 
her refusal to be distributed. 

Leslie Preston 

Leslie came to SMU on her loyal steed from the western steppes in time for gr. 11. She's a naive 
domestic rogue without any breeding but I think you'd be amused by her presumptions. Upon trading 

in her tarnished spurs for a kilt, she began to indulge in the SMU traditions of rum and the 

lash. In her time at SMU she has found herself the life of many tawdry and pretentious parties. Even- 
tually retreating to the jungle of 2nd floor to her beloved b s. Despite communist sympathies she 

managed to become head of house to further her covert plan of world domination. However SMU 
reformed her and now our friend will return home to devote her life to God. "Any man who hates 
dogs and children can't be all bad - sometimes a cigar is just a cigar!" - Sigmund Freud 

Fiona Roberts 

Fiona came from Vancouver to the welcoming arms of the Winslow girls who initially referred to her 
as 'Mayuko's friend". That title was later changed to "Rich's girlfriend". Fiona does, however, have 
an identity of her own. After her T.V. debut Fiona decided she would go camping on the Thanksgiving 
weekend and came back with a cast. Since then Fiona has slowed down a lot and spends increasing 
amounts of time in Wenman. She hopes to go either to UVIC or Salmon Fishing University next year, 



Grads 1995 

Grads 1995 


Oona Ross 

Gumby says , . . Don't you condescend me man. Hey Kerry, are we all going to go in one big kayak? 
It's okay Han, the dummies come at night with their blue furry chairs and their diet cokes in hand. 
"I wish I was like you - easily amused" but only the gang will do for me. Must have boston cremes 
and Dick Richie but try not to get fat in the eye. Hey Ailsa your lights are on - No your lights are 
on. Who could forget the black cloaked, black tressed girl from the mountain and the green cloaked, 
blond tressed girl from the sea? Fun and games and cheap thrills for all. No girlie girls or bisons 
shall dip their toes in the Waters of San Fran. Thanks for everything gang. My fine friends, we will 
meet again and dance in our yellow sun dresses among the buttercups. 

Anu Sahota 

Anu came to SMUS in the 8th grade, I met her the following year and the moment we were intro- 
duced, we soulfully connected. I watched her explore her way through each year and each year she 
became more and more efficient in finding ways to unleash her views and ideas. I cannot say how 
beautiful an experience it has been to be part of her life, and to have been so close to her is a gift. 
Now she will venture off to discover the world; to gaze at its moon and to swim in its waters. Though 
all the time she remains a woman 'in whom the goddess shines' so beautiful and so profound. For- 
ever Violet. Leah 

Ernest Salcedo 

"PLAY IT LOUD! " Ernest joined the SMUS community in Gr. 8 along with pals J.W and K.C. He 
was an innocent little boy until he met K.L, A.L, E.Y, J.C&J.T.B. In Gr. 10, he developed a strong 
worshipping for the Norse god Thor. The one time Colt's C captain, who managed one try in his 
short-lived Rugby career, also landed a place, which he secured for four years, on the X-country 
team. His acting exploits led to two performances in Chapel. Ernie will be remembered for his yellow 
Geo Tracker and his famous question to Cd'A in Eng class Memories from SMUS: Leadership week- 
end in Gr. 12. J.T.B.'s coarse language on the phone and modem, J.L's laugh, I.K's short but mem- 
orable quotes, the reactions of B.M.I. A.L and C.L during the play with the naked man. and the hole 
in C.L's underwear. Ernie entered the Blockbuster '94 World Video Game Championships which landed 
him a trip to Florida and international fame. Win one World Championship for us next time! 

Emily Scarfe 

Chemo, you're a babe in bells. Never forget the shed scenario; I'll always hold your hand. Marlbs 
in the bathroom; the b-o-y dilemmas {"Boys to do the dishes. Boys to clean up my room" . . .). New 
Year's '94 at the, um, "People's Pub " (EC) . . Packing S.M's yaucht with 3 months of food for a 
weekend on Saltspring (with C.H, EC, S.G, T.SC the A.Hs). Receiving the 3 omens on the way there, 
June is jamming month. Nico! "Know what Emily? I have a b . . .!" -just one of the guys, EM. "Shen- 
del! Where are you running?" - your big debut, along with y'know what MEI? and the Neck-Breaking 
car Hop. Pukerty Blues. Value - Queen (My whole outfit - Four bucks!) I will survive! (along with S.N&E.C). 
Frozen Olds Mobile. The jelly bean incident. The red beauties. West Coast trail w/ the Gator Gang 
and the "low tides". Eat the Mother Bannock, Eat it! 

... ,. 

*" '"^'■^ 






Ole Schmidt 

Ole came to the school in grade 1 after scaling the German 'Wall' in a mad dash for freedom. He 
spent his youthful days at the Junior school being physically tormented by his peers, resulting in 
many trips to the chiropractor. As Ole reached the Middle School and entered grade 6, this "nifty 
bulkster" tipped all scales with his maximum weight. Even though women started recognizing Ole 
for who he was. Ole shied away and turned his attention to the hardwood. Throughout his increas- 
ingly busy life at the Senior Campus, you could find Ole either enjoying time in the gym shooting 
hoops or hanging out with "the boys". When Ole finishes his 12 year sentence, he will look back 
and remember not only the good times with all his friends, but also his success both in the classroom 
and on the basketball court. As for the future . . . Ole is depending on a Lotto 649 jackpot to send 
him into early retirement. 

Ryan Sinclair 

A frozen Ryan came from a frosty Winnipeg in grade 10. He was soon thawed and gently warmed, 
enjoying the friendly atmosphere of SMUS, Unfortunately the heat got too hot and Tomihaenae got 
badly burned, forcing him into a life of crime. In grade 11. Ryan suffered a life-threatening rugby 
injury and spent much of the year on the sidelines. However, he was able to play a couple of games 
as Captain Crunch for the Dogs of War, the ultimate XV. In grade 12, depending on what color socks 
he was wearing, Ryan could be seen menacing women in search of the legendary Bear-Lady who 
ate his Cornflakes Ryan and his partner in crime. El Diablo, experienced a exciting twist to school 
life with the intro of the Sidney Wheelchair. Ryan will never forget the good and bad times with the 
chaps, SC, BD. PB, MP, EF and Rl, the strangest grouping of friends of all-time. With his list of draft 
picks and heavy-weight championship, Rakki plans to attend UVic and eventually live a life of luxury 
and class. All the best and Cheers to the Old Dog. 

Duncan Smith 

Ducan Smith, the offspring of two burritos from a small planet in the G-7 system, began his life at 
SMUS five years ago. Although much of his time was spent sleeping on the bottom floor of Challoner, 
he still managed to get up each Friday and talk some poor sucker into going flying with him. If Dun- 
can does not make it into R.C.M as a future CF-18 fighter pilot, his future ambitions include over- 
throwing the government and starting a new fascist state based on Brown Halls infamous asparagus 
quiche or he may move to Saltspring and open a small clam farm on the outskirts of Ganges. Duncan 
would like to thank: J.W, Z.X. K.S F. K A.J.M, G.T.F O, I.T.T, L.T, U.2, R., U.L, E.S.Y. M.C.A., P.O. A. 
G.H.G. MOT. V.T.L. S.D, G.E.O, TRIO, A.Z, R.A.N, K.K, A.E.I, O.U, HE, L.P, M.E.A. F.G, O.P, 
PC.W, U I. PHD, PHD, I. HA. T.E, P M, S.S, D N.D, K.J.W, K.L.M, B.O, T.T.D, M.G. M.V.R, Y.O, 
U R, A L, OS, E R, S and of course M. S.A S, J.J? DM, N.I, S.M aka L.K.M. I.N.I, T.I.A, L.S, S.U, 
C.K.X. FDR. H.R.H, and all the other little people. 

Tim Stevenson 

Tim (aka Sport, DIM) arrived at SMU in gr. 4 along with the other workaholics DM. and R.M. (with 
whom he had many rivalries with). Other than always being mistaken for twins with M.L., the Junior 
school proved fairly interesting. The Middle school however proved more social (sweet parties) and 
gr. 8 was a blast In the Senior school, sport will be remembered as one of the 3 (along with R.M. 
and N.J.) in the back of every science class known to man, poking fun at E.S. and J.E. In gr. 12 
DIM learned just how fast word of mouth can travel when it comes to ones social life (did anyone 
not find out about that certain someone). Anyway, see you guys all next year at UVic, I'll be on a 
court somewhere, or studying for still more BIO/CHEM/PHYSICS tests. Good Luck and best wishes 
to Grad '95. 

Tara Strong 

Tara escaped the bearded women in Grade 10 and saught refuge at SMUS with partner in crime 
AH The gang was quickly established and there was never a shortage of fromage. After breaking 
her silence the mute became a strong player, aspiring to leave small fries for quarter-pounders. She 
quickly learned what being sick really meant and C.H told the not so happy camper "No. helicopters 
don't fly to Sidney Spit". Chaos erupted in Grade 1 1 in Squamish city of rocks. The peewee dance 
was adopted and obsessions with C.B's were frequent. A quiter tone was created after snowmen 
were built at Whistler with AC. One road trip landed her in Penticton where Tara did some night- 
swimming while AH noted how dusty the dust was. Grade 12 was a blur but standing O New Year's 
'95. SexWax 1250 Baby, and rebuilding snowmen on the "unofficial" Whistler Grad Trip must be 
remembered. Her words of wisdom: avoid brief encounters, don't stop at bus stops unless you're 
on the bus, and of course when life needs some spice go to Hawaii for some Jammin'. 

Leah Sturgis 

You've got a blister from everything you touch, good nutritionalists will give you same length of bone 
but you've no more than one generation away from poor white trash. Never mind the bollocks, we've 
got no feelings for anybody else, except for ourselves, our beautiful selves. If a ten ton truck kills 
the both of us, to die by your side, the pleasure and priviledge is mine. There's more to life than 
this because the moon is always female, so are sugar-eaters. Sad veiled bride please to be happy, 
handsome groom give her room, for she needs you more than she loves you. The bass was tinkling, 
but the notes were not sweet till you sung them. Send me the pillow - the one that you dream on, 
and I'll send you mine. I'll meet you at the cemetery gates, sister Mcguire. I love you. I adore you. 
Get out of the box godammit: Love, Anu 

Agung Tandjung 

Although English language problems made life difficult for Agung upon his arrival from Surabaya, 
Indonesia In 1992. Agung persevered. Agung is a pretty quiet individual and he enjoyed spending 
his weekends going to downtown, ten-pin bowling, and also occasionally, cursing his golf clubs on 
Uplands with S.T, S.D and Y.H. Agung spent the rest of his spare time listening to music and reading 
comic books. It was always good to have G.H for a roommate for 3 years. After graduation, Agung 
hopes to study business either m Vancouver or Victoria and will eventually go home to Surabaya, 
his home town, to stay. Agung has an affinity for Symons House and will be sorry to leave SMUS 
and his friends, but he threatens to return for visits. 

Caroline Thomson 

Caroline is like a mountain, with really white teeth. She has a pencil case that feels obliged to share 
many truths with the world. Her spirit of the west lives freely like nymphs in a forest named Ella. She 
is staid and stoic like that big mountain Arrowsmith. Her multitude of experiences includes a fast trek 
through the Stein Valley and hiking the Witness trail in Clayuoquot Sound before it existed. Caroline 
knits and sews more than any grandmother we know. And yet, she still finds time to pursue academic 
and social interests. Her elusive and mysticle nature can be somewhat daunting, but if in doubt we 
may all assure she is superior to us. Ben is not a peach! 

Surya Tjandra 

I came to SMUS from Jakarta, Indonesia to become a boarder in Grade 7. Boarding was not fun In 
Grade 7 and Grade 8 as I had to share a room with six other people! bath together, eat together, 
a completely different lifestyle from what I was used to back home in Indonesia. As the new houses 
were built, however, boarding became MUCH better. I moved to Bolton House, where I will always 
remember the wonderful experiences and times. When it comes to pocket money night, J.J.G always 
on guard. Mr, & Mrs, C. who always helped when I needed help. Thanks for being so nice to me. 
While at SMUS, I learned several new things, how to play badminton and rugby. I was a member 
of the "Dogs of War", 2nd XV I also learned how to play the trombone and was a member of the 
Concert band and the Jazz band In Grade 12 I was accepted in the Provincial Honour Choir. I am 
hoping to study business next year at S.F.U. 

Angela Tongue 

"There's Rosemary, that's for remembrance. Pray you Love, remember" -- Shakespeare 
Angela started Gr. 3 at SMUS as an English girl but entered Gr. 4 as a Canadian. Her junior school 
days were filled with horsechessnut wars, hockey cards, ACE and being squished by OS, DP sand- 
wiches. The middle school for Ang holds memories of Vreau's brilliant stories told on the yellow bus, 
running around the pink hallways with magnet avoiding the door of hell, changing in the sauna, and 
polyester red ties. Gr. 9 was filled with fruits, penes, drawings and fun. Playing with Bags, Miss. Ten- 
nisball head and Vreau, Frollicking around in P. MS Pinafore, Japan, dancing en vogue and drinking 
the purple, Gr. 11 and Gr. 12 became very busy filled with people. Fiddler, singing. Fairies, shooo. 
Gondoliers, e.Kperiences and adventures. To my fellow darkness espionage, be free. To everyone 
I have been with at SMUS thank you for teaching me. "By the means of music the passions enjoys 
themselves" . . . Remember take moonbaths and believe in magic. 

Kevin Towler 

Kevin has been with us at SMUS for six years, much to our grievance. He is a quiet person, most 
of the time. Occasionally he can be extremely loud, mostly when he's not being quiet. He has an 
uhh . . unusual personality which can combine determination with skill, when he wants to. He can 
also be stubborn, underhanded and humiliating with his highly American sense of humour (my apologies 
Americans), but in the end he's just another individual and a unique person. Thank goodness! 

This Page Is Sponsored by KEVIN TOWLER 

Tom Tsai 

Tom Tsal, the religious hero (Chung-Hao), arrived at SMU in grade 8. He has started going after many 
different girls since then Finally, he met the right girl, Shirley Wei In his third year at SMU, Although 
Tom had been rejected by Shirley for "N" times, he never gave up. After three years of chasing, 
Shirley has finally became Tom's girlfriend in grade 12. "The End". In Tom's years in SMU, he has 
met many friends, enemies + "rivals". Thanks to . . . AL, JL, GH, EY, SL, SW ... for their compan- 
ionship all through the years. "Hopefull", Tom will be seen driving his BMW in UC Berkerley in the 
following year. (Berkerley? Dream on, Tom!) 

Steve Tsao 

Steve is very friendly and is always showing deference to everyone (especially to DH, BM, SW and 
MH + any girls). Singing is Steve's natural talent but he also has a defect: he sings all the time. He 
was accepted to the Prima Choir and is one of the male members who has shown a full time atten- 
dance to this lime consuming commitment. Steve was also chosen to take part In the Gondoliers. 
Due to the reason that he is a diligent worker and devotes most of his time on school work, he only 
has time to participate in his favorite sports; soccer and tennis. Steve is looking forward to attend 
UBC because he will not need to squander his money on long distance phone calls with his many 
girlfriends. Just in case you may not be able to recognize Steve in the future, just look for the suped 
up Black Eagle Talon Tsi AWD around UBC campus. He could be the one who you will be racing 
against . . . 

Amy Tseng 

Amy. in all her innocence, came to SMUS in Gr 10 from Taiwan. Not knowing how to react to all 
the strange people around her, she suppressed her inner fury at her roommate's excessive noisiness. 
She has since learned to forgive D.L, accepting it as part of her character and loving her for it. Winslow 
93-94 was found to process a more liberal environment, in which Amy discovered a new sense of 
freedom that she embraced fully. Too fully In fact, she hardly saw her room that year, determined 
to discover the full potential of downtown. Accompanying her on her mission were faithful friends A.Y. 
B.P and C.L. Realizing that she was carrying her hedonism to the point of ridiculousness and bank- 
rupting. Amy decided to settle down in her last year. Therefore Gr. 12 was a year of serious hard 
work, only occasionally interrupted by entertainment by S.P in the form of a "squid dance" and "Gong 
go" from J.L. A constant topic of conversation with friends centered around "LO LO", "AYa AYa" 
and "Waves". Memories of SMUS will be cherished in Amy's mind; See you in 10 years! 

James Upton 

James came to SMUS shortly after the year began from somewhere up island (don't ask!!) to finish 
his high school education. He adjusted quickly to his new home ESPECIALLY with the ladies. James 
was involved in numerous activities during his brief stay including rugby and the Grade 12 play. He 
made a lot of friends and will be sorely missed next year. As for the future James plans to further 
his education and study business at Western University if possible. He would like to wish the Graduating 
Class the best of luck in the future and he looks forward to seeing everyone at the ten year reunion. 
Finally, he thanks everyone who helped him through the year! 

Ann Valikoski 

Ann came to SMU as a bright-eyed grade 10 student from the booming metropolis of Campbell River, 
B.C. Armed only with her violin, she finally emerged from exile in grade 11 as a first violinist. Ann 
was responsible for the founding of several obscure underground clubs during her time at SMUS, 
including the "I Brake for Asian Men" Fan Club with Fressica Jic, and how could we forget the il- 
lustrious "Geo Trip" with GB and GD in which she deeply frightened friends and family with her 
obsessive need to name and classify various rocks and minerals. With her grad year came a boost 
of status as she was appointed Head of Timmis House, in which she installed a fascist regime and 
reign of terror. Ann wishes to end her happy and productive SMU existance with a few parting words: 
Pork n' Beans! Trent Reznor! Mica Schist! Dominic Lives! Jesus Saves! Vive la Suisse! Au Revoir 
mes Amis! 

Edward Wang 

Eddie came to SMU in grade 9 from Bombay, India In his four years here he has been a boarding 
'^ student. He has learned a lot and made a lot of friends. He hopes to take over his fathers business 
when he graduates from the University of Guelph. 

Sitting on a bench . . . Doing NADA 

Adrienne Watt 

See you when you're FAT and BALD. LATER CHUBBY! 

Shirley Wei 

Shirley, a girl of everyone's dreams, has the greatest driving skills and the kindest heart any girl 
can posses. She is quiet, shy and easy-going However, one shall never even try to push her to her 
limit, as many of us has experienced, it is not considered a pleasure to get killed, Shirley loves dogs 
as well as fishing for cute guyz. She is proud of her ability to stay on the phone for longer than 24 
hours per day (hmm ,1 wonder with whom?) Unforgettable moments on Mt. Tolmie, 7-11, midnight 
movies. Mosquito and Vampire cruises, most huggable, and Christmas 94' in Taipei (the awesome 
concert, #7 park, Stereo show, MTV, everyone we met). Best wishes for the prettiest girl and I will 
miss you, forever! 

Allister Wilmott 

Allister bounced onto the scene in gr. 10 bringing his skills and thrills. The "Sweet Pea" went to 
work on the court where he scared his opponents and dazzled the fans. The "GLOVE" always came 
up with the goods, stealing like a true con artist. The amazing ride of the Bobcat will always prowl 
until it reaches car heaven. Going for Snapple, laughing at the farces, hiding from the silent assas- 
sins, and going to work, will always be remembered. School was like a fantasy land and the pea 
would like to thank all the players. Ride the Snake little ones, and you will seek your existence. In 
the future, Ali will play ball and will make his living from his skills that will pay the bills. R.I. P. 

Krister) Wilson 

The eye is watching you! For many years Wils endured hard training at Willows in order to prepare 
for the day he would enter SMU. In reality Wils should still be there except for the fact that the teach- 
ers were terrified by the thought of another year with him so they gladly allowed him to proceed to 
SMU. At SMU Wils gave the appearance of being very calm and unemotional, but deep down inside 
burnt a rage that few ever saw. He uses this rage to excel at anything he so desired: soccer, Rugby, 
running, and Physics just to name a few. A day that Wils and Victoria motorists will always remember 
is the day someone made the mistake of giving Wils a drivers license. This new found freedom al- 
lowed him to have many exciting adventures with a few choice friends. Wils enjoys the fine musical 
talent of Rage Against the Machine and his personal favourite song; Bullet In The Head. Wils will 
no doubt some day live in deepest darkest Peru from where he will make fine computer programs 
and organize violent revolutions. 

Joshua Wong 

"Moshi, moshi!" Josh Ping Pong' Wong arrived at SMU in Gr. 8. with pals KC and ES. He quickly 
gained a reputation as having a w/itty (sometimes too witty personality, always looking for a chance 
to render himself a fool. Upon entering the Senior School, he immediately befriended MH and WC. 
In Gr. 10, along with KL, he bailed on KC for the Sayward Outrip. (Being a responsible citizen. Josh 
made it up to KC by taping those movies.) In Gr. 11, he met IL and nearly began a promising career 
as a famous Chinese pop star, but gave it up to end the boring lives of KC, ES, and KL Best mem- 
ones: classes with AL, winning the inaugural SMU School Badminton Tourney, hanging with AW, 
BC, CC, and the '93 Tennis Provincials. Lastly, Josh will always be the #1 fan of LS and MR. Sayonara!!! 

Russell Wong 


Hopefully, some people will remember Russ Wong as a smart, friendly, and likeable guy. Sheila Camp- 
bell will remember him as the "Ex-President", but most will simply remember "The Dragon". In two 
short years of boarding at SMU, Dragon became good friends with Eugene, Gethin, Dave C. Alex 
L, and Duncan W , and many people have seem him around campus wrestling with Geth, Alex, and 
Euan. Members of the Grade 1 1 Senior Boys 'B' Soccer Team will recall one practice when Dragon 
ran up to the ball on a penalty shot, kicked his own foot, and fell flat on his feet. Okay, maybe he's 
not a star athlete, but he was First Tenor Sax in the Jazz Band, Senior Student Lighting Designer 
in Grade 12, and part of the chorus for both "Fiddler on the Roof" and "The Gondoliers", while 
being a prefect in Harvey House. For his last words to SMU. he wants to thank his teachers for, well, 
teaching him, Mr. & Mrs. Jones for making him feel at home, and their children for warping his mind. 

Duncan Woodhouse 

What a year it's been for me! I've seen many a mountain and many a tree. The songs that I've heard 
like Lunch lady land, have made me laugh like the Valentines band. Gondoliers was cool, the skiing 
rad and the Hong Kong sevens was smeggin well fab. I've been to the Jones' for many a cuppa, 
there's many a quarrel on socca and rugga. Many a person, many a sight, it makes me sorry to get 
that last flight. Cheers. Duncan Woodhouse "Woodie" "Back to Britain 

Justin Yang 

This guy came to the gorgeous institute of SMU in gr. 9 and enveloped himself into good times and 
nightmares. Justin made slow academic progress at first but gradually scammed his way and pro- 
duced decent marks in his grad year. In athletics, Yang was cheered for his fancy feet in soccer, 
patented "dummies" in rugger, and his smooth yet gentle strokes on the tennis court. This pretty 
boy will be missed for his pearly white smile and perfectly groomed locks - HP. Justin would like 
to thank "BJ" for all the good times, and wish his grad class all the best in their useless pursuits 
(sooner or later you will be all working for ME!) His future aspirations include being filthy rich by 21 , 
and eventually settling down with Veronica Lodge and contributing to the uncontrollable Chinese 
population Justin sheds a tear for departing all the great friends he has made during his stay at 
SMU Next year he plans to attend McGill or UBC eventually launching his career as a businessman. 
Best of Luck Kid 

Eugene Yeung 

"Things that make you go hmmm " Eugene mysteriously entered the SMUS scene in the middle 
of Grade 9 His quick adjustment to SMUS life, including boarding, allowed him to impress many 
people and make a lot of friends His hobbies in the final year were; Rita, Olivia, AP courses, Rita, 
Olivia . . . more Rita . , more more Olivia. His illustrious sports career included a bit of everything; 
X-Country, Track & Field, Rugby and Soccer Although he was unsuccessful at the latter, he was 
then focused on swimming, where he found his most success. Boarding life has been kind to the 
two time prefect He made many friends throughout his school years; - that's because some of them 
either ran away or were expelled Thanks to RW, ES, AL, JO, TT, GH, RJ, JF, AV, IK, IL etc. as 
he seeks similar friends down in the states next year. 

Joshua Yoo 

Josh joined SMUS late, but with his ability to create, his academics soon fell Into line. His music on 
guitar w/ jazz band did not go very far - he found that It destroyed his beauty-sleep Some nights at 
Johnny Z's he was difficult to please, especially when some guy disrupted his game - the matter was 
taken outside. Tempers became frayed In the merry month of (wlay when doubts arose about a certain 
girl. Calculus was missed to the chagrin of t^r. Smith, and no show for duty aroused Mrs. G's Ire. 
LK's return from East seemed to brighten up his life and now there's no more strife. He's feeling pret- 
ty cool, now his friends know he's no fool, for he won the lovely lady from afar. (Too bad, YK, [VIL, 
and DK) So while he's at UBC his lady love will constant be and Josh will feel like singing to the MOON. 

Alistair Zacks 

Known for his musical gift, extraordinary skiing ability and cunning wit, which has been known to make 
people run away from him very fast (it took time to develop his talent (JS), Alistair has been whinnying 
along with us, here at SMU since the sixth grade. Not too much happened to All until the end of tenth 
grade, when the notorious five SMU crazies: AZ, AM, GD, SD. and GHG, reached the climax of their 
high-school careers and haven't been seen down ever since. Not to say that Ali has never sang any 
blues (he actually sings them quite well). Zacks has earned his income by leading small children off 
of mountain tops and turning light switches at the MO Pherson. Normally a quiet and reserved sort 
of fellow. All, sometimes has outrageous outbursts Famous quotes of his include (shhh, be quiet. 
All, the good enforcers of the law are here) $■/&■% The COPS. "Down with the ref". ("Hit the showers 
Mr. Zacks") "follow me, for I am oh, so bright ", Ali wants to go to McGill next year to make music 
that people can sing to while In the shower. Alistair Zacks never could keep his hand out of the cookie jar. 

Jake Zwaan 

Jake came to SMU in grade eight. LAME! Once reaching Senior School status he became a proud 
member of the Bolton Buds No other explanation needed, except: "We rocked that mountain!" In 
grade 12 Jake managed to achieve prefectship, only to have II snatched away the next day setting 
a SMU record. Car rallies, as well as Whistler were awesome. "Horse, we'll have to do that again 
sometime." Jake would also like to thank the 2nd floor girls of Winslow for reminding him of his sister. 
"Thanks for the great times Now take me from this sterile place and travel me till I'm dead, or maybe 
just U of C." Snowmobiles are fun. 


Grads 1995 





"If at first you don't succeed 
try and try again." 


Someone once said "if it wasn't for bad luck, we'd fiave no luck at all." An 
interesting thought, and, in some ways, one that applied to the many athletic 
teams this year at SMUS. Indeed, of the ten provincial tournament appear- 
ances made by school teams, a full three reached the semi-final stage, while 
another four were knocked out in the quarter-finals. At crucial times, the nec- 
essary break just never seemed to materialize, as penalty shots hit the post 
or crossbar, kicks drifted wide of the posts, key players were injured or 50/50 
decisions went the other way. 

Nonetheless, there was much in which to take solace, beginning with nu- 
merous excellent individual performances. There was a ninth straight Island 
A Field Hockey title, a first ever win over Lambrick park in Girls Basketball, 
and a thrilling Island AAA Boys Basketball championship (4th in 5 years) courtesy 
of an Ali Wilmott jumper with .6 seconds to play. The Senior Cross Country team, 
operating in the toughest zone in the province, consistently overachieved, while, in Badminton, the school 
not only hosted the BC Tournament, but achieved a best ever 3rd place finish. To cap things off, Matt Turner 
set an Island Junior Boys record of 52.5 in the 400 meters. A small band of determined cyclists finished City 
runner-up, and the Cricket XI recovered "the Ashes" from St. Georges in comprehensive fashion. The tennis 
squad also performed soundly, before losing no fewer than five tiebreakers in the BC tournament to finish 
ninth. The 1st XV, though losing narrowly twice to Oak Bay, and going down 10-9 to St. Georges in the pro- 
vincial quarter-finals, did have the satisfaction of drawing 1 7-1 7 with eventual provincial champion Semiahmoo. 
With the New Gym operating efficiently, and with the surface of the playing fields continuing to improve, 
scheduling for both PE and Games was much simpler than in past years. Of course, the significant efforts 
of a talented group of coaches must not go unrecognized. 

Likewise, may I thank all the parents for such fine support of the programs and also extend gratitude to 
theground, bus, janitorial, office, kitchen, laundry, and nursing staff who toil so unselfishly behind the scenes. 
To the graduates, the best of luck in the future. Maintain ties with the school. Continue to work hard and 
enjoy yourselves. 

Getting back to "luck," to those returning, perhaps it is better to ponder golfing legend Gary Player's com- 
ment ". . . the more I practice, the luckier I get." Indeed, next year, let us make our own breaks by being 
more resilient, tenacious, disciplined and dedicated. Let us leave nothing to chance!!! 

- Mr. Ian Hyde-Lay 

Derek Hyde-Lay, son of Ian and Lisa Hyde- 
Lay, enjoys a casual game of soccer with 








B.R: Mr P. Gardiner. L, Gordon, J Wong, T. Stevenson 

F.R: M. Pang, M Cheng, W. Chen, S. Tjandra, I. Wong, C. Rueckert 

MISSING: N. Judson, Z Charania, C. Lee, M. Miller, A. Lee 

The combination of an early start, made possible by the New Gym facilities, a core group of talented, dedicated 
players and the opportunity to host the BC Tournament made for the most successful season in school history. 

League games proved to be almost a formality, as the team moved easily to the top seed in the local competition 
and then secured the South Island #1 berth for the BCs. This event, played the first weekend back from Spring 
break, and featuring the best 16 teams from around the province, was absolutely riveting, with some of the skills 
shown by the top players quite breathtaking. 

In Pool play, the team easily won its first two matches vs Crawford Bay and North Island SS, before defeating 
highly regarded Maple Ridge 7-4 in what was considered the day's first upset. This guaranteed a semifinal place 
vs perennial power Vancouver Technical, with the winner to likely play tournament top seed Sentinel in the final. 

This was a nip and tuck affair throughout, and turned on the strangest of events. Unfortunately, in the middle 
of a doubles match, Surya Tjandra was accidentally cut above the eye by teammate Wayne Chen, and had to 
retire as the wound required 8 stitches. Tournament rules did not allow for a substitute, so the match was lost, 
and though the final result was a 7-4 defeat, the default proved to be a real momentum shifter. 

Happily, with bandaged Tjandra back from hospital, the tea, bounced back to defeat Queen Elizabeth of Surrey 
7-4 to claim the tournament bronze medal. The third place finish was the best ever for SMUS. 

Congradulations to all team members on their attitude, work ethic and sportsmanship. To the grade, best of luck 
in the future. To those returning, set your sights on another rewarding season. 

- Mr. Peter Gardiner 

This page is dedicated to Peter Gardiner, on behalf of the badminton team for all his hard work 
and patience. Special thanks also to Elizabeth McLeish for all her help. 


B.R: C^ Jones, J De Hahn, E. Clough. K Kerr, K. Wynn 
M.R: A. Horsman, K Lobb. K. Larsen, A. Browne, Ms. Poland 
F.R: L Aitken, J. Reed, L. Van Gyn, J. Nash. J. White 

It was another exciting, action and pressure packed season. Ultimately, despite fine talent and a good 
work ethic, a lack of consistency resulted in a heartbreaking 39-38 City Tournament loss to Arbutus which 
denied the team an Island, and likely BC Tournament, berth. 

The team placed second in the super competitive City league, second at the prestigious Police Tourna- 
ment, and won the Esquimau Invitational. Other notable games included a five point league victory over 
nemesis Arbutus. 

Point guard Joann Nash showed many touches which suggest she will follow in the family footsteps as 
a terrific player. Post Emily Clough was one of the league's highest scorers, and was well supported by for- 
ward Carys Jones. Guard Kristina Kerr was also an effective scorer, while Grade 9s Kim Lobb and Alison 
Browne plaved many valuable minutes. 

Thanks to all the other players who also practiced with great enthusiasm, and improved tremendously. 
As a result, the Girls Basketball program is on solid footing. 

- Ms. Tara Galloway 

- Ms. Simone Hart 



This Page Is Sponsored by THE BOULT FAMILY 


B.R: Mr. Jones. A. Johnston, E Fairhurst, J. Pollock, M, Pettlnger, S. Desember 
F.R: T. Spicer, 1. Wan, S, Hirao, C ParrotI, M Danskin 

Fully 45 players attended tryouts for the team, which made the task of selecting a final squad difficult. 

Unfortunately, both size and experience were lacking and despite a few narrow wins early in the season 
in exhibition play, it soon became apparent that victories at this most competitive of levels would be hard to 
come by. So it proved, with close losses to Oak Bay and Arbutus effectively scuttling any hopes of making 
the City Tournament. 

Happily, many talented Grade 9s will return for another season, and join forces with a particularily big and 
talented group of Grade 8s. To the others, best of luck in your quest to make the Senior team in the next two years. 

Special thanks to assistant coach Damian Grant, who as a former Blue Devil star, brought a great deal of 
knowledge and passion to both practices and games. 

- E. Jones 




B.R: Ms. Poland. R. Boult, O. Ross, K. Edgell, C. Ezzedin, J. Appleton 
F.R: S. Perry, H. Lamala, J. Holdsworth, D. Age, T. Boteju 

Expectations were high from the start of the season, as a number of very talented and hard working players were available. So it proved 
to be, as the team enjoyed its most successful ever campaign, winning the City title, finishing second on the Island, and then reaching 
the BC quarter-finals before bowing out in a bitterly contested OT game against host Brittania. 

The team competed in the local Premier League (AAA and AA), finishing 7-2 and finally defeating Lambrick Park (80-60 in their gym!!). 
In the Island Tournament, foul trouble and a rib injury to star guard Joanna Holdsworth made for some interesting early games, though 
the team did claw its way to the final. In this game, again against Lambrick Park, despite 33 points from tournament K/IVP Karen Edgell 
and fine performances from Tanya Boteju and All-Stars Holdsworth and Deanna Age, the opposition secured a 9 point win. 

At the BCs, held in Vancouver, a hard fought 60-40 opening round win ensured the expected quarter-final encounter with host Brittania, 
led by 6'-3" superstar Amber Hall. In easily the most thrilling game of the tournament played in front of college scouts, incredibly noisy 
fans, and shown on Cable TV, Brittania scored a 71-68 OT win Though the team had led in early going by as many as 15 points (due 
mostly to Hall being in foul troutjie), it still required two gutsy free throws by Holdsworth with one second remaining to force the extra session. 

The final two games of the tournament were, not surprisingly, anti-climatic, with the team eventually finishing 7th. Karen Edgell, who 
will continue her hoop career at SFU, was named to the All-Star team. 

A special thank you to all the players for considerable sacrifice, and also to surrogate assistant coach Mrs. Jean Ives, manager Jen 
Appleton and stats persons Michelle Cheng and Ivy Lam. Further thanks to Mrs. Heather Hughes for all her work behind the scenes. 

To the grads, best of luck in the future, To those returning, look forward to what will assuredly be another extremely competitive, exciting 

- Ms. Kim Poland 




B.R: B. White. J. Osel-Tutu, J. Mills, O. Schmidt, P. Beatty, C. 
F.R: Mr. Greenwell, S Ibell (manager). S. GIngles, J Maclver, 

Dyer, E. Kerr, W. Chu, C. Loveless, Mr. Hyde-Lay 

M. Greenwood. A. Wllmott, D. Fairhurst, V. Gill, H. Thompson 

With a good number of talented players returning, it quickly became apparent, especially after an early season win over #1 ranked Terry 
Fox, that anything less than a provincial AAA title (to match that of the 1992 season) would be a disappointment. So it proved to be, as a 
final 38-4 record, an unbeaten Christmas tour of California, and a third Island championship in four years did not take away the bitter taste 
of an 88-87 BC quarterfinal defeat to McNair. 

Nonetheless, much was accomplished, and no season must ever be judged solely on the merit of one result. At times, the team played 
superb basketball, led by the dynamic 1-2 punch of fonward Ole Schmidt and point guard Ali Wilmott, both of whom carried off tournament 
hardware in every event in which the team participated. 

These two were well supported by high flying cornerman Mischa Greenwood, and the heady Jamie Maclver, while fellow seniors Scott 
Gingles and Jeremy Mills invariably provided solid minutes off the bench. Likewise, returnees Dave Fairhurst and Vinnie Gill performed well 
when given the opportunity. 

Of the other underclassmen, guards Cam Loveless and Hayden Thompson shared a starting backcourt position, while 6'6" post Peter 
Beatty showed some of the flashes which, with consistency, could make him one of the premier players in the province in his senior year 
Also, in a limited role, forwards Colin Dyer and Alex Millar, and guard Rob Connolly, displayed the grit and work ethic necessary to succeed. 
Indeed, this sextet, along with talented posts Ben White and John Thomson, could surprise next season. 

My sincere gratitude to co-coaches Ted Anderson and Bill Greenwell, both of whom put in, without complaint, the countless hours nec- 
essary to be successful at the AAA level Indeed, it was gratifying to see "Billy G" rewarded at a special BC High School Banquet in honour 
of those who have coached more than 25 years at the secondary level. 

Further thanks to all those who worked so diligently in a supporting role, particularly the scorekeepers and gym set up crew, and to Mainte- 
nance Head Mr Doug Park, for whom no problem ever seemed to difficult to conquer, whatever the time line. 

Finally, a big thank you to all the fans, who again, in numerous close games, but especially in the Island Final vs Mt. Douglas, made 
the difference!!! We hope to be able to provide you again next season with the type of basketball you have become accustomed to watching!! 

- Mr. Ian Hyde-Lay 

Doing time on the bench; H. Thompson, J. Maclver, A. Wilmott. R. Connolly, C. Love- A. Wilmott and O. Schmidt carrying off some more 
'®ss tournament hardware. 

This page is dedicated to Mr, Bill Greenwell for his never ending dedication to basketball at SMUS. 




B.R.: Ms. Tobacco, T. Elson, C. Yeates. L. Van Gyn, L Wei, J. Van Gyn, Ms. Keziere 
F.R.: P. Davis, M. Turner, T. Chiu, E. Huddart, R. Angline, D. Wilson 

The team enjoyed its most successful season in the past five years. The Grade 9 Girls, led by Gillian and Lindsay 
Van Gyn, were not only talented, but extremely energetic and enthusiastic. As a result, the group placed first in 
both the City and Island competitions. The Grade 9 Boys, sixth in the City and then fourth on the Island, were 
led consistently by Chris Noel. 

At the Junior Boys level (Grade 10), the team finished a very competitive second in local competition, but only 
sixth in the Island meet, due to the fact that Dave Wilson, one of the squad's finest runners, was injured. However, 
Matthew Turner, one of the most talented runners ever at SMUS, did everything in his power to compensate, turning 
in a brilliant season to place at both City and Island level. Finally, the Grade 10 Girls, who struggled to consistently 
fill a team during the City races, miraculously placed second at the Island Championship. This superb result allowed 
the combined SMUS team to finish second overall on the Island, a simply terrific result. 

Thanks to all the athletes for their commitment and dedication. Best of luck next year to those moving to the 
senior ranks. 

- Ms. Laura Keziere 

- Ms. Judy Tobacco 










t^s-- . 

' 164 


This page is dedicated to Ms. Laura Keziere for her outstanding contribution and dedication to the cross 
country team at SMUS. 


B.R: Emily Scarfe, Kristen Wilson, Robert Mazuch, James Peacock, Emil Burdett, Jeremy Mills, Brad Stevenson 
F.R: Genny Burdett, Vinlta Singia, Natasha Schorb, Ernest Salcedo, Samantha McKay, Patrick Gill, Ailsa Lenk, 
Jessica Fitz (manager) 
MISSING: Lorelei Wey and coach Ms. Keziere 

The Cross Country team enjoyed another successful season. Led by Lorelei Wey and Genny Burdett, The Girls 
team placed third locally, and then fourth in the Island Championships. Qualifying for the Provincials in Abbotsford, 
where the race took place in miserably cold, wet and windy conditions, the team finished 18th over (a fine result) 
and gained invaluable experience for future years. 

The boys, led by the very committed duo of Kristen Wilson and Emil Burdett, competing in far and away the 
province's toughest zone, finished fourth locally and sixth on the Island. Kristen is to be commended on his in- 
dividual qualification for the BCs, where he placed 96th out of 400+ competitors. 

My thanks to the group for its wonderful committment and enthusiasm. 

Ms. Laura Keziere 




B.R: C. Dyer, L. Hassett, E. Burdett, M Johnson, D. Woodhouse, E Wang, R Wong, S. Cameron, B. Luckhurst, Mr. Fisher 
F.R: M. Wenman, S. Chinoy, J. Hodgson, B, Daibo, P Bazzard, P Fnsby, I. Wan. R. Ingle, B, Sohail 

The season began early this year, with two matches in the early fall. Both resulted in narrow losses, the first 
against St. Georges, despite three superb "sixes" from Bulent Sohail. The second, against a GNS XI, was by 
only two runs, and in no small measure due to bowling thirteen wides!!! 

The team then hibernated in the gym for six months, working on skills and playing several indoor games, one 
of which produced a convincing victory over a rusty staff squad. 

In the summer term the 1st XI played three fine games. On a slow wicket, at home, the team bowled St. Georges 
out for 101 (Emil Burdett 2 for 14, Bulent Sohail 3 for 7). The top half of the order then responded well with Richard 
Ingle (22), Sasha Cameron (19), Bulent Sohail (23) and Patrick Frisby (14) all scoring well. Unfortunately, a sudden 
collapse produced a very exciting finish with Bawo Daibo scoring a single on the last ball of the match to ensure 
the first ever tied game between the two schools. 

Against the Alumni, good bowling saw the opposition struggling at 85 for 9 before lady Luck intervened. John 
Wenman actually played a ball between the centre and off stump, and while the stumps splayed the bails they 
did not dislodge-thus "not out". Not one to miss taking advantage of such an opportunity, John then belted a quick 
41 to push the Alumni to a total of 138. 

The school innings fell apart almost immediately, with normally steady batsman falling prey to ill advised shots. 
Only a majestic 64 not out by Bulent Sohail brought the final tally to a respectable 110. 

On the return to St. Georges, everything fell into place. Several batsmen actually retired not out and a final total 
of 151 for 2 was impressive indeed. Happily, the bowling and fielding were equally effective, with St. Georges all 
out for 72. Fine play be debut wicket-keeper Russell Wong and two superb catches by Duncan Woodhouse were 
the highlights of "The Ashes" returning to Victoria. 

The 2nd XI enjoyed two games with Stellys School, with each side winning once. Congradulations to Britt-Marie 
and Ailsa Lenk who became the first ladies to play cricket for the school. 

Thanks to all who took part, especially to captain Richard Ingle and Messrs JJ Goodwin, Mike Walsh and Tony 
Cordle for their assistance. May next year be as enjoyable. 

- Mr. David Fisher 



This page is dedicated to my sister Rahama Johnson 


LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr Alan Jones, B Leong, R Morion, J Peacock, E Burdett, P Mazuch. C. Crawford (manager), 
Mr Bill Buckingham 

1995 saw last year's strong Junior team move on to its first season in the Senior ranks. Through quiet persistence and con- 
sistency, Emil Burdett, Brock Leong, Patricia Mazuch and James Peacock lived up to their potential, finishing second overall 
in the league. 

In the Girls division, Patricia Mazuch placed second in both the road and mountain bike categories behind Candace Farrell 
of Belmont. 

Brock Leong was also second overall in the road race series, but unfortunately suffered a steady stream of bad luck in the 
mountain bike races. James Peacock was fifth overall, and will do better next year if he does not break as many bike frames, 
while Emil Burdett's calm, unflappable approach will take him even further in his Grade 12 year 

The Junior team was composed largely of novice riders, who all found out just how demanding sport Cycling can be. Con- 
gratulations especially to John Breasail, Alec Johnston, Andrew Williamson and Russell Morton for their steady improvement 
and positive attitude. 

The season was especially pleasing given the team's positive and cooperative nature. Thanks to all the riders and also to 
the team's manager Curran Crawford, who assisted so competently and reliably 

- Mr. Alan Jones 

- Mr. Bill Buckingham 


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B.R: Ms. Poland, C. Wenman, K. Lobb. R Anglin, K Kerr, D. Age, R. Gardiner 
F.R: J Reed, R. Mavnkos, W. Davis, C. Tearoe, J, Bradbury, R. Black, L. Winters 

A thirteen team City league ensured that there would be action aplenty this season, and so it proved to be. 
The team, ably led by Carys Jones, Ria Mavrikos, Deanna Age and Kristina Kerr and Whitney Davis, just to 
name a few, moved through early matches unbeaten, and then won the ISA tournament before taking part 
in a fantastic City Tournament at Lansdowne JJS. 

In this grueling event, a superb semifinal vs Oak Bay went to a shootout, from which the team emerged 
victorious, thanks in part to the superb goalkeeping of Ria Mavrikos. Unfortunately, the final saw the reverse, 
as Arbutus ended up victorious after a shootout. 

Thus seeded South #2, the squad felt confident of a good performance and of achieveing the school's best 
ever finish in the Island Tournament. Unfortunately, upon arrival in Duncan for the weekend, everything that 
could have possibly gone wrong did go wrong, with two one goal defeats and an unsatisfactory 1-1 draw plac- 
ing Sf\/IUS 11th. 

My thanks to all the players, and particularly to alumnus Jeff Hunt, whose patience and skillful coaching 
were much appreciated. A final overall record of 11-3-1 and some excellent team play were most encouraging, 
even if the last weekend proved so disappointing. 

- Ms. Kim Poland 




B.R: M Smith, P. Sanglap, J. Dorazio, S, Olsen, R. Boult, C. Fric, J. Norris, J. Appleton. J. Holdsworth, 

Ms. Mollenhauer 

F.R: D. Braford. B, Luckhurst, M. Hunt, R. Chadha, S. Campbell, J. Forbes, A Watt, Z Charania 

The team enjoyed a wonderful season, in what had to be the most competitive hockey season locally and 
provincially for many years. In Victoria, the union of the AA and AAA leagues provided the needed stimulation 
for all schools, and it was no mean feat to finish this round robin portion of the schedule unbeaten. This, allied 
to a solid 9th (of 20) finish at the UBC Early Bird Tournament, a respectable 7th (of 16) at the prestigious Bridg- 
man Cup, and a 1st place tie with powerful Brentwood at the ISA's, all proved invaluable preparation for the 
rigorous playoff matches which lay ahead. 

The Island AA tournament was the tightest in years. As eight time defending champions, the team was under 
pressure from the outset, but managed to weather two shootouts to again claim the title. Goalie Caroline Fric 
was virtually unbeatable, while Meggan Hunt returned from receiving switches at the hospital to score the win- 
ing goal on a crucial penalty stroke. 

Due to inclement weather, the BCs were held on artificial turf at Eric Hamber SS. Two wins on the first day 
of play were only a prelude to a wild second day, with snow delaying play for several hours!!! The semi-finals 
vs Rossland was tied 1-1 after regulation and overtime, forcing the dreaded shootout. Unfortunately, having 
won twice the previous week in the same format, the final shot rang off the post and away. The bitter disap- 
pointment faded somewhat with a win over Agassiz for 3rd place (another shootout) the next day. 

Many thanks to all the supporters and especially the players. Best wishes to graduates Jo Forbes, Stephanie 
Olsen, Sheila Campbell, Jeannie Norris, Jen Appleton, Britt-Marie Luckhurst and Adreinne Watt. To those re- 
turning - "pitter patter". 

- Mrs. Nancy Mollenhauer 




B.R: Mr, Ian Hyde-Lay, B, Soderberg, G, Pemberton, C. Smith, C. Noel, A. Dowhy, A. Dewar. P, Kim, B, Heller, Mr. Peter Tongue 
M.R: A Dawson, V. Chu, B Lim, B Chiu, C Kirk, D. Lynch, C Stolarski, J Chiu 
F.R: C, Parrott, R Large, R. Knott, R. Munroe, T Kim, T Freeman, V Drohomireckl 

Some 38 (about 85%) of the grade represented the A and B teams this season, and combined to play some 
useful rugby. Unfortunately, huge and talented opposition at Shawnigan, Brentwood and St. Georges meant 
that wins were hard to come by, with lack of physique invariably proving our undoing. 

Nonetheless, many useful players emerged, and, living on sometimes only a beggar's ration of possession, 
combined to produce some fine tries. In the A XV, jack of all trades Chris Stolarski played well in several dif- 
ferent positions, while flanker Chris Noel, prior to his departure to bolster an injury ravaged Colts squad, was 
a tower of strength. Up front, Jordie Thome, Ben Heller, Chris Smith and Gavin Barry laboured diligently, while 
behind the scrum, wings David Lynch and Colin Parrott and centre Ryan Knott were constant threats. 

In the B XV, centre Victor Drohomireckl always played purposefully, as did scrum half Ryan Munroe. In the 
pack, the front row of Jack Chiu, Craig Kirk and George Pemberton, and lock Peter Kim invariably worked well. 

Hopefully, the group will develop physically, so to better combat the rigours of a demanding Grade 10 cam- 
paign. Other less reliable, less committed members of the group must look to better support their peers, so 
all may enjoy the benefits of this marvellous sport. 

Special thanks to Mr. Peter Tongue for his assistance, and of course to all the referees and supporters. 

- Mr. Ian Hyde-Lay 




B.R: V. Law, M. Preston. B. Nelson. N. Stanger. J. Hammeken. C. Mavrikos. S. Lau 

M.R: Y Soegio. D Wilson. S. Grant. K. Philips. S. Kim. E. Callendar. M. Jung. Mr. Kukllnski 

F.R: E Hung. D Tang. S, HIrao. I Wan. R Morton. A, Vaidovits. D. Evans 

The 1994 Colts Rugby season was a most successful one for all involved. Over 50 players took part in 29 games, 
with 95 tries being snared by 32 players. 

The ISA campaign was extremely arduous, with A. B. and C XV's all involved in exciting matches with rivals 
Shawnigan, Brentwood, Glenlyon-Forfolk, Collingwood and St. Georges. All three teams were usually struggling 
to match the opposition for size, but were often able to scrape home by virtue of great enterprise. A typical example 
came in the A match at Shawnigan, where despite the season ending loss of star fullback Jamie Pollock to a shoul- 
der injury, the team came back to snatch a 21-17 win in the last minute. 

In the City competition, it quickly became clear the team was on a collision course with Oak Bay and so it proved 
to be. Unfortunately decimated by further injuries to Ed Fairhurst, Shingo Hirao and Matt Turner the A XV went 
down 33-12, recovering later in the week to defeat Parkland and so secure a place in the Island tournament. 

Prior to the Islands, the 12th Annual Captain Beaky 's Rugby League Challenge was played. Led by Ivan Wan, 
Simon Grant, Keith Phillips and Chris Mavrikos, the Artful Owls outclassed the Reckless Rats and the Timid Toads 
to capture hardware. 

Also of note was a match vs Coopers Coburn from England. This proved to be an excellent encounter, with the 
SMUS forwards slightly gaining the upper hand over the visitor's slick backs. 

The Island Tournament provided the one real disappointment of the season, as in a quarterfinal matchup with 
Dover Bay an avalanche of possession was not converted into points. Instead, two bad mistakes led to breakaway 
tries by the opposition from which the team could not recover A victory over GNS the next day in bitterly cold 
and miserable conditions was of little consolation. 

Without wanting to take away from the team effort and performances, certain individuals merit mention. Ed Fair- 
hurst and Jamie Pollock (17 tries) both scored over 100 points, while Matt Turner and Danny Tang also reached 
double figures on the try front, i he consistent play of Gary Tongue, Ivan Wan, Nick Stanger, David Wilson and 
Vincent Law was also praiseworthy, as were the efforts of B XV captain Chris Mavrikos. 

Thanks to coaches Mel Jones and Jim Chestnut for their encouragement and assistance, and to all the parents 
who supported all three teams so enthusiastically 

To all the players, further thanks for a great effort!! Well done!! 

- Mr. Bruce Kuklinski 




B.R: Mr. Walsh, C. Loveless, J. Wong, J. Upton, G. Srivastava, B. Hanson, K. Wilson, C. Dyer, B. White, L. 
Hassett, D. Woodhouse, S- Lobb, C- Dickson, P. Bazzard, Mr. Hyde-Lay 

3RD R.: Mr. Tongue, G. Daniel, S. Tjandra, P. Bodley-Scott, R. Jenkins, A, Lambert, A. Austin, M. Hatton, 
S. Gingles, G. Jones, A. Henri-Bhargava, F. Konigbauer, A. Middleton, W. Chu, Mr, Kuklinski 
2ND R.: R. Ingle, J. Zwaan, R. Matsui, E. Kerr, D. Fairhurst. C, Pollock, R. Sinclair, E. Frew, J. Horsman 
F.R: P. Miller, M. Repicky, E. Wang, J. Thomson. S. Choi, J. Liang, O. Gervais-Harreman, Y. Saito, R. Con- 
nolly, E. Fairhurst. A. Millar 

Colin Dyer, Gr. 11 

It was both an enjoyable yet frustrating season for the Senior Rugby squad. On one hand, over 60 players turned out during the year, 
enabling three XV's to function, and giving anyone interested more than enough opportunities to play On the other, several narrow defeats, 
including a 29-28 heartbreaker to OaK Bay in the Howard Russell Cup Final, and then 10-9 to St Georges in the provincial quarter-finals, 
put paid to what might have been a quite successful year 

There were several highlights during the season, including wins over ISA rivals Brentwood and Shawnigan, and a dramatic 17-17 draw 
with top ranked Semiahmoo, who later went on to capture the BC title. The Howard Russell final notwithstanding, the 1st XV played two 
other extremely exciting games with archrival Oak Bay, winning 24-23 in the inaugural "Boot Game" before losing 15-8 in league play. Fur- 
thermore, the 1st VII reached the semifinal stage of the BC School Sevens, though for sheer spirit, excitement and Herculean defence in 
the face of gigantic opposition, had to take a back seat to another "magnificent seven", captained by Ryusuke Matsui and affectionately 
known as the "Cathy f^acific Flyers". 

The 2nd XV also turned in some excellent performances, especially in defeating Shawnigan away 31-11, and producing a magnificent for- 
ward performance for 60 minutes vs a talented Lambnck Park side (AA#2 in BC), before two horrendous backline errors resulted in a 33-12 defeat. 

Nonetheless, while many players gave spirited game performances, against the very best opposition there probably was just not enough 
abrasiveness, size and sheer athleticism to consistently cope. Likewise, too few players were prepared to spend the extra time necessary 
to develop individual unit skills and practice the "little things" which in tight, pressure matches make the difference. In that sense, though 
the team was nothing if not resilient through the season, often making tremendous come-backs when all seemed lost, the final results were 
probably justified. 

Injuries played a crucial role as well, no more so than in season ending knee damage to Gethin Jones. The BC U17 scrum half, who 
had worked so hard to get ready to play after first term surgery, thus was not able to dictate play from the crucial halfback position. Re- 
placement John Upton was then also sidelined by a mysterious virus, so leaving Grade 10 Ed Fairhurst in the #9 jersey. It said much for 
his ability that he was able to handle the inevitable pressure, but the loss of Jones, who perhaps could also have played the equally de- 
manding flyhalf position, was to much to overcome. 

Up front, captain and No. 8 Dave Fairhurst played many useful matches, as did fellow backrowers Jake Zwann and Jon Horsman, and 
the front row union of Matsui. Ryan Sinclair, Dave Murray and Andrew Middleton. Behind the scrum, fullback Chris Pollock scored a number 
of good tries end also kicked some useful goals, while left wing Scott Gingles capped a solid season by being named to the BC Schools 
Commissioner's XV. In mid field, vice captain Eric Kerr also performed bravely, especially in a defensive role. 

The 1996 squad, on paper, looks more useful, with prospects of an Easter tour to the UK as good preparation for the season. Up front, 
Phil Bodley-Scott, Jack Wong, Alex Millar, John Thomson, Colin Dyer, Steve Lobb, Ben White and Cam Loveless have the potential to form 
an exciting backline. However, a more ruthless and dedicated approach will be required if the team is to match the best sides in the province. 

Thanks and best wishes to all the players, particularly the grads, who hopefully will continue their rugby careers at university and beyond. 
Further thanks to Mr. Peter Tongue, Mr Mike Walsh, and Mr. Ian Hyde-Lay for their assistance throughout the year. 

- Mr. Bruce Kuklinski 

" 172 


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B.R: E. Clough, K Lobb, K, Kerr, K Larsen, A. Browne 

2ND R.: Mr. F. Hannah, A. Horsman, A. Thomas. L. Van Gyn, C. Yeates, J. Van Gyn 

F.R: C. Tearoe, J. Nash, J. Angus, A. Staseson, E. Huddart, J. Ford 

The girls enjoyed a fine season, displaying talent and panache in fighting through a league draw which ul- 
timately included both playoff finalists. Despite starting late due to a long Spring Break, the team captured 
the final playoff berth before going out in the quarter-finals to Colquitz. 

Defensively, the team was quite strong with Andrea Horsman in goal and Emily Clough, Emily Huddard and 
Kanoux Larsen on the backline. 

An ever changing midfield solidified late in the season, with Ria Mavrikos and Kim Lobb as the experienced 
outside halves, and Cara Yeates displaying field hockey style aggression in the middle. Recent news is that 
all of her midfield opponents have recovered from their injuries and are resting comfortably. 

Up front, Joann Nash demonstrated extraordinary virtuosity with the ball, and was responsible for more goals 
than could be counted-indeed, even more goals than were counted!! Chantelle Tearoe, Jen Angus and Alison 
Browne also were dangerous in the opposition goalmouth, while Bailey Harang and Anna Thomas shared wing 
duties. Amy Karchut and Kristina Kerr were invaluable utility players, performing well in several different po- 
sitions, while the Van Gyn twins, Gillian and Lindsay, provided confusion in opposing ranks simply by running 
towards each other!! 

My thanks to all the players for their maturity, courage and high spirits. Thanks also to "the Commish". 

- Mr. Eraser Hannah 



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B.R: K. Wilmut. T. Spicer, Mr. Hyde-Lay, G. Tongue, S- Hirao. E, Falrhurst, K. Phillips, D. Wilson, S. Lau 
2ND R.: V. Law, E. Callendar, N. Stanger, J. Pollock, R. Bateman 
F.R: C. Marikos, Q. Bregg, R. Large, M, Danskin, M. Turner, I. Wan 

Some 35 students tried out for the team this year, making final selections more difficult than ever. Making 
the task even more difficult was a highly competitive City league, in which, though the squad began strongly 
with a hard fought win at Oak Bay, victories were at a premium. As a result, a quarter-final playoff defeat was 
a fair reflection on ability. 

While not singling out any specific individuals, there were a number of fine performances, many by players 
who will challenge for Senior squad places in the fall. Best of all from a coach's perspective was the enthu- 
siasm, work ethic and team-work of all the players. Indeed, it was a pleasure working with the group. 

- Mr. Tony Cordle 




B.R: Mr. Cameron, S. Campbell, N. Elchenlaub. L. Sturgis, N. Fera, N Schorb. C. Loiacono, R. Marikos, B. 

Breasail, S. Perry 

F.R: J. Nash. C. Brown. V. Fera, P Sanglap. T. Boteju, A. Watt. J. Forbes. B Smith. D. Bradford 

The squad battled through a tough season, hampered by a slow start following the return from Spring Break 
and a lack of games due to a late schedule change which split the league for the first time into AAA and AA 
sections. With only one AA berth available to the BCs, it was apparent that only a real upset would derail a 
powerful Claremont team from representing the City, and so it proved to be. 

Following four consecutive losses to start the season, the team rebounded to win six in a row. Unfortunately, 
two of the league losses had been to Stellys and Lambrick Park, both games that really should have been 
won. This resulted in a playoff semifinal with Claremont, and though the team played extremely well (going 
down 6-3), a distinct improvement on the 7-1 league loss), the defeat signalled the end of the season. 

A sincere thank you and best wishes to all the graduating players, most of whom worked diligently for at 
least two full years. A useful group of returnees, and some good talent coming up from the Junior XI should 
ensure a solid season in 1996. Thanks also to Mr. Rob Cameron for all his assistance. 

- Mr. John Nash 





B.R: Mr. Nash, P. Bazzard, A. Wilmott. C. Pollock, E. Kerr (captain), D. Fairhurst, S. Gingles, K. Towler, R. Ingle. Mr. Cordle 
F.R: A, Cameron, C, Loveless, A. Crawford, E. Frew. J- Thomson, P, Miller, R, Connolly, S. Bonet, A. Millar, B. Daibo 

Despite some inconsistent exhibition and league performances, everything nearly came up smelling roses 
for the 1st XI, as only the width of a post in the provincial semifinal shootout vs local rival Stellys deprived 
the team of a chance to play for the BC AA title. 

Thanks to goalie Dave Fairhurst, who played solidly throughout, and on occasion, made some brilliant saves. 
He was ably backed up by Dave Crothall, who also performed well for the ISA XI. 

Defensively, simple resolve and a number of different formations kept the team in many games against more 
experienced, skillful oppostion. Kevin Towler, John Thomson, Bawo Daibo, Pip Bazzard, Euan Frew and cap- 
tain Eric Kerr all battled bravely throughout, as did Mischa Greenwood and Chris Streeter when not sidelined 
by injury. 

The midfield was led by provincial All-Star Ali Wilmott, ably assisted by skillful Sasha Cameron and Seb 
Bonet. Complementing these artists were Andrew Crawford and Alex Millar, who displayed great courage com- 
peting for possession on the ground and in the air. 

Up front, Scott Gingles (also a provincial All-Star), Chris Pollock and Cam Loveless competed tirelessly and 
scored numerous valuable goals. Utility man Richard Ingle also proved extremely valuable. 

Some 35 players represented the school Xl's, with some playing in a reversed ISA schedule. From this ISA 
group emerged Rob Connolly and Philip Miller, both of whom moved up to the main squad for the BC Cham- 

In retrospect, considerable progress was made over the course of the year. Many players return to what 
could be an equally successful team next season. 

My thanks and best wishes to all the graduates, and especially Mr. Tony Cordle for his assistance 

- Mr. John Nash 




B.R: Ms. Judy Tabacco, L Van Gyn, L. Wei, C. Parrott, S. Lau, V. Law 
3RD R: M. Pettlnger, A Browne, M. Danskin, K. Kerr, D Age, I, Wan 
2ND R: N. Arnett, T, Elson, J. Angus, E. Huddarl, K. Larsen, J. Pollock 
F.R: D. Hahn, C. Yeates, B, White, M Turner, D. Wilson, J. Van Gyn 

With the arrival of the Spring Term came sunny skies and the 1995 Track and Field season. This year's 
team included athletes from a wide spectrum - from those who spent many hours training seriously to others 
who came out to try new events or help bolster the squad by filling a few empty spots. Once again, SMUS 
made a strong showing in the various competitions, including the All School Relays, a tri-meet with Oak Bay 
and Ridgeway, Oregon, and of course the City, Island and Provincial Championships. 

Standouts included sprinters Bernie White, Devon Hahn, and Matthew Turner, jumpers Jamie Pollock, Matt 
Pettlnger and Mischa Greenwood, steeplechaser and middle distance runner Dave Wilson, and top distance 
runners Lorelei Wei and Chris Noel. This young and talented group produced two qualifiers for the BCs, held 
in Port Coquitlam. Mischa Greenwood earned a place in the long and high jump, and had an excellent chance 
to medal in both, but unfortunately was unable to take part due to a hamstring injury. Matthew Turner, only 
in Grade 10, did superbly well to gain a 12th place finish in the 400. 

The final meet of the season was the inevitable marathon Junior Island meet, held this year in Port Alberni. 
Departing at 5:30am, and returning home a mere 17 hours later, did little to diminish the high spirits and ex- 
cellent performances of the athletes. High points included Matthew Turner's PR and Island Junior Boys record 
equalling time of 52.5 in the 400, and excellent team work to maintain the school's tradition of producing the 
best 4 x 400 squad. 

Indeed, the junior group of athletes possess a tremendous amount of potential, and should do extremely 
well next year at the Senior level. Thanks to all this season's participants for such wonderful commitment and 
overall effort. 

- Ms. Judy Tobacco 





+4 f 

B.R: E. Hung, J. Yang, I. Schnieder, B. Sohail, J. Hammeken. P Miller 
F.R: M. Miller, J Holdsworth, Z Charania, C. Lee, Mr Featherstone 

The team enjoyed a most successful season, winning the City championship, finishing second on the Island, 
and then ninth in a hotly contested BC AAA Tournament. 

In this latter event, hoping for a semi-final berth, the team was haunted by an inability to win tiebreakers, 
losing five in a row en route to first round defeats by Richmond and Vancouver College/Little Flower Academy. 
Placed in the consolation side of the tournament, the team could thus only achieve ninth place - it certainly 
was frustrating to see both Brentwood and St. Georges, teams of similar ability, finish second and fourth!! 

Though the team was handicapped by the non-availability of Tim Stevenson, a 1994 colours winner, nu- 
merous others came to the fore. Ian Schnieder, as the A singles player, and Phil Miller and Bulent Sohail as 
the A doubles pair played superbly all season against a talented opposition, and received solid support from 
Justin Yang, Sebastian Elawny, Eric Hung and Jorge Hammeken. 

Mariko Miller, winner of the Girls Sportsmanship award at the BCs, led the girls team, ably supported by 
Zareen Charania and Joanna Holdsworth, who became the most competitive doubles team. Also, Sarah Danzo, 
Alisa Cooper and Carol Lee played with determination. 

Indeed, despite the fact SMUS has no tennis facilities of its own, the team played with real style and com- 
mitment. My thanks to them all for being such excellent ambassadors for both the school and the game. 

- Mr. Grenfell Featherstone 




B.R: B. Harang, A. Browne, K. Wynn, J. de Hann. A. Horsman, R. Black, Ms. 


F.R: J Williams, L. Aitken, A. Holtham, N, Arnett, M. Bigwood, H, Gibson 

The team enjoyed an exciting campaign, for although finishing 16th out of 22 in league play, a strong sense 
of spirit and fun ensured no little improvement and some big upsets over highly rated opposition late in the season. 

The team was ably captained by Kathryn Wynn and Michelle Butler, while Andrea Horsman, Alison Browne 
and Jen de Hann also gave solid performances. 

Thanks to everyone who took part. A very positive standard was set from the outset, which can result in 
a playoff berth next year. 

- Ms. Jennifer Walinga 

Junior Girls Volleyball team on the way 
to Vancouver for a tournament 

" 180 


This Page Is Sponsored by DR. PETER J. POMMERVILLE INC. 







B.R: A. Harkness, K O'Neill, L. Preston. Ms. Tabacco 
F.R: A. Norheim, L. Gordon. T Boteju 

The 1994 team was young and inexperienced, and up against it in the super competitive City league. None- 
theless, hard work saw skills and understanding develop impressively, and lead to a 5th place ISA finish, and 
wins over talented Reynolds and Oak Bay squads. Unfortunately, a somewhat depleted team finished 7th in 
the City playoffs and so failed to reach the Island Tournament. 

Karen Edgell had a superb season, and was much relied upon for leadership as well as her defensive and 
attaking qualities. Three setters, Tanya Boteju, Leslie Preston and Olivia Gamache, all played this most de- 
manding of positions most effectively, while power kitters Kerry O'Neil, Lindsay Gordon, and Alison Harkness 
keyed the attack. Lastly, Ashlie Norheim practiced with great verve throughout the season, and developed 

Next year's squad should be successful through the same combination of hard work and enthusiasm. Best 
of luck to the returnees, and of course also to the grads in all their future endeavours. 

- Ms. Judy Tabacco 



LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Nelson, A. Wilmott, R. Ingle, S. Tjandra, P. Bazzard, E. Frew, J. Yang, P. Beatty 

Despite the June 1994 retirement of Mr. Stewart Dunlop, the "Father of Golf" at SMUS, the team still par- 
ticipated fully this season in a number of high school competitions. A number of mid table finishes in the Police, 
City and ISA Tournaments, during which Surya Tjandra's second place net 67 in the Police event and Richard 
Ingle's second low gross at the ISA's were the individual highlights, were, of course merely warmups for the 
big test-namely, the year and Staff vs Student challenge. 

This latter competition was held as usual at Uplands, and the day after the completion of the Payless Open. 
Needless to say, the course played extremely tough, made even more so by a strong wind. Seven matches 
were played, with both sides winning two and three being halved. 

Nine students represented the team this season. To all of them, my thanks on a job well done. 

- Mr. John Mclntyre 









-^ -**: CJuR*..-'>^si^ 


Fine Arts 

PG. i86,cescicinsn^vRennginBinnnR!ien^rem£ia Ma- 

zuch, Tanya Boteju, Jacqueline Hudson 

PG. 187, CLOCKWISE UPPER LEFT: Ji-Sun Kim, Katherine Chan, 

David Wilson, Bernard White 

Fine Arts 





A Picture 

Anger, envy and pride, 

The turbulent sky never takes 

A person in mind but , * 

Trusts the bright, virtuous sun away, 

Embeds it in the profound sea, 

And blurs the way of the miserable sail. 

The fierceness of the cloud ^ y 

Stroms the golden sunset ^ : 

Weathers the iron courage of its enemy. 
Deposits a gloom of despair 
On the sheet of shimmering waters. 

Btjrning passion of the bronze sun, 

outbursts a grin of delight, 

Kisses the wreck and torment 

Brought by the arrows from the sullen sky, 

And smiles on clam carpet of liquid, blue. 





At tirnes ' 

A buffer escapes the gnawing paint 
Buries itself in ditch water. 
Buoys up with new hope, /■ 

Victor melts the pitiless cold. ^ 
Wipes the last tear stolen down the creek 
Sails towards the crystal beam. 



by l\Mggie Pang, Gr.' 1 1 


■ -■ ,-^' 

A glass bottle lies on a window sill, ^ 

The picture of a shiny red apple and 

The logo of the Everfresh Juice Company 

immortalized in prirrf on its front. 

In the background a lawnmower buzzes ^ 

Amongst the red-leaved trees and the sunbeams. 

Of which one shines through the window itself. 

The sunbeam lands on the orange peel 

-That is nailed to the wall. 

The curiosity of^this sight allows attention to 
wander - ' ^ 

And in this moment of distraction a gust of wfnd 
BJows the bottle of the window. 
It falls and shatters into a thousand pieces. , 
At the same time a small star in a distant corner 
Of a not-so-distant galaxy explodes forever, 
And no one notices except those who lived there. 

by Alex Henri-Bhargava,.Gr. 11 


Welcome to Uife 

It w^s kind of funny. I walked into a. bar the other night. How cliche. It was 
really kind of a weird place, there was a sign above the door that said "Wel- 
come to Life. 3 Drinks-'Mmimum'." Maybe I dreamt it, but I don't think so. It was 
real. I cduld touch things. I could smell smells, i could see sights. I could hear 
sounds. The bartender was a HUngarian guy. I didn't speak to him much. I can 
never understand people with bad accents. There was a-sign above the drink 
cabinet that said "Women are not permitted to have children in the bar." As if 
a pregnant woman would want to come to a bar anyway! In one corner there 
was a musician. He was one of my favorites but I didn't recognize him at first 
because the last thing you expect in the corner of a srfiall bar you happen to 
wander into the middle of the city is Terence Trent D'Arby singing "She Kissed 
Me." In the other corner there were two guys. They were obviously pissed tO/ 
the giHs because they were having a sword fight with thos& Wglpl sabers from 
Star Wars'. In the middle, there was a huge rink wher§ a couple of midgets 
were Mudwrestling. The tall one was winning. Then I noticed this incredible • 
woman sitting at a stool. I went over to say hi but when she turned around I 
found out that she was a He. I ordered a beer and went to sit down. A hippie 
came to sit with me. We spoke for .a long time but I have no idea what the con- 
versation was about. I think it had something to do with being naked and the 
benefits of Chinese medicines, but somefhing about a giant gazeebo. Might 
have also figured into it. After he left I stayed there alone for a couple of hours, 
but I only had one other drink. The bartender gave me a rum and Coke even 
though I had ordered a Long Island ice tea. It tasted like p— . I tripped on the 
owner's Chihuahua on my way out. I broke ite spine. The owner walked over to 
me, but he didn't say anything. He didn't even say anything about the fact that 
I had only had two dripks, so I quietly walked past him without saying anything, 
either. When I turned''around he was gone. But then, so was the bar. 

by Alex Henri-Bhargava, Gr. 11 


The rain beats down 


Hits everybody lightly 

And stops being rain. • 

Life beats down 


Hits everybody lightly 

And stops being life. 

Love beats down 


Hits everybody strongly 

But still it is love. A 

by Patrick Gill, GrflO 


Fine Arts 

Was It Worth it? 

Jane Vallette sat quietly, her attention focused on a spider's web in the corner of Mr. Mann's English classroom. Her at- 
tention returned when Mr. Mann asked if she would like' to rejoin the class. She blushed and chewed her thumbnail while 
her classmates laughed. Mr. Mann reprimanded theni ahd carried on with class. He assign^jkttiem a short story. 

Henry Pismus was drawing a picture of Mr. Mann, when he overheard him tell the class that they had to write a short 
story about something that had-affected their lives. Henry immediately looked at his long time friend, Jane Vallette. They 
had gone to school together since Kindergarten. Jane has always been quiet, kind and had never liked attention. He never 
understood this, because he was quite the opposite. They had remained good friends,'most likely due to the fact Henry 
was always aware of how sensitive Jane was. He'd never tried to hurt her feelings or embarrass her or anything like that. 
He knew she respected him^for this. Being the center of attention was fun for him, but lately he w^s more cruel than he 
remembered having been. Henry stopped standing up for Jane and instead started bugging her rpore. 


Jane coulcTsense that she and Henry were growing apart. StilUn Mr. Mann's plass, she finally returned his gaze, for Henry 
had been watching her for a long time. She felt the corners of her mouth begin to rise. First the, left, then the right. Jane 
saw Henry start to return her smile. But when Louisa, or Weeza as slje was called by her many friends, looked in his 
direction Henry smirked at Jane and nodded to "Weeza". She was hurf, yet not sufprisfed. 4ane silently reminded herself 
to ask Henry about his attitude towards her. , -^ ' 

t' I 

Several minutes later, Henry asked Jane what shp was going to write about. "I don't know, maybe the day we started 
school, I gue§s" she replied. Henry thought wh^ a good idea this.was. He wished he had thought of it. He said jokingly 
"Good idea Jane, maybe I'll do it too." ^ ' , ' 

Jane didn't believe he'd really do that, so^e frowned, then attempted to smile. She tried to rid herself of an anxious 
feeling In her stomach. Then she heard Mr. Mann ask Henry what he was planning to write about. He replied that he might 
describe the day he started school. "Great idea Henry, you£ould really go somewhere with that" encouraged Mr. Mann. 
Jane was instantly filled with rage. "Henry Pismus, you creep, you stole my idea" she exclaimed. Mr. Mann asked Henry 
if he used Jane's idea. - ^ 

For a Very brief moment Henry looked as if he was going to confess. That quickly changed, however, and he began to 
defend himself. "I told Jane my "idea and she said she wanted to use it and then she told me she was going to make 
all this up just to get me into touble, but I never thought that she'd stoop this low." lied Henry. "This is ridiculous, both 
of you. Do the same, thing if you want" said Mr. Mann. Only now both of them wanted to hurt and embarrass the other. 

Jane wrote her story and saw Henry writing-his. They were both writing stories intending to hurt the other. Jane wrote 
about the time Henry wet his pants in grade S.Henry wrote about the first day of grade 4, when Jane was crying because 
her mummy left. They both read their stories aloud to the class. The class roared with laughter and although they both 
intended to feel better after reading their stories, they felt worse. They were both embarrassed. Not embarrassed that 
the class knew these personal things, but embarrassed that they both had yone against their morals and principals, simply 
to protect their egos. Class ended and they left, glaring at each other. 

Later, Jane was going to fetch her books from her locker. When she got to it, someone had written on it "Why don't you 
go break someone else's arm?". Now to someone unaware of what this reffered to, it would seem like nothing, but to 
Jane, it was everything. A week ago, Jane's good friend had been teaching her how to wrestle. Jane had been trying 
to do a .move that her friend had taught her, when she heard something in her friend's arm crack. Mary, Jane's friend, 
had a hairline fracture to her humerus. Jane still felt awful and had only told yenry about it. Jane felt betrayed and angry 
tfiat Henry had wfltten about it on her locker. All day he had been doing these sorts of things to Jane to hurt her feelings. 
'She was tired of going out of her way to avoid him. She was tired of having him treat her this. She,knew she could never 
act the way he was, but she could show him how much he hurt her. 

The next'time Henry saw Jane he was about to put her down, when he saw the look of hurt in her eyes. He turned around 
*'and didn't say anything, but he too felt hurt and embarrassed. He tried to shrug away this guilty feeling, but he couldn't. 
' He kept seeing her face in his mind's eye. He had always thought that as long as he was insulting her, and she was in- 
sulting him, that he would be fine. But his conscience kept telling him he had been wrong. He knew Jane would never 
trust him again, even if they did rekindle their friendship. This made him miserable. 

,-^ne was hurt. She could never trust him again. She left'sohool feeling as lost as Henry. 

Although they apologized to each other, they were never close friends again. They talked once in a while, but gradually 
grew apart. Henry often thought about Jane and she, him, but after that day, they both felt as though they had left some- 
thing behind. They probably did, but they never spoke of their sense of loss or tried to understand what they had lost. 
Instead the question they both constantly asked themselves was, "Was it worth it?". 


Fine Arts 




Fine Arts 


This page is dedicated to Don MacKay, Andrea Leung, Andrew Tugwell, Chris Hibbins, Alister Zacks, Caroline 
James Townely, Russell Wong, Jamie Genge, Erin Cristall, Geoff Adams, Pat Frisby, Brian MacKay, Brad Hanson 
ing Office, Student Services. Thanks. 

Rueckert, Alan Jones, 
, Michael Lee Account- 

- Alex Lisman 


Erin Cristall Gr. 12, Haruko Kiyono Gr. 12, 
Curran Crawford Gr. 11, Bernie White Gr. 
11, Atarah Humphreys Gr. 12, Jacqueline 
Hudson Gr. 10 


Fine Arts 


LEFT TO RIGHT: Erin Cristall, Milos Repicky, Tanya Boteju, David Murray, Em- 
ily Scarfe 
MISSING: Mr. Colin Skinner 

This year for the Victorian Drama Festival, St. Michaels ent- 
ered two plays. One was a comedic, student-'written' play 
performed by several students in grades 11 and 12. The other 
play, entitled "Never Swim Alone" was performed by David Mur- 
ray, Milos Repicky and Tanya Boteju. Directed by the ever re- 

sourceful Colin Skinner, "Never Swim 
Alone" was a grand success. Everyone who 
saw it in Esquimalt School's theatre enjoyed 
the wit, humour and competitive theme of 
the play. Unfortunately the trio did not move 
on to the provincial level tournament (but 
who wants to go to Kamloops anyway!?). 
They had great fun however and were espe- 
cially grateful for the unexpected standing 
ovation they recieved from the entire school 
after a special morning performance. 

Dave and Milos should be truly admired 
for their hard work and dedication. Their de- 
termination to "become their characters" 
lead to a scary resemblance in their real 
lives! Tanya should be noted for the cour- 
age she showed in standing before the en- 
tire school with nothing but a "blue bathing 

Special, special thanks goes to stage 
managers Erin Crystal and Emily Scarfe. 
And of course, no 'thankyous' would be 
complete with out a big one big one to Colin 
Skinner who not only made this play work 
but who also managed to build a 10-foot- 
tall lifeguard chair in his precious, spare 
time! Also, thanks to all who watched 
"Never Swim Alone" and enjoyed it!!! 


Yearly, the Victorian chapter of the international English- 
Speaking Union organizes their "Shakespeare on the Plat- 
form" competition, an invitational contest involving elocution 

and drama students from many schools. 

The competition presents a unique chal- 
lenge because the student is required to per- 
form a solioquy and a soone without using 
props or costumes. This year's competition 
included the winner from last year, and stu- 
dents who had performed in local Shakes- 
peare productions. 

Although several students were interested, 
Britt-Marie Luckhurst was chosen to represent 
the school, and performed brilliantly in 
Claremont's theatre to take an unanimous first 
place. Her transvestite Rosalind giving lover's 
advice to a rustic couple won laughter from 
the audience for its humour and irony, and 
a carefully detailed sonnet of mutual blame 
was made moving and comprehensible de- 
spite its deliberate complexity. 

Britt-Marie has added to her many accom- 
plishments by achieving the trophy in the 
E.-S. U. competition as a representative of 

- Mr F. Hannah 

Fine Arts 


Qilbcrt and Sullivan's 



presented by 

St. Michaels University School 

March 2,3,4. 1995 
McPherson Playhouse 386-61 21 


The Duke of Plazo Toro Duncan Woodhouse 

The Duchess Jorina Elbers 

Luiz David Murray 

Casilda Christina Haidane 

Don Alhambra del Bolero Milos Repicky 

Marco Palmieri Jong Taek Ban 

Giuseppe Patrick Gill 

Glanetta Tessa Anglin 

Tessa Angela Tongue 

Fiametta Devon Hahn 

Vittoria Stephanie Gill 

Giulia Christina Nadolski 

Inez Emma Batey 

Antonio Andrew Middleton 

Annibale Richard Ingle 

Giorgio Patrick Huang 

Francesco Bernie White 

The Duchess, J. Elbers and the Duke of Plaza Toro, D. Woodhouse 

B.R: G. Jones, N. Eichenlaub. T. Strong, E. Yehia, K. Webster, B. White, C. Paul, R. Wong, J. Chao. 
W. Hung, R. Ingle, S, Campbell, D. Leung 2ND R: B. White, H. Dummer, D. Evans, K, O'Neill, S. Tsao, 
H. Farrell, W. Chen, C. Nadolski, S. Gill, J. Tovirnley, A, McCue, J. Wong, E Scarfe, A Middleton, E 
Cristall 1ST R: J. Forbes, P Huang, D. Hahn, T. Anglin, J. Ban, D. Woodhouse, J. Elbers, D Murray, 
C. Haidane, T. Tsai, A. Tongue, P, Gill, C. Austin, M. Repicky, E. Batey, J. Dowhy, L. Sturgis, C. Mur- 
doch, M. Elbers, J. Fitz F.R: N. Stanger, S. Ibell, C. Jones, R. Morton, R Bateman 

Annibale, Richard Ingle 


Fine Arts 

B.R.: T. Tsai, J. Dowhy 
S- Tsao, W. Chen, R 
Wong, J, Taek Ban, P 
Gill, J. Wong, C. Mur 
doch, D. Evans 
F.R.: P, Huang. B 
White, A, Middleton, R 
Ingle, G. Jones, J 
Chao, B White, J 
Townley, M Elbers 

1STR.: N, Stranger. J 
White. S. Ibell, C 
Jones. R, Morton, R 

Fine Arts 


Steven Tsao, Wayne Chen, Russell Wong, Jong Taek Ban, Patrick Gill 

Joshua Wong 

M. Repicky, C. Haldane, D, Murray 

Gianetta, Tessa Anglin and Marco Palmieri, Jong Taek Ban 

Ladies Chorus 


Fine Arts 

Natasha Eichenlaub, Tara Strong 

:§■ -■ * 



* K 


► > 

* '»v4/#-l 

« ~j 




B.R: C. Liu. S. Carrie. D. Calver. C. Nowak, 
B. Young, Mrs. Humphreys. J. Thomsorn, C. 
Ezzeddin. L. Hassetl. R. Anglin. I. Wong 
1ST R: W. Choi. C. Rueckert. V. Chu, B. Smith, 
A. Tseng, C. Smith, R. Gardiner. P. Sanglap, 
A. Valikoski, M. Grey 

F.R: K. Coleman, J. Lee, O. Gervals- 
Harreman. S. Thomson, T. Chiu 

B.R: J. Duguid, D. Smith, A. Tugweil. R Mac- 
Donald. Mr Skinner. N. Schorb (Stage Man- 
ager). V. Yang. S. Duguid. P. Bodley-Scott 
F.R: J, Hodgson, J. Genge, J. Horsman, A. 
Horsman, A. Zacks, G. Borzoni, S. Inouye, A. 
Lisman, I. Lam 

Fine Arts 




TImberlake Wertenbaker 


Philomere Leah Sturgis or Sheila Campbell 

Procne Emily Scarfe or Erin Cristall 

Niobe Anu Sahota or Sara Nics 

Tereus David Murray 

Pandion Andrew Middleton 

Captain Ryan Jenkins 

Queen Emma Batey 

Itys.... Duncan Woodhouse 

Sentry James Upton 

Female Chorus Angela Tongue 

Male Chorus Richard Ingle 

First Soldier Ryan Sinclair 

Second Soldier Richard Ingle 

Hero Kerry O'Neill or Angela Tongue 

Iris Stephanie Gill 

June Allison Harkness 

Echo Barbara Carr-Harris or Anu Sahota 

Helen Natasha Eichenlaub 

Servant Indira Dutt 

Slave Driver James Upton 

Play Within the Play 

Aphrodite Christina Haldane 

Hippolytus Ryan Sinclair 

Phaedra Barbara Carr-Harris 

Theseus Duncan Woodhouse 

Nurse Kerry O'Neill 


Fine Arts 

.[ \ 



Fine Arts 

. . 


In the beginning there was Chris Hibbins, Andrew and the uncompromising Don MacKay. However this year 
Alistair Zacks, Alex Lisman, a guy named Russ (Russ Wong), and of course Jamie Genge have taken over . . 
. literally With the grateful assistance of Mr. MacKay, the Tech Crew has grown, improving its equipment and cables 
dramatically. This superior crew gave their heart and soul to light, amplify and videotape the events of the last 
year. Through Gondoliers, Love of the Nightingale, Grad Fashion Show, Mesmer, Choral Concerts, Art & Music 
Evenings, Grade 11 plays, 4 hour Dances and various other productions the crew along with help from Andrea 
Leung, Geoff Adams, Bradley Hanson and Video Club members Pat Davis, Patrick Frisby, Ivy Lam, Alex Martin, 
Nick Jupe and intermittent others have done their best at helping SMUS. We all thank Dan, Bruce and Hibbins 
from Westcoast AA/, Ailsa Lenk and the Dance Committee, Doug Parkes and the Janitors, and the kitchen Staff 
from Brown Hall for their assistance with the School Dances. Fortunately this year no video members were hurt 
during the French Video rush, no speakers exploded and no lights fell from the sky . . . but there is always next year. 

- Alex Lisman 


Fine Arts 


The 1994/1995 school year tor the senior music department was exciting, challenging, busy and fun filled. The classes included: grade 9, 10. 11 and 12 bands. 
choirs and stnngs. music composition in grades 11 and 12 and music history in grade 12. Again, this year cross grade concert band. \azz band and orchestra 
were held at 730 AM- and we thank those parents who diligently got their children to school on time for those rehearsals. 

We started out the year by taking 60 students to Vancouver to see Cats" This was an exceptional show and our thanks go out to Mr Keith Murdoch for arranging it. 

This was followed by the Thanksgiving Harvest Service where the choir and strings performed wonderfully under the direction of Mrs. Humphreys and Mrs. 

Williams. Shortly after was the chapel mural dedication where the brass ensemble, strings and choirs added a nice touch to the event- 
November saw the Remembrance Day Service at which the orchestra and concert band performed together and separately. We were again privilaged to have 

Mr Buckingham play the pipes and Stephanie Gill play a very expressive version of "The Last Post" and "Reveille". 

During term 2 auditions were held for the B.C. Music Educators Honour Choir and for the U.B.C. Honour band. Angela Tongue. Jong Taek Ban. Surya Tjandra, 
Tessa Anglm. Christina Haldane and Stephanie Gill were picked for the choir while Sean Carrie and Meredith Grey were picked for the U.B.C. Honour Band. 
Also, several of our senior choral students were asked to join the Victoria Prima Choir ages 16 to 25 which is conducted by Dr. Bruce More of UVIC. Our con- 
gratulations to all these fine players and singers for their outside musical achievements. 

On Dec. 1 the bands and strings and choirs held a Fall Concert in the old gym. This event was well recieved by all with some of the highlights being solos 
by Alex Henn-Bhargava. Olivier Gervais Harreman. Chantel Nowak and Paula Sanglap. This was also the first appearance of the newly formed Alumni Choir 
which Mrs. Humphreys rehearses Wednesday evenings. Our thanks go out to Alistair Zacks. Alex Lisman and the members of the Audio/ Video Club tor setting it all up. 

Following our Fall Concert was the Carol Service in our Chapel where the Brass Ensemble played an arrangement of Mozart's "Ave Verum" as well as ac- 
companying the carols. The choirs sounded excellent and added a fine touch to the service. 

February was musical time again with this year's production being "The Gondoliers". Mrs. Humphreys was musical director and along with the help of Mr. 
MacKay and Mrs Skinner turned the show into a very fine production Our video arts club, put together a very acceptable video show. Special thanks to Alex 
Lisman. Andrea Leung. Geoff Adams and Alex Henn-Bhargava for all their technical assistance. A good time was had by all. 

Music festivals results for this year included: the concert band recieving an overall good rating, the brass ensemble an excellent and the jazz ensemble a silver 
medal rating The choir results were 9/10 choir; good and 11/12 choir; excellent. The full orchestra and the string orchestra each recieved excellent ratings with 
the strings being invited to play in the strings highlight concert. Congratulations to all the participants in the various music festivals. 

Our spring concert and art show this year was held May 31 and was a very successful event with all the musicians in the school participating. Everyone enjoyed 
the music, staging and lights but again went home wondering what it would be like to have a real performing arts centre. We were all pleasantly surprised by 
the quantity and quality of works presented by the art and music departments. Mrs. Humpreys choir again included members of the new Alumni Choir; Mrs. 
William's orchestra played a memorable rendition of the Symphony in C major by Franz Schubert and Mr MacKay's bands were in fine form with highlights being 
Gustav Hoist's "Eb Military Suite" and jazz band soloists. Alex Henn-Bhargava, Mam Molineux. Patrick Gill. Jamie Genge and Russel Wong. 

This was followed a week later by our second annual "Composer's Concert " featuring the works of Mr Mackay's music composition students. Many of the 
works were played by computer, however we also had a string quartet, brass quintet and solo exploration pieces for French Horn, electric bass and electnc guitar 
We hope this opportunity continues to present itself every year 

The last events of the year were prize day and grad. The orchestra played for prize day with the highlights being the premiere of a piece of original music 
by Alister Zacks, a grade 12 music composition student. His work for string orchestra. "Weathenng the Storm" was very well recieved by all. 

The jazz band and the concert choir reassembled for grad with the gracious assistance of several students who postponed their trips home to play grad. /^gain 
we had some original music from Alistair Zacks. He conducted his band work "Spankin' New Shoes" which provided a nice break in the ceremonies. 

This year's winner of the Blencoe Cup for best all round music student was Jong Taek Ban whose contribution to band, orchestra, musical chorus, pit band 
and various ensembles over the years made him well deserving of this award. Our congratulations go out to him. 

With memories of all the great performances along with hopes for an equally successful coming year we leave 1994/95. 

- Mr Don MacKay 

- Ms. Donna Williams 

- Mrs. Mary Humphreys 

Mrs. Mary Humphreys 

Mr Don MacKay 

Ms. Donna Williams 

Fine Arts 



B.R: Mr. MacKay. R. Munroe, J. Chlu, J Breasail. C. Huang, D Lynch, C, Kirk, D, Saunders, M. Bailey, 

A. Sunderani, E. Mehinagic 

2ND R: B. Heller, J. Zacks, C. Parrott, M. Bidgood, J Lo Bianco, M, Boulton, R Knott, S Paulos, B. 

Lim, B. Chiu, C. Yeh 

1ST R: D. Hong, B. Lim, C. Stolarski, N, Arnett, K. Larsen, C Yeates, E. Aitken, S. Wong, R. Sultan, J. Ng 

F.R: B. Soderberg, L. Gillespie, C, Gow, K, Saunders, R. Black, A, Huang, J. Franklin, G. Pemberton 


B.R: Mr. MacKay, A. Wilson, I. Wan, S. Hirao, K. Phillips, A. Holtham, S. Thomson, V. Law, P. Gill, K. Wilmut 

2ND R: S. Amiss, S. Kim, K Bourne, L. Wilkinson, Ji Hoon Kim, M. Kwan, C. Lau, S. Lau, A. Vaidovits, 

A. McVie 

1ST R: P. Davis, N. Blumberg. D. Evans, P. Frisby, E. Clough, J. McFeely, J. De Hahn, Y. Soegio, M. 

Jung, Jae Won Kim 

F.R: M. Law, S. Anderson, A. Martin, S. Carrie, S. Inouye, D. Arnold, C. Murdoch, T. Chiu 


Fine Arts 


B R- Mr MacKay A Molineux, J Wong, J Thomson, C. Ezzedin, A. Holtham, A. Wilson, P. Chao, S. 
Hirao S Gill W. Choi, P. Gill, M, Grey, L, Hassett, V. Singla, J. Ban, B. Young 
2ND R: A Campus, S, Choi, M, Hau, T Owen, A. Henn-Bhargava, B, Stevenson, M. Kwan, J. Fnc, M. 
Lee. M, Cheng, C, Fnc, M. Smith, A. Donner ^ k, . .. 

1ST R: S. Wong, P. Frisby, N. Blumberg, H. Dummer, C. Rueckert, K. Coleman, E, Clough, N, Arnett, 
K. Larsen, J. Yoo, D. Evans, R. Sultan, J. Ng ^ ^ , ,., -r nw 

F.R: J. Lee, A, McCue, A, Martin, S Carrie, C Murdoch, D. Arnold, S. Inouye, E. Ha, I. Wong. T. Ghiu, 
E. Cristall 


B.R: 8. Young. A. Holtham, C. Ezzedin, L. Hassett. J. Thomson 
F.R: Mr. MacKay. M. Grey, P. Gill, S. Gill, J. Ban 

Fine Arts 



B.R: G. Zacks, E. Aitken, J. Chiu, C. Kirk, V. Chu. J. Breasail 
1ST R: Mr. MacKay, A, Browne, D. Saunders, A. Sunderani, E. Me- 
hinaglc, B. Soderberg 
F.R: K. Kim, M. Boulton, J Lo Bianco, S. Dodd, S. Paulos, J. Thum 


B.R: A. Holtham, M. Grey, C. Ezzedin, S, Gill, J, Thomson, V. Chu, J. Kim, B. White 
1ST R: Mr. MacKay, S. Tjandra, P. Gill, V. Singia, J. Ban, W. Choi, O. Gerbais Herrman 
F.R: J. Fric, T. Owen, A. Henri-Bhargava, M. Kwan, R. Wong, W. Chen, M Cheng, M. Lee, J. Genge 


Fine Arts 



m ft 

ft e>i 

■ J • ; 4 '^^ sr 

B.R: A Johnston, C^ Noel, G. Barry. A. Williamson, T. Freeman, J. Kim. B. Lim, B. Chiu, A Metz. A. Dowhy, E. Hung, 

A, Yeh, J. Kim 

3RD R: S. Hirao, D Tang, M Johnson, C. Woodsend, V. Drohomirecki. T. Satdeo. H. Wang, A. Johnson, M. Jung, 

D Hong, M Bailey, S Dodd, R. Large 

2ND R: K Regen, E. Huddart, A Cornwell, M, Streeter, Y. Liu, M. Ishihara, C. Lin, C. Sze, E, Yehia, K. Kerr, C, 

Nadolski, D. Hahn, C, Parrott, T Spicer 

1ST R: B. Harang, A. Thomas, L. Leggett, C. Mitchell, S. Peng, T. Elson, C. Paul, J. Nash, J. Angus, L. Van Gyn, 

K, Barnes, T. Chiu, R. Ivany 

F.R: Mrs. Humphreys, M. Ishihara, C. Austin, W. Davis, C. Jones, V. Yang, J. Ivany, R. Mavrikos, Y. Liu 


B.R: S. Tsao, A. Tongue, H. Farrell, I Schnieder, P. Beatty, A. Middleton, R. Matsui, O. Schmidt, G. Jones, A. Dolsen, 

J. Holdstock 

2ND R: C. Payne. T. Anglin. A. Janse. C. Loveless. P. Huang. P. Bodley-Scott. D. Leung. S. Gill. S. Olsen 

1ST R: A. Tsui. J. Myong, J. Kim. B. White. J. Townley. T. Chen. W. Hung. M. Lee. B. Peng 

F.R: Mrs. Humphreys, T. Strong, C. Carr-Harrls, S. Wei. R. Wong. J. Ban. T, Tsai, C. Haldane, J. Appleton 

Fine Arts 



B.R: Ms. Williams, E. Huddart, J. Bradbury, J. Reed, K Lobb, C Smith, M. Cassidy, A MIsra 
F.R: L Winters, C. Bowman, C Tearoe, R Anglin, L Willihnganz, G. Burdett, A Dawson 


B.R: C. Saffrey, N. Jupe, E. Falrhurst, Ms. Williams, M. Turner, D. Wilson, H. Gibson 

F.R: N. Stanger, K. Wynn, R. Gardiner, J. White, M. Butler, M. Kwari, R. Green, C. Nowak, L. Lee, N. 



Fine Arts 


B.R: S. Wollach, C. Jones, R. Young, C. Crawford, H. Lamala, B. Smith, P. Miller 
1ST R: M Turner, J Holdsworth. M, Hunt, Z, Charania, P, Sanglap 
F.R: S. Choi, B. White, C. Dyer 


B.R: D, Murray, A. Valikoski, S. Danzo, C. Liu 
1ST R: J. Forbes, A. Tseng, B Luckhurst 
F.R: N. Elchenlaub, D. Caiver, F. Roberts 

Fine Arts 




Fine Arts 





B.R: Jessica White, Christine Gow, Gautam Snvastava, Ole Schmidt, Christopher Mavrlkos. Michael Dans- 
kin, Zareen Charania, Britt-Marle Luckhurst 

F.R: Christopher Liu, Ailsa Lenk, Mr Peter Tongue, Director. Mr Keith Murdoch, Chairman, Erin Cristall, 
Jong Taek Ban 

As always, the students of this school have been fortunate in the quality of their representatives 
on the Student Council. The Council has met on a regular basis throughout the year in order to 
present ideas and suggestions from their peers. Many minor concerns have been resolved and 
this year has seen some innovations as well. For example it is thanks to the Council that numerous 
extra curricular activities have taken place. These range in variety from Ukranian Egg decorating 
to Car mechanics and Self defence. We hope that the scope of program will grow next year for 
the benefit of our student body. 

On campus we have been successful in having a bike rack installed, thanks to the generosity 
of the Parents' Auxiliary and we hope that the fencing of the fields along McRae Avenue will be 
completed later this year 

My thanks to the council members for a job well done. 

- K.A. Murdoch 




B R: S Noureddln, B. Young, C. Rueckert, P. Frisby, D, Arnold, A. McVie, A- Martin 

F.R: J. Ivany, V, Singia, B. Smith, R. Ivany, S. Inouye, R. Green, P. Andrachuk, J. Singh, K. Wilmott 

This school year saw some remarkable accomplishments in the school debating 
program, A record number of debaters began polishing their skills and attended 
many tournaments with admirable results. Senior debater Ben Young and junior 
Keir Wilmott succeeded particularily admirably, at BC Youth Parliament in the former 
case, and at the International Independent Schools Public Speaking Tournament 
in the latter. This tournament also showcased SMUS debaters Robin Featherstone 
and Rohanna Green, each of whom performed most commendably. 

Many other seniors and juniors participated in the Ravenhurst debates in Nanaimo, 
in the Newman-FISA debates at Brentwood, and the Regional elimination tourna- 
ment at Glenlyon-Norfolk School. To them go our thanks. Several SMUS debaters 
also proceeded to the Provincial tournament, held this year in Burnaby, and to them 
we send our congratulations. We look forward to a season of further successes next 

-Mr. G. Featherstone 

- Mr. F. Hannah 

- Ms. C. D.'Agostino 

This page is dedicated to E. Salcedo, R. Johns, I. Lam, M. Hau, K. Leong, K. Towler, T Tsai, J. Lin, C. Liu, 
A. Tjandria, S. Choi, S. Nics, S. MacKay, J. Chao and Mr. Laidlaw 

- Alex Lisman 




LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. K. Murdoch, Ernest Salcedo, Richard Johns. Caroline Rueckert, Marc 

The regional Commonwealth Conference was held this year at St. Margaret's School on the weekend of February 
25th and 26th. The students from S.M.U.S. were: Caroline Rueckert and Marc Elbers who represented Nigeria, 
and Richard Johns and Ernest Salcedo who represented Australia. 

As always the conference was a great success with the delegates debating topics ranging from the power of 
the multinational corporations to concerns over the world population explosion. Richard and Ernest recieved the 
compliment of being unanimously selected, by the conference delegates, to chair one of the topics. 

The occasion provided a tremendous learning experience for our four representatives as they debated interna- 
tional affairs with a number of their peers from other schools on Vancouver Island. 

- K.A. Murdoch 




B.R: R. Chadha, R. Boult, J. Liang, C. Loiacono, M. Hunt, C. Crawford 
F.R: J Ives. S- Inouye, M. Butler, E. Cristall. T. Boteju, S. Campbell, S. Perry, A. Boulton 
MISSING: S Olsen, E Scarfe. A, Watt, O. Ross, 8. MacKay, A. Harkness, J. Chao, 
G. Borzonl, M. Turner, M. Johnson, R. Green, J, Holdsworth 

This is the fourth year that S.M.U.S. has had a peer counselling group, but the first appearance in the year book. 
Until now the PC's have been unsung heroes, quietly doing their thing supporting friends. It is an eclectic assort- 
ment representing different groups and grades throughout the school. 

Peer counsellors at S.M.U.S. follow a code of friendship; they care about people, are available to listen, are in- 
formed about a lot of issues and services, and they don't pass on private information. Peer counsellors don't take 
on other people's problems, nor do they provide solutions. They listen, they help to clarify, and they help with in- 
formation and decision making strategies. They also encourage people to get professional help when necessary. 

Stephanie Olsen is the longest serving veteran of the group, in her fourth year as a PC. Other grads with several 
years of commitment are Erin Cristall, Emily Scarfe, Adrienne Watt and Oona Ross. 

Cathie Loiacono, Rina Chadha, Jo Holdsworth, Meggan Hunt, Jack Wong, Ben White have been involved since 
they were in grade nine. 

First time PC's this year are Samantha MacKay, Allison Harkness, Johnny Chao, Gabe Borzoni, Sara Perry, Jono 
Liang, Curran Crawford, Amy Boulton, Tanya Boteju, Matt Turner, Mahat Johnson, Sarah Inouye, Rohanna Green, 
Michelle Butler and Rachel Boult. 

Many thanks to all these students for adding 'caring and sharing' to their busy academic, athletic, and fine arts 
lives. PC's meet every week all year round, a huge commitment. 

- J. Ives 




B.R: Conroy Cheng, Joshua Wong, Chris Liu, Mr. Greenwell, Kevin Leong, Kristen Wilson, Jackson Lin, Johnny Chao 
F.R: Andrew Lee, Eugene Yeung, Steven Tsao, Ernest Salcedo, Jong-Taek Ban, Woo-Je Choi, Mark Hau 
MISSING: George Huang 


Extra work session at Mr. G's 

Woo-Je Choi 


Andrew and Ernie studying some "math" 


Steven Tsao 


Kristen Wilson 



Marshall Hatton, Joshua Yoo, 
Elliott Ha, Woo-Je Choi, Johnny 
Chao, Tim Arthayukti 

Edward Wang, Eugene Yeung, 
Jong Taek Ban, Scott Gingles, 
Mark Hau, Wayne Chen, Mark 

Wendy Hung, Erin Cristall, Ann 
Valikoski, Nafisa Fera, Caroline 

Philip Bazzard, Ryusuke Matsui, 
Jake Zwaan, Euen Frew, Surya 
Tjandra, Richard Ingle 

Ivy Lam, Betty Peng, Iris Kam, 
Leslie Preston, Emily Scarfe, Sara 
^ Nics 

Joon-Young Kim, Tom Tsai, An- 
drew Lee, Jonathon Horsman, 
Russell Wong 




The Legend of the Sassenachs 

Once upon a time, Johnny, in a land far away, there was a group of people known as the Sassenachs. 

Who were they, Grandpa? 

Well, Johnny, they were a race of strong intelligent, good-looking men, who inhabited a big building known as "Symons House". They all 
lived together, with only a thbe known as the 'Tommyknots" to keep them company on the weekends. 

Were they really all that good-looking, Grandpa? 

Well, no, Johnny, they weren't really except for maybe one or two. But most of them had to get by on intelligence and strength. The leader 
of the Sassenachs was known as Jong Taek, and he was such a good leader that sometimes he stayed awake all night just to think of new 
things for the Sassenachs to do. 

Wow, what did he think of? 

Well, in the end. all he could come up with was basketball but there were so many Sassenachs who were good at this, like Scott and Jassie. 
and the famous "Wayne", that there was never a time when there wasn't a Sassenach playing basketball! And smart, too - the leader's 
assistant was called Eugene, and he was known for two things. One of them was from Winsiow Tribe, and the other was extremely good marks. 

What else did they do. Grandpa? 

Well, it turned out that there were some Sassenachs, called Ryan and Duncan, who were very good at making silly voices, so naturally these 
two lived together, and forever after, anyone who wanted to hear a silly voice just visited those two. There were also Sassenachs who could 
play cricket, squash, or badminton, and another Duncan who was pretty good at poetry and music. So you see, Johnny, the tribe of the 
Sassenachs was a very talented, diverse tribe, and far far better than all of the neighbouring tribes. However, sadly, in the end it came time 
for the oldest Sassenachs all to go away to University. 

Oh. how sad. 

Well. yes. Johnny, but in a way it was good, because we know there are many young Sassenachs who are just waiting to be the leaders 
of the tribe themselves, and although the older ones are gone, the story will always continue. 

Hooray!!! That was great! Can I hear another story? 

No you can't. It's time for bed. Good night. Johnny 

Oh well, good night . . . Grandpa Jones. 

- Mr. Frazer Hannah 




I will long remember 1994/1995 as a happy year in Timmis House. Much bonding and chummy behaviour 
made this a pleasant place to live and work. With only five prefects, this atmosphere was a blessing as 
their role, while challenging and purposeful, required less patching up than one would expect in a girls' 
residence. The staff, too, have found the house to be a cohesive one - a sort of sisterhood which can only 
be created by the girls themselves, girls who know about sharing and supporting. 

It has, indeed, been a peaceful year, despite the frequent hair dyeing incidents and late night talk sessions. 
We, the students and staff, have learned much about life and friendship and living together. We have learned 
that placing all Grade 9 girls on one floor could well be a mistake. We have learned that Safeway delivers 
groceries and that Dairy Queen ice cream cakes melt in thirty minutes. We have learned that Manic Panic 
hair dye has a shade that precisely matches Roland McDonald's hair colour and that Mrs. Cook's hair dres- 
ser knows how to cover it up nicely! We have learned that in living together with people from all corners 
of the globe, there will be moments of extreme happiness and moments of despair. Most importantly, we 
have learned that living together in harmony can be a terrific experience. 

As the year ends it is obvious that this has been a good one. The girls have indeed bonded. They have 
made friends that will undoubtedly last a lifetime. As a group, their good natured attitude and willingness 
to contribute has made this a year to remember. 

The prefects must be thanked for, although they have had to mop up this year, their gently leadership cer- 
tainly set the tone for us all. To our Head of House, Ann Valikoski, to Wendy Hung, Erin Cristall, Nafisa 
Fera and Caroline Brown, we thank you. You have been appreciated. 

To Mrs. Hyde-Lay, Ms. Rees and Mrs. Hart goes my sincere thanks for their love of the girls, for their ded- 
ication and their support. As the last Grade 12 leaves I sadly bid them farewell. I wish them much happiness 
and success as they enter the real world. 1 hope that the experience they have had here, in this house, 
has prepared them for what lies ahead. They will be missed. 

To those who return to sisterhood, I look forward to another year of fun and frivolity, safe in the knowledge 
that the Grade 9's will now have matured nicely into Grade 10 students! Have a happy summer with your 

- Kathleen Cook 



This page is dedicated to Wendy Hung for being such a great friend and for making this past year so special. 

- Mark Hau 


This year whistled along the tracks like an Express train. There were one or two whistle-stops and minor 
derailments, but, on the whole, things progressed fairly smoothly. Everyone grew, some more than others, 
in many different ways. There was a lot of laughter and a few tears, but nothing too drastic occured, and 
the train arrived at its pre-arranged destination virtually on time. 

Considering the assortment of cultural backgrounds, our boys settled in rapidly, and quickly made friends. 
This year our boys hailed from Alaska, Korea, Taiwan, Hong-Kong, Indonesia and Mexico, as well as the 
Yukon, Alberta and B.C. 

Unfortunately we did not excell in house games, but there are happy memories of barbecues, picnics, pizza 
and parties and movie nights. There are stories of water balloon fights, Denny's and Dairy Queen expe- 
ditions, and inter-house raids during electrical outages (led by Mr. G???). 

A big vote of appreciation goes to Woo-je Choi, Head of House, and Johnny Chao, his assistant, for excellent 
leadership, and also to Josh, Elliott, Marshall and Tim for outstanding support as prefects. Thank you also 
to Bruce Kuklinski, Jim Chestnut and Mario Biello for their commitment to caring for the Barnacle family. 

As we say goodbye to our graduates, they leave us with many wonderful memories. We will always re- 
member Jackson's laugh (Ha! Ha! Hal), Elliott's wonderful smile and patience (who said Korean's had quick- 
tempers?), and Johnny's amazing enthusiasm for everything, including St. Michaels. We'll remember, too, 
Justin's unflagging efforts to be good (I'm a nice guy, aren't I??), Marshall's unfailing thoughtfulness, Tim's 
gentlemanly tact. Josh's mediation skills (and unfolding love story with L.K.) Ryan's adaptation to "the rules" 
and Conroy's quiet comings and goings (does anyone know where???). 

Congratulations graduates, and good luck as you stay on the main track to your various destinations. Don't 
get stuck in a siding! We will always remember you and hope you will return some day. Finally, to the boys 
of Barnacle House, thanks to all thirty-five of you, for being a family of whom we can be proud. 

- Bill and Sylvia Greenwell 




There are two advantages to "writing a house report in the July rather than when school is still in session: first, 
distance (and a sun dappled view over the Kent Weald) casts a roseate aura over the year's events; second, unlike 
the reports required at the end of each term, it is improbable that the house parent will discover that one of the 
more saintly of his flock has been running a numbers racket from his room and is wanted by the police on three 
continents, thus necessitating a re-write. Admittedly, one is apt to forget some of the smaller but nonetheless chal- 
lenging crises dreamed up by some devious house committee to appear like burrs under the house master's saddle 
just when he is looking forward to a smooth ride, but wherein he's the pleasure in writing these reports if not as- 
suring members of other houses that ours was trouble-free all year and that rumours to the contrary were vile ca- 
nards prompted by envy? Of course Cedric did not set fire to Mount Tolmie; nor did Antonio break a leg bullfighting 
with the traffic, Kaz fall victim to a hormonal attack in the cinema or Vincent and Sameer find true love in unex- 
pected places. Nobody left by the fire exits, everyone got up for breakfast (except Seb, who wanted to postpone 
reading about the Maple Leafs for as long as possible), and Euan and Bawo received the Goodwin Citation for 
Good Housekeeping, moving Mr Goodwin to observe that never in the field of human conflict had he seen anything 
like their room. We did have the occasional flood, due in part to a lack of familiarity with some of the more esoteric 
features of Mr. Crapper's invention, such as its use of water, but are now adept in the use of the plunger and intend 
to press for the inclusion of toilet plunging in next year's house championship. 

Which brings me to a matter which, in spirit of modesty that has always characterized our participation in the sports 
competition, I was loth to mention. Thanks to the leadership and athleticism of our Grade 12's, the willingness 
of most people to turn out regularily for house teams, the spirited contribution of the Winslow and Timmis girls, 
and in no small part to the energetic organization of Neal Allen, Bolton won the House Championship again. With 
toilet plunging a demonstration sport and therefore not counting for points! Next year's 12's have large shoes to 
fill, but we can look to the future with confidence, as one of our major strengths had been our depth, Bulent, Sam, 
Chris, Ed, Vincent and Danny to the fore, and Jonathan and David showing great promise. And no-one will beat 
us for participation. 

No year provides unalloyed pleasure but this has been a good one in many ways. For their support, compassion 
(particularily towards me!), and constant readiness to give time to the house, thanks go to Messrs! Jeremy Goodwin, 
Todd Milford and Cam Culham. To our 12's - Richard, Euan, Pip, Seb, Jake, Bawo, Ryusuke, Tom, Surya and Sacha 
- our thanks for your leadership in establishing a user-friendly community and best wishes for the future. 

Learning to live together in a civilized way is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity, and we seem to have 
managed pretty well. So would whoever took the plunger please give it back? 

- Rob Cameron 






Sgtc Pctv * Dcr.r.i Zrz[i.fcfd * firr- "!"scr.9 * Set:-; Peng * Scrcno Peng * Corel Ice * Judv Izz * Kctc Lsv'sring 







— s 








Next stop the First Floor - home to most grade 10 girls and a lot of energy and emotion. Laughter 
fills the hallway as Betty Boop and company giggle from room to room. Watch out for room 106 - 
Becky and Connie insist it is haunted! Danni, housekeeper with a purpose, appears monthly with 
a new hair style - how short will she go? 

Moving on up to the Second Floor: Watch your step - the hallway has transformed into an obstacle 
course with Vicky and Priya's "stuff" spilling out into the hall. Ivy surely owns stock in Domino's Pizza. 
Step softly and watch out for possessed mice. Most of the veterans of the house live on this floor 
and they certainly know how to shake things up. Ji-Sun, Judy and Julie dance, well, all the time (in 
between face masks that is). Leah and Indira's room is the gathering spot for many to study chat, 
laugh, scream, perform and a place often visited by house parents! 

Next stop - Third Floor - A hallway decorating party in the latter part of the year saw everything from 
"paper wear" to a bicycle frame become art on the wall. Music was an important factor on this floor; 
Emily brought out her record player and 80's records for impromptu hallway dancing, Sara never 
left her room without singing and skipping down the hall, and Fiona wins the prize for the loudest stereo. 

The girls enjoyed many activities together including; a bowling night, movies, dance parties, dinners 
at PKT's, 7am's, power walking, cardio funk, gating, baking lessons, X-File nights with Mrs. H. and 
Pooks, midnight visits to Barnacle, chocolate chip cookies, a bridal shower for Mrs. Baess, a power 
outage and memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. 

Getting off at this stop are the graduates, Leslie Preston (who did a great job as Head of House), 
Ivy, Iris, Natasha, Leah, Indria, Shirley, Betty, Amy Ainslie, Emily, Sara and Fiona. Best wishes for 
a lifetime of happiness and success. 

Sylvia Hamilton 

=• Step aboard the Winslow House magic elevator - showcasing the world of Winslow House 1994/1995. =- 


First stop - the office: A comfortable place to visit and to chat with house staff; Jen (Brown) Baess, j) 
Sylvia Hamilton, Catherine Payne and PKT himself. g 
















:im * Oliv'.G GG.T,Qchc * Indric Dutt * LcGh Sturgis * Nctcshc £ic 

ftAi/-h>/^M^> fr^ni 

ltN.1 l^^ttt^ < 










[Lf^^j Boarding | 






Virtue is its own reward." 



Roxanna Black 
Alison Browne 
Michael Danskin 
Meghan Doyle 
Tara Elson 
Bailev Harang 
Alec Johnston 
Jennifer Lo Bianco 
Emir Mehanagic 
Jason Ng 
Christopher Noel 
Matthew Pettlnger 
Katharine Saunders 
Rizwan Sultan 
Anna Thomas 
Trevor Freeman 
Kanoux Larsen 
Charlotte Paul 
Nicole Arnett 
Megan Cassidy 
Sheryl Dodd 
Leia Gillespie 
Kimberley Lobb 
Joann Nash 
Christopher StolarskI 
Alexandra Staeseson 
Jeremia Williams 
Leah Winters 
Brandon Chiu 
Peter Kim 
David Lynch 
Anup Misra 
Stephan Yoon 
Jenny Reed 

Christine Wenman 
Laura Willihnganz 
Steven Wong 

Mariko Miller 
Christopher Smith 
Cosmos Yeh 

Jayne Bradbury 

Genny Burdett 

Jack Chiu 
Rebecca Anglin 

Outstanding effort in Math 
Distinction in Spanish 
Distinction in P.E. 
Outstanding effort in Physics 
Distinction in Choir 
Outstanding effort in Math 
Distinction in Choir 
Distinction in English 
Outstanding effort in Band 
Distinction in Chemistry 
Distinction in P.E. 
Distinction in P.E. 
Distinction in Geography 
Distinction in Band 
Distinction in Env. Science 
Equal first in Physics 
First in Japanese 
First in Choir 

Distinction in P.E , Outstanding effort in Spanish 
Distinction in Geography and Biology 
First in French; Outstanding effort in History 
Distinction in Geography, English 
Distinction in P.E., Geography 
First in P.E.; Distinction in Choir 
Distinction in P.E,, History 
Distinction in English, Choir 

Distinction in Spanish; Outstanding effort in History 
Outstanding effort in English, Strings 
First in Math, Spanish; Distinction in French 
Distinction in Band; Outstanding effort in Env. Science, Biology 
Distinction in P.E., Env. Science, Geography 
Distinction in German, Chemistry; Outstanding effort in Geography 
Distinction in Geography; Outstanding effort in Band, Biology 
Equal first in English; Distinction in Env. Science, Biology; Outstanding 
effort in Geography 

First in History, Env. Science; Distinction in Geography, English 
Distinction in Geography, Env. Science, History, Biology 
Distinction in Geography, Biology, Physics; Outstanding effort in 

Equal first in Spanish; Distinction in P.E., French, Math, Japanese 
First in Strings; Distinction in Geography, Chemistry, English, Spanish 
First in Chemistry; Distinction in Math, Physics; Outstanding effort in 
ESL English. Choir 

First in Geography, Equal first in Physics; Distinction in French, His- 
tory, Env. Science; Outstanding effort in Biology 
First in German; Distinction in Chemistry, Biology; Outstanding effort 
in Math, Strings, Geography 

First in Band; Distinction in Math, Physics, Spanish, French, Chemis- 
try; Outstanding effort in Env. Science 

Equal first in English, first in Biology, Distinction in Math, French, Env. 
Science, Geography, Physics, Strings; Outstanding effort in Japanese 




Stephanie Anderson 
Casey Austin 
Rob Bateman 
Roxana Caro 
Patrick Frisby 
Robin Featherstone 
Steven Hsu 
Jacyin Ivany 
Robyn Ivany 
Allison Johnson 
Martin Jung 
Youn-Keun Lee 
Lucas Lee 
Simon Lau 
Joy Liu 

Chris Mavrikos 
Serena Peng 
Gary Tongue 
Lorelei Wey 
Christina Nadolski 
Matthew Turner 
Devin Arnold 
Rachel Boult 
Michelle Butler 
Jennifer Coelho 
Edward Callender 
Katherine Chan 
Edward Fairhurst 
Rachel Gardiner 
Eric Hung 
Lucy Hall-Patch 
Sarah Inouye 
Marisa Ishihara 
Ji-Hoon Kim 
Michael Kwan 
Melissa Law 
Vincent Law 
Alex Martin 
Nancy Norris 
Chantal Nowak 
Sarah Thomson 
Andy Yeh 
Erin Yehia 
Kimberly Barnes 
Jacqueline Hudson 
Carys Jones 
David Wilson 
Kathryn Wynn 
Tina Chiu 
David Evans 
Devon Hahn 
Maria Kwari 
Nicholas Stanger 
Connie Sze 
Amanda Wilson 
Emily Clough 
Sina Noureddin 

Patrick Gill 

Sharon Om 

Keir Wilmott 

Anita Holtham 

Colleen Saffrey 

Rohanna Green 

Outstanding effort in Physics 
Outstanding effort in Math 
Distinction in Art 
Outstanding effort in Biology 
Outstanding effort in Geography 
Distinction in English 
Distinction in Computer Application 
Distinction in Drama 
Distinction in Drama 
Distinction in Choir 
Distinction in Choir 
Outstanding effort in ESL English 
Outstanding effort in Chemistry 
Outstanding effort in Biology 
Outstanding effort in Physics 
Outstanding effort in Drama 
Distinction in Choir 

Outstanding effort in Computer Application 
Distinction in P.E. 
Equal first in Choir 
Equal first in P,E. 

Distinction in Computer Application, Band 
First in French; Distinction in Geography 
Distinction in Geography, English 
Distinction in Geography, French Hons. 
Distinction in Physics, P.E. 
Distinction in Art, Outstanding effort in History 
Distinction in Math, P.E. 
Distinction in Biology. Strings 

Distinction in Physics: Outstanding effort in Chemistry 
Distinction in English, German 
Distinction in Drama: Outstanding effort in History 
Distinction in Drama: Beg. Spanish 
Distinction in Choir; Outstanding effort in Biology 
Distinction in Math, Band 
First in German: Distinction in English 
Distinction in P.E., Outstanding effort in Physics 
Distinction in Biology; Outstanding effort in History 
Outstanding effort in Math, English 
First in Strings, Distinction in Art 
Outstanding effort in Math, Spanish 
Distinction in Choir, Outstanding effort in Biology 
Distinction in Choir; Outstanding effort in English 
Distinction in Art, Choir; Outstanding effort in Physics 
First in Art: Distinction in Geography, Drama 
Distinction in Drama, Choir. P.E. 
Equal first in P.E.; Distinction in Art, Strings 
Distinction in Japanese, English; Outstanding effort in Geography 
Distinction in Physics; Outstanding effort in French, Chemistry, Computer Application 
Distinction in Geography, Chemistry, Biology; Outstanding effort in English 
Equal first in Choir; Distinction in Drama Chemistry, Drama, P.E. 
Distinction in Geography, Biology. Japanese; Outstanding effort in History 
First in Drama: Distinction in P.E.; Outstanding effort in Strings, Japanese 
Distinction in Physics, Beg. Spanish, Chemistry: Outstanding effort in ESL English 
Distinction in Computer Application; Outstanding effort in Math, English, German 
Distinction in Geography, Physics, English, History. Biology, Computers 

First in Math: Distinction in Spanish, French Hons., Chemistry, Physics, Geography; Honour Roll American 
HS Exam, Distinction Gr. 10 Cayley, Gr. 12 Euclid 

First in Band: Distinction in Geography, Spanish, Biology, Math, Physics; Outstanding effort in Computers: 
Honour Roll Cdn. Cayley; Distinction on Gr. 12 Euclid. American HS exam 

First in Beg. Spanish; Distinction in Math, Chemistry, Physics; Outstanding effort in Geography, English, 

First in Computers: Distinction in Math, Physics, History, Geography, Biology, Drama; Distinction on Amer- 
ican HS Exam, Gr, 10 Cayley 

Distinction in History. French Hons., Band, English, Chemistry, Math, Geography, Biology: Outstanding ef- 
fort in Physics 

Equal first in Geography, Chemistry, Japanese: Distinction in Math, English, History, French Hons., Phys- 
ics, Biology, Computers: Outstanding effort in Strings 

First in English, History, Physics, Biology, Spanish, French Hons , Geography; Distinction in Math, Com- 
puters: Outstanding effort in Strings: Distinction on Gr. 10 Cayley, Gr. 12 Euclid: American HS Math Exam 




Roxanne Boult 
Caroline Brown 
Philip Bodley-Scott 
Rina Chadha 
Zareen Charania 
Jacob Dowhy 
Colin Dyer 
Marc Elbers 
Nafisa Fera 
Olivia Gamache 
Patrick Huang 
Meggan Hunt 
Joanna Holdsworth 
Helen Lamia 
Mandy Li 
Patricia Mazuch 
Taylor Owen 
Maggie Pang 
Christopher Robb 
Ian Schnieder 
James Twonley 
Amy Tsui 
James Wee 
Matthew Wenman 
Stuart Wollach 
Bernard White 
Marcus Kirk 

Milos Repicky 
Paula Sanglap 
Hayden Thompson 
John Thomson 
Sebastian Bonet 
Tanya Boteju 
Krista Brown 
Emil Burdett 
Abraham Chan 
Jilli^n Dorazio 
Meredith Grey 
Liam Hassett 
Simon Ibell 
Fabian Konigbauer 
Janice Lee 
Steven Lobb 

Caroline Rueckert 
Vinita Singia 
Natasha Schorb 
Ian Wong 
Curran Crawford 

Distinction in P.E. 
Outstanding effort in French 
Distinction in Choir 
Outstanding effort in Biology AP 
Outstanding effort in Biology AP 
Distinction in History 
Outstanding effort in Chemistry 
Outstanding effort in Japanese 
Distinction in Art 
Outstanding effort in Chemistry 
Distinction in Choir 
Distinction in P.E. 
Distinction in P.E. 
Outstanding effort in English 
Outstanding effort in Choir 
Outstanding effort in German 
Distinction in Computer Application 
Distinction in Art 
Distinction in Acting 
Distinction in Choir 
Distinction in Choir 
Distinction in Choir 
Distinction in P.E. 
Distinction in P.E. 
Outstanding effort in Japanese 
Distinction in Art 

Equal first in Geography; Honour Roll American HS Math Exam; Distinction Gr. 
12 Fermat 
Equal first in Acting 
First in Strings 
Equal first in P.E. 
First in Band 

Distinction in P.E.; Outstanding effort in Geography 
Distinction in Geography and Acting 
First in Japanese; Distinction in Geography 

Distinction in German, Math; Cdn. Honour Roll Fermat, BC Honour Roll Euclid 
Distinction in Art, Japanese 
Distinction in P.E.. Outstanding effort in Biology 
Outstanding effort in French. Biology 
Distinction in Band; Outstanding effort in English 
Distinction in Spanish; Outstanding effort in Acting 
Distinction in History, Geography 
Distinction in Geography; Outstanding effort in History 

Distinction in Geography; Outstanding effort in History; Distinction in Gr. 11 Fer- 
mat, Gr. 12 Euclid 

First in German; Distinction in Geography 
Outstanding effort in Chemistry, Physics 
Distinction in Acting; Outstanding effort in Biology 
Distinction in Biology AP; Outstanding effort in Band 
First in Art; Distinction in Math, Physics 



Holly Dummer 
Jessica Fitz 
Brock Leong 
Philip Miller 
Bradley Stevenson 
O. Gervais-Harreman 

Amyrose McCue 
Alexander Miller 
Gautam Srivastava 
Tony Tung 
Chelsea Jones 

Kyle Kirkham 

Bethany Smith 

Tessa Anglin 
Michelle Cheng 

Claire Ezzeddin 
Benjamin Young 

Alex Henri-Bhargava 

Ben White 

Distinction in French Hons., Biology AP; Outstanding effort in Math 
Distinction in French Hons., Acting, English 
First in Computer Application; Distinction in P.E., Chemistry 

Distinction in P.E., Math, Strings; Cdn, Honour Roll Format; Distinction Gr. 12 Euclid 
Distinction in P.E., Geography, History 

First in French Hons., Spanish; Distinction in Math, Band; Honour Roll American HS Math Exam, Gr. 
1 1 Fermat 

Distinction in English, Biology AP, French Hons; Outstanding effort in History 
Distinction in Chemistry; Outstanding effort in Math, Biology AP, French Hons. 
Distinction in Math, Chemistry, Physics. Spanish; Distinction on Gr. 11 Fermat, Gr. Euclid 
Distinction in Physics, Biology AP, Chemistry; Outstanding effort in English 

Equal first in Computer Programming; Distinction in English, Chemistry, Math, Physics; B.C. Honour 
Roll Euclid; Honour Roll American HS Math Exam 

Equal first in Geography; Distinction in English. Biology AP, History; Outstanding effort in Math; B.C. 
Honour Roll Fermat; Distinction Gr. 12 Euclid 

First in Physics, Earth Science; Distinction in Math, Chemistry, English; Can. Honour Roll Fermat; Ho- 
nour Roll American HS Math Exam 

Equal first in Acting, Choir; Distinction in Japanese, English, Biology AP, French Hons. 
First in Chemistry; Distinction in Math, Physics, French Hons., English, Geography; Honour Roll Ameri- 
can HS Math Exam; Distinction Gr. 11 Fermat, Gr. 12 Euclid 

Distinction in French Hons., Band, English, History, Geography; Outstanding effort in physics 
First in Math. Equal first in Computer Programming; Distinction in Physics, Band, French Hons. Chem- 
istry, Music Composition; Can. Honour Roll Fermat; Can. Honour Roll Euclid 

First in English, History, Biology AP, Music Composition; Distinction in Band, Chemistry, Geography, 
French Hons.; Honour Roll American HS Math Exam 

Distinction in Math, Physics, Chemistry, Strings, English, History. Spanish, Geography, Music Composi- 
tion; Honour Roll American HS Math Exam; Distinction on Gr. 11 Fermat, Gr. 12 Euclid 




Tim Arthayukti 
Jong-Taek Ban 

Gabriel BorzonI 
Duncan Calver 
Sheila Campbell 
Johnny Chao 

Wayne Chen 
Woo-Je Choi 
Vicky Chu 

Erin Cristall 

David Crothall 

Sarah Danzo 

Scott Duguid 

Karen Edgell 

Natasha Eichenlaub 

Hannah Farrell 

Joanna Forbes 

Jessica Fric 

Ainslie Gainer 

Jamie Genge 

Stephanie Gill 

Scott Gingles 

Elliott Ha 

Christina Haldane 

Marshall Hatton 

Mark Hau 

Geoffrey Henwood-Greer 

George Huang 

Atarah Humphreys 

Tom Hung 

Richard Ingle 

Alexandria Inkster 

Richard Johns 

Iris Kam 
Haruko Kiyono 
Ivy Lam 

Alexander Lambert 
Caroline Large 
Andrew Lee 
Michael Lee 
Ailsa Lenk 
Kevin Leong 

Adrian Limpus 
Jackson Lin 
Sampson Lin 
Christianto Liu 

Honour Roll, Medal on 
Atlantic Pacific Math 

Distinction in Math; Distinction on Gr. 12 Euclid 

First in Band, Equal first in Choir; Distinction in Japanese; Distinction on Gr. 12 Eu- 
clid, Can. Math League, Atlantic Math League 
Distinction in Geology, Geography 
Distinction in Strings 

Distinction in Acting; Outstanding effort in Chemistry 
First in Chemistry, Calculus: Distinction in Art, Physics; Cdn. 
Euclid; Distinction on Decartes American HS Math Exam, Sr. 

Distinction on Euclid 

Distinction in Band; Distinction on Euclid, American HS Math Exam 
First in Math; Distinction in English. Physics, Chemistry; Distinction on American 
HS Math Exam 

First in Spanish; Distinction in Biology, English, English Lit., Acting; Outstanding ef- 
fort in Band 

Distinction in Geography 

First in AP History; Distinction in History, English, French 
Outstanding effort in AP History 
Distinction in P.E., Outstanding effort in Math 
Outstanding effort in Strings 
Distinction in French, Spanish 
Distinction in Spanish 
Distinction in Band 
Distinction in French 
Distinction on Euclid 

Distinction in Band. French, Choir; Outstanding effort in Biology, Spanish, Acting 
Equal first in P.E.; Outstanding effort in Chemistry. Physics 
Distinction on Euclid 
Distinction in Choir 
Outstanding effort in Geography 

Distinction in Calculus; Outstanding effort in English; Distinction on Euclid 
Distinction on Euclid 

Distinction on Euclid; American HS Math Exam 
Distinction in Math 
Distinction on Euclid 
Outstanding effort in Acting 
First in French; Distinction in Physics 

Distinction in Geography; Outstanding effort in History; Distinction on Euclid, Ameri- 
can HS Math Exam 

First in Japanese; Outstanding effort in Calculus 
Outstanding effort in Survey Math 
Outstanding effort in Math; Distinction on Euclid 
First in Geology; Distinction in English 

Distinction in French; Outstanding effort in English, English Lit. 
Equal first in Survey Math; Outstanding effort in English; Distinction on Euclid 
Distinction on Euclid 

Distinction in English, English Lit., Chemistry, Physics 

First in Physics; Distinction in Biology, English, Chemistry, Calculus; Distinction on 
Euclid, American HS Math Exam 
Distinction on Euclid 

Distinction in Physics; Distinction on Euclid, American HS Math Exam 
Equal first in Survey Math 

First in Computer Programming; Distinction in English, Physics, Chemistry, Calcu- 
lus; Outstanding effort in Strings; Distinction on Euclid, Descartes, B.C. Honour Roll 
Euclid, American HS Math Exam 



Britt-Marie Luckhurst 
James Maciver 
Robert Mazuch 
David Murray 
Sara Nics 
Jeanie Norrls 
Kerry O'Neill 
Jassie Osei-Tutu 
Betty Peng 
Karen Poon 
Leslie Preston 
Anu Sahota 
Ernest Salcedo 
Duncan Smith 
Timothy Stevenson 
Tara Strong 
Leah Sturgis 
Caroline Thomson 
Surya Tjandra 
Angela Tongue 
Amy Tseng 
Ann Valikoski 
Edward Wang 
Allister Wilmott 
Kristen Wilson 
Duncan Woodhouse 
Eugene Yeung 

Alistair Zacks 
Mischa Greenwood 
Gethin Jones 
Nicholas Judson 
Alexander Lisman 
Ole Schmidt 

Distinction in English; Outstanding effort in Biology, Math, Chemistry 

Distinction in Economics 

Equal first in Biology; Outstanding effort in Chemistry 

First in Acting, Strings; Distinction in English, AP History 

Distinction in English 

Outstanding effort in AP History 

Outstanding effort in English, English Lit. 

Outstanding effort in English 

Distinction on Euclid, Sr. Atlantic Pad. League 

Outstanding effort in Calculus, Economics 

Equal first in Biology; Distinction in History, Chemistry, English, English Lit. 

Distinction in Acting; Outstanding effort in History, English 

Distinction on Euclid. American HS Math Exam 

Distinction in History; Outstanding effort in English 

Distinction in Biology 

Distinction in Geology; Distinction on Euclid 

Outstanding effort in Acting 

First in History, English, English Lit.; Outstanding effort in Calculus; Distinction on Euclid 

Distinction in P.E. 11, Choir, Survey Math 

Equal first in Choir; Outstanding effort in Acting 

Distinction in Survey Math; Outstanding effort in Japanese 

Distinction in French, Strings 

Economics Investment Prize 

Distinction in Geography 

Distinction in P.E. 11, Calculus: Distinction on Euclid, American HS Math Exam 

First in Economics 

Distinction in Chemistry, Calculus, Physics; Distinction on Euclid. Sr. Atlantic Pacific League, Gr. 13 

Decarte, American HS Math Exam 

First in Music Composition; Outstanding effort in Physics 

Distinction in Geography; Distinction on Euclid 

Distinction in P.E. 11; Outstanding effort in Geography 

Distinction in Biology 

First in Art; Outstanding effort in Physics 

First in Geography; Outstanding effort in Physics 




Ker Cup 

(Best all round student in grade 12) 

Ailsa Lenk 

Nation Bowl 

(Citizenship Award for grade 12) 

Marshall Hatton 

Brian Dyer Award 

(Community Service Award for grade 12) 

Alexander Lisman 

Lifer Award 

(Best all round award for grade 11) 

Joanna Holdsworth 

Student Council Award 

(Outstanding Attitude and effort for grade 10) 

Patrick Gill 

Considine Cup 

(Most improved award for grade 1 0) 

Tina Chiu 

Chapman Cup 

Yearbook Editor's Trophy 

Nesta Bowen Home Plaque 

(Best Fine Arts student in grade 12) 

Christopher Stolarski 
Caroline Rueckert 
Alexander Lisman 

Debating & Public Speaking Cup 
(Top Junior Debater) 

Keir Wilmott/ 
Robin Featherstone 

Llewelyn Bullock Webster Cup 
(Top Drama student in grade 12) 

Blencoe Cup 

(Top Music student for grade 12) 

David Murray 
Jong-Taek Ban 





Runner-up - Scott Gingles 
Winner - AN Wilmott 


Runner-up - Joanna Holdsworth 
Winner - Karen Edgell 


Winner - Joanna Forbes, Robert Matsui 



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